Making your mark

Ever wonder...

How did they do that?

Leaving your mark on your photos is oh so easy!

It's almost necessary to keep your photos safe at home on your blog/facebook.

I'm sure there are many sites and ways you can go about adding your mark.

I went with Picnik

It's free and easy!

First you create an accout.

Upload your pictures.

You can then edit there if you need to.

The fun part starts here..

Click where it says Text and pick your font.

They have some fun ones to pick from!

If you are not a big fan of watermarks but want to protect em'

You can choose the overlay option.

This will allow your pictures to show through.

I have wanted to try my hand at this so many times but chickend out.

Trust me.. if I can...well you get the picture..

I did!

And I'm a bit computer pitiful....really!

Have fun!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have been wondering what people use to do this.

  2. I was just explaining the virtues of picnik to my BIL earlier, this is one point I didn't make. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thanks Susie - this is a great tip. I have been wondering how to do this. :)

  4. You go girl! Now you can watermark everything.LOL

    Ready for another 'ROAD TRIP'?
    I sure am... the beach maybe?

  5. Thanks so much for this post! I had no idea I could use Picnik to do this. Fabulous :)

  6. I have been wanting to know how to do this! Thanks for the post! :)

  7. Great info, Susie! I've been using MS Paint to do mine, but this seems like it would be way easier. I'll have to check it out!
    thanks for sharing :)

  8. ooh thank you Susie! I was wondering how to do this! You can add your name in Picasa but you cannot chose a font, size or anything, its just plain. So thanks info! XOXO

  9. I am so glad you showed this to us. I used it today on some flower pics for my blog. Thank you!

  10. Its great isnt it Susan?!
    I use Picasa and I can change the font to lots of different fonts as well as different sized fonts.
    I love it!

    Deborah xo

  11. Thanks Susie! I had also wondered how to do this. It looks so very professional. I just used on some pictures for my blog this morning. Thanks again for sharing. Please stop by and visit my blog.On The Home Front

  12. Thank you so much for showing us how to do this.

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