Day 10 Saying goodbye

Today Missy and I toured a lavender farm.

It's still a bit early for full blooms but we enjoyed it all the same.

The shop was full of lavender soaps and lotions.

I wanted to package the scent and bring it home.

All I could manage was three bundles of lavender.

Should make for a sweet ride home :)

I can only imagine what it will smell like here come harvest time.

Pure heaven!

Next year I will plan to make the festival.

While we were shopping my Daddy had a special day planned for Maddy.

He had private lessons set up for her.

She is still talking about her day.

Twilight may have just been booted out of 1st place..ha!

I thought that was so sweet of my Dad to spend some special one on one with her.

I know she will always cherish this day.

I can still remember my first snow skiing lessons my with my Dad.

Today was our last day in Port Angeles with our Dad (Paw Paw).

We are going to miss him so very much!

Thank you for making our trip so special Daddy....We love you!!!!

Farm we come!


  1. you are creating memories that no 1 can ever take away .....i actually got teary eyed i can't imagine saying goodbye.

  2. I am sure your daughter loved that! How cool! I love the look of lavender! I think it's so pretty!

  3. The joy on her face shows how much she enjoyed her day! Safe journey and hope you get lots of pics to share of Farm Chicks if you have the time.

  4. I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a awesome dad. Can't wait for Farm Chicks posts!!

  5. What a priceless trip. Your daughter
    and the horse are just the sweetest photo. Your dad and his two girls, how wonderful. sandi

  6. How precious! A daddy's love is priceless! What a special day. :)

  7. Susie, what beautiful pictures of your trip! Lavender is my favorite scent, would love to be in that field. Looks like you and your daughter are having a great time. She'll always remember this trip. I also can't wait to see your pictures from Farm Chicks!

  8. What precious memories Maddy will have with her forever!

    And lavender...oh what a sweet scent! It reminds me of Tasmania, Australia. : )

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