Day 7 (part 2)

On day 7 I'm sure twilight will come to Maddy's mind but for me....

I will remember these images.

This tunnel ran under the road leading to the Marymere Falls.

I'm used to grey dry moss back at home.

I was in awe over their moss...

green and lush covering every thing that stands still.

I had high hopes for good hair on this trip.

With no humidity I was some excited....

well mix no humidity with a continuous misty rain and you get this..

A ponytail everyday..ha!

Back home temps are reaching over 100 oh my!

I will try and remember the cool crisp air here.



  1. Oh...your pictures are gorgeous, Susie! I wish I were there! That tree is huge and the deer pictures are wonderful. I bet Maddie is having the time of her life!


  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2011

    They look like pictures taken in your dreams! Each state has it's own beauty to offer. Thank you for taking us along with you on your Magical Mystery Tour! Maddie will remember this trip forever.

    Your Friend,

  3. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


  4. LOVE that picture of the deer! I SO wish I could visit that part of the country. Yep, heat index is over 100 here today, too. Wishing I had some cool misty weather! : )


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