A day away!

After a very hard goodbye ... (I miss you already Daddy)

we are back in the saddle again!

Considering it is 103 back at home, we had to make a few snow balls.

Yes....Maddy is wearing flip flops....ha!

We are from Louisiana..

What can I say :)

Now it's time to rest up for the morning ahead....

I hope to take too many pictures.

I hope to run into a few of you!

I hope my Daddy knows how special this trip was to me.

Thank you Daddy!

I love you~


  1. Omgoodness! Look at that snow. The year I went up to Mt. St. Helen it was 80 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and cold and snow on the ground at the top! That was in June also! How crazy! Have fun...can't wait to see what you girls find @ Farm Chicks!

  2. have fun tomorrow susie! so happy you were able to have such a special time with your dad :)

  3. Just found your blog and have loved every minute of reading about your trip. I am from the UK but spent 8 years living in Colorado. It has been great seeing some of the places I visited, Moab and the arches especilly. What a great trip. Wahington looks amazing. Hope to return one day. On the other side of the world I visited a fairytale castle yesterday. Stop by for a peek www.yonksnews.blogspot.com

    Nice meeting you. I am your newest follower!

  4. Your Daddy is so sweet. I am glad you had such a good visit with him & sorry you had such a hard goodbye (and jealous of the cool weather but I won't go there).

    I really dislike goodbyes...

  5. WOW!! I just got caught up on the past few days of y'alls trip! It looks simply amazing!! The riding lessons for Maddy was a precious idea!! Take a big whiff of that lavendar for me! How fun would that be!!?! WOW!!! Such great times!


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