Moments like these..

Moments like these make you wish the clock would stop.

You flash back to their first day of school.

You wonder how often she will call you when away at college.

When the door opens you hope it will be her~

And you Pray with all that's in you...

that SHE will remember everything YOU taught her

Enjoy your

last day of school

Kaylee... I love you, Mom

ps.. I will have a winner for ya'll soon


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    Susie,! Especially like the third photograph.

    Your Friend,

  2. gorgeous...just gorgeous!!!!!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Love the colors (and boots) of the one on the steps. Makes me sad b/c I know my two boys (3 and 19 mos) will be there before I know it. Why does time seem to speed up every year that we get older. sigh. . . .
    Scissors & Spatulas

  4. She is such a beauty, though no question where she gets her good looks from! ;) I can't imagine how I will feel when my children are that age. Good luck to all of you! It seems to me, that you have raised her well. So, you have only greatness ahead of you all!


  5. Awww...she is beautiful! Those pics are great! I know you will miss her.

  6. You dont really understand the saying "Time Flies" until you have children.....just yesterday I was bring my baby home...she is 24 years old...very lovely young lady. May all your dreams come true
    best wished Kimberly

  7. Oh, I so understand. My son graduates in a few weeks also. Thankfully, he will be attending a local community college for two years and will be able to live at home. That will make it easier for sure. In two years, our oldest daughter will graduate from highschool and I selfishly pray that she will also attend the community college.

    God bless you, my friend, as you go through this season.

  8. Congrats to both of you! My daughter graduates from college as a RN next week...YIPPEE!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, so beautiful! Praying for your Momma heart!

    I hate I've been out of blogland...I've missed so many of your posts!

  10. I'm experiencing the same thing, Susie ~ bless you! Trust in how you've raised this beautiful girl. :)

  11. Her smile is contagious :) God bless her on the next step of her journey...

    I forget how early you all get out of school...our kids aren't done til' the end of June!

  12. She is beautiful! I just read my aunt's blog where today she wrote about motherhood and slowing down time. ( Thought you might like it. Nothing like starting your morning with tears :)

  13. She is beautiful! Time goes by so fast.

  14. What a doll and congrats to her!! From reading your blog, I get the feeling she'll always be close to her sweet momma! ;)

  15. Wow, your daughter is very beautiful. This post made me choke up a little- my daughter just turned three, and I already feel like she's growing up too fast. The other day, she said, "Mama, hold me like a baby..." I was never so happy to oblige!

  16. Your daughter is beautiful. I am in the same place. Our daughter is heading to college next year. Although she will be living at home it will be different because we won't have the continual moments of homeschooling.


  17. What a beautiful girl she is and so photogenic too. love all the pics.
    Know how you are feeling. Saw the post you left on my blog. They grow tooo fast, don't they?

  18. Your post made me teary eyed
    Life is so full of bittersweet moments.
    Your daughter is beautiful (she looks a lot like you)
    Susie I will be praying for you As a momma of four grown daughters, I know how hard the next stage can be. This is what we raise them for but the "letting go" is so hard

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