We made it!

Helllllloooooo Washington!

We made it around noon today.

Feels so good to be out of the car :)

Our first stop was Sunny Farms.

We had lunch here....YUM!

Then Daddy drove us over to see one of his properties.

When he first moved to Washington he set up his Airstream and called this home.

He now rents it out from time to time.

Just across the street is a very old school house.

It was closed today so we will have to come back for the tour.

You know me and my love for signs...

Down the street is a drive thru zoo.

Maddy was in pure heaven!

These were some jokers...

We laughed so hard at the funny faces they made.

Daddy then showed Maddy around his new property.

I'm not sure who had the most fun...ha!

Wouldn't that Airstream be fun to visit Farm Chicks in?!

He has two of them....wonder if he would miss one?

Hmmmmm :)

So pretty much we stayed close to home.

Watching a few of these guys...

They love the flowers here....

I do too!

Missy finally let me post a picture of her.

She is blog shy....ha!

Not sure where Daddy will take us tomorrow.

XOXO Susie~


  1. oh i love washington! it is so beautiful there!!

  2. Pretty place! And I like your Daddy already!!

  3. So glad you made it! Are you staying in the Airstream/ It looks like you all will have a great time!!!

    Xo, meme

  4. I envy you right now! Such and adventure! Glad you made it safely :-)

  5. Glad you made it and what a fun trip!

  6. So glad you all made it safe. Enjoy time visiting with your Daddy.
    Living vicarously through you. Would love to go to the Farm Chicks show sometime. : )

  7. In April/May 2005 we moved from base in Tucson to Fairbanks AK. We drove up the coast to take a fairy in Bellingham. Spent a weekend in Port Angeles so that we could visit the Rainforest my best friend had talked about all our lives- she had visited it when she was a kid. It was my first Easter Sunday away from family. We went up to the beach and I experienced my first tide pools, starfish, seaweed, and shells. A most memorable and breathtaking Easter egg hunt! We loved the little museum on the pier and the AWESOME fresh seafood resteraunt next to it. I saw my first sea otters there as well. It was a magical time for us. Loving seeing your pictures!

  8. I grew up in Oregon and 3 sisters who live in Washington. all over the state! One in Kent, one in Vancouver and the other in Basin City.

    You have a very cute dad! And your daughter is a doll! How fun for all of you! Wish I was in Washington or Oregon too!

  9. I just went back and read all your travel posts! Wow! What a road trip! It reminds me of the mission trips we took when I was in high school out to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I can't wait to see more pics.

    And that school! Love! : )

  10. The school is absolutely perfect! I hope you include pictures of the inside of it if you do take the tour. I wish schools could be as simple and serene as that now!

  11. So glad yall made it! Can not wait to see the School House pictures...I have enjoyed all the Updates! Have Fun!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your trip. I grew up in Lynden (north of B'ham, WA)and hubby and I raised our 3 kids until they were teens there. Three years ago we moved to Pennsylvania. It's nice to reminisce and see what our former home was like.

    Go figure that I never heard of Farm Chicks until AFTER I moved out of the state tho. Enjoy your trip.

  13. Yeah I cannot wait to see pics from the inside of the school house..how interesting! I bet your dad is thrilled to have y'all there and showin you all around! What a fabulous time! Can't wait to see more! :D

  14. You've made me want to take a road trip with my girls! What great memories you gals are creating! XOXO

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