Making your mark

Ever wonder...

How did they do that?

Leaving your mark on your photos is oh so easy!

It's almost necessary to keep your photos safe at home on your blog/facebook.

I'm sure there are many sites and ways you can go about adding your mark.

I went with Picnik

It's free and easy!

First you create an accout.

Upload your pictures.

You can then edit there if you need to.

The fun part starts here..

Click where it says Text and pick your font.

They have some fun ones to pick from!

If you are not a big fan of watermarks but want to protect em'

You can choose the overlay option.

This will allow your pictures to show through.

I have wanted to try my hand at this so many times but chickend out.

Trust me.. if I can...well you get the picture..

I did!

And I'm a bit computer pitiful....really!

Have fun!


Yay for Yellow!

How sweet!

I was introduced to this bedding by Pottery Barn a couple weeks back. Loved it!

It belongs to a sweet 7yr old little girl.

Her Mom asked if I was interested in painting a sign.....  :)

She liked the one I had painted for Maddy.

She also liked the greys and the shape/size of this one I painted for my room.

So putting those "likes" together I came up with this.

Her walls are painted in a soft yellow
(not the color you see here)

It's so much fun when you hear

Go with it I trust you...

Although...that's when I stress the most.


Is my good...good enough?

Do ya'll do this too?

Maybe not with signs but in whatever you put "YOURSELF" into?

I do it all the time.

One day I hope to have the confidence to "go forth without fear".

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure"
Sven Goran Ericksson

I'm so glad I'm learning to break barriers...

She liked it!

Wheww...    Susie~


Just keep swimming!

Yesterday after Madison's baptism dinner we got busy baking.

Crab Cupcakes!

This years VBS has a surf theme.

They are so cute!

We baked..and baked...and baked some more!

Kaylee rolled..and rolled and rolled some more.

Thank goodness everyone was on board to help out.

Even Kay's boyfriend helped.

For the record Wes...

Real men do bake!

The Disney movie played in my head...

Just keep swimming....

So now our hands are blue and red and our bodies are still on a sugar rush..ha!

These lil guys are on their way out the door for VBS.

This girls  on her way to a diet...ha!


Not by works...

This morning Maddy was baptized in front of our church and family.

She has talked about this day for a long time.

What an honor as a parent to witness such an occasion.

WE are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful church family!

Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewal of the Holy Spirit.

After Maddy's baptism we enjoyed a good ol' BBQ Brisket with family.

Thanks guys for making Maddy's day so special.

We love you!

Let's get this party started!

One of the great joys of being a Mom is planning birthday parties!

I have had my fair share of slumber parties and boy/girl parties.

All boy campouts and

All boy "keep outs"...ha!

We are at that stage again..ha!

Maddy is turning 11!!!

Last year she wanted nothing to do with "kiddie parties"

She wanted to jump right into her

double digit role...

You can go here to see her last year invites.

As you can see she is going...


We have some fun things planned  with these...

Maddy has BIG plans for these...

With such an easy theme at this time of year ..

A girl can go crazy!

Another plan in the makes for these cuties.

And what party would be complete without tiny paper umbrella's!

Her party is not for a few weeks  but VBS starts next week so we need to get busy.

Our summer has been fullllllllll this year!

Hope to share soon a few cute sign orders I'm working on.

Hope you are enJOYing your summer!


A clean slate

After repainting my master bath I noticed something...

My walls and counter tops where bare and

I liked it!

Here's what I'm talking about....



Now I'm a lover of all things Fleur just like the rest of us Southern Bells....

But a girls gotta know when to quit.

Can I get an Amen...?

So I replaced only the bare necessities.

I'm telling bathroom grew two feet..really!

Adding some crisp new white towels made me feel like I had a whole room makeover!

It does echo..echo..echo...

in here now.

A white fluffy new rug fixed that :)

Yes...sometimes less is best!

In this case...for sure.

I think I even made a few dollars on this makeover.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I'm still having friends join the book  giveaway here.
If you have yet to join in it's not too late.
I will wait for you...

xoxox Susie

What I said was....

I didn't think I liked drum shades.

I thought they looked too modern....edgeeeeee

But what I meant to say....

I like them but they were trendy...and I fall for it every time.

Self control...

Then I see this and I start to waver just a bit..


Maybe a lot!

Cool crisp white ones would rock in my dinning room.

Trendy can last if you really love it....right?

Oh and then there's this guy...

Looking all spiffy in his swirls and sweet colors...grrrr

Ok now you have gone and done it!!


One of each please..


What I meant to say is I really fall for Trendy Drum Shades...


Just when I thought I had talked myself out of trendy shades..

What I meant to say is..

I love you.