Farm Chicks

We made it!!!!

The Farm Chick show was awesome.

The awesomeness started before we even made it into the gate!

See that cute lil couple holding hands?

They were so sweet.

Come to find out she reads my weird is that..ha!

I only wish I could have written her name down.
(If you are that sweet girl I would love to chat more)

We saw pure eye candy...

I have so many pictures and stories to share it is going to take a while to sort through them.

I  hope to do this as soon as I make it back home...

My only regret with my trip so far...

I rushed away and didn't get to visit with a few blog friends.

Heather...we will have to get together again soon and visit longer.

We rushed away to make some time up on the road..


We sat for over an hour on the side of a mountain because of this...


While waiting we were swarmed ...

Bees everywhere!

The only thing that kept coming to mind....

How much fun I would have been having if I would have just stayed longer at Farm Chicks.

Now that Farm Chicks and swarmin' bees are behind us...

the long road awaits. we come!


  1. Oh, Yellowstone, cool! I'm sorry to hear about the latest part of your road trip adventure. I guess it's a great thing you didn't leave any sooner. Scary. It was a lovely show, I'm sorry I missed seeing you. I went both days and still somehow missed seeing all of the booths.

    Happy travels!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. ps I just read about your journey..backwards. What a blessed opportunity for y'all. I'll be praying for the rest of your trip! You're crossing some of the ground I crossed on a big, but not quite so big, adventure with my mama last year.

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Wow! You are having quite a trip Susan!!
    Farm Chicks looks like fun!
    Cant wait until you reveal more of what you saw!
    Bumblebees? Yikes..good thing you were in your car! That looks like a
    Yellowstone Park?
    Say hello to Yogi for us!! lol
    Have fun!!

  4. Oh boo, you had to leave early to head back this way. It's been crazy here in LA...Baton Rouge anyway. We have had some bad storms and down trees and even lost the electricity for a brief time, but thankfully it came back on again.
    I will say, that the older I get the smaller the world seems. I am not surprised that you met someone way over in Washington that reads your blog. It sounds like you all had lotsa fun and wished you could of stayed longer.
    Looking forward to Yellowstone. I have never been there myself.

    Y'all stay safe.

  5. Hey, that's my booth you took a picture of! The one with the blue umbrella and lemons. I wish I would have known you were coming to the show. I would have loved to have met you. I've been a fan of your blog for about two years now. Isn't the show awesome? I'm glad you had a good time. A
    Any fun finds to take home?

  6. Can't wait to hear more, girl!

    About the bees...Yikes! Wonder where they came from?

    And I can't WAIT to hear about Yellowstone!

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  8. In all my gushing, I totally forgot to mention my partner in crime, Stacey. We did Farm Chicks together. She's also a fan of yours and we are both delighted that you highlighted our booth

  9. It looks like a heaven, except for the bees!

  10. Hi Susie, that's me in the picture!! So amazing to see it up on your blog! My name is Brianne and I've been a reader for a year and a half and when I read that you were going to the show I thought there was no way I would ever see you amongst the crowd. I was so nervous to talk to you, it was like meeting someone famous or something :) When I get my own blog up and running I will definitely let you know, it was great meeting you and I too loved the show!

  11. Total fun except the bees! I am glad you three made it safe and be careful on your way home.

    Went back and looked at the whole trip...oh goodness snow and it is in the 100's in Georgia. Enjoy the pretty crisp cool air.

    Oh and I blogged about you on my new blog. Come visit...old name is Rambling Gal

  12. Hi Susie :) It's been a while! I've been trying to e-mail you, but it's not going through! I have some news I want to share. Can you try e-mailing me? Maybe it will let me "reply" back.
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