Maddy meets Twilight!


This is Maddy, today I decided to steal my moms blog for a minute and tell you how my trip is going.

This is alice for all the twilight fans out there. 

I'll tell you how I spent my day.... in the Twilight ZONE
This is Bellas truck!!!!!
cool right? 

Not too many kids get their picture taken by the forks sign.
Well at least when there from Louisiana!!!

This is the hospital Bella went to when she got in a wreck.
And when she broke her arm....
wow she gets hurt a lot.
I guess thats what hospitals are for! 

This is her house and it is not actually hers so don't go busting in to it if you want to take the tour!

You guessed it! This is her school. 

This is the Cullens house.

Home of the vampires!

This is where Bellas dad worked.

This is a cool store we stopped by on our way to Ruby Beach.

Me and Jacob....I wish :)

Miss ya daddy and i love you <3  , Maddy


  1. NO WAY! HUGE Twilight fan and not afraid to admit it, even at 32 years old! Thanks for sharing!
    scissors & spatulas

  2. Wow Maddy!! I'm a Twilight fan too! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Forks. I'm also jealous that you got your picture taken with Jacob. I think you look really cute together :) Go Team Jacob!

  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2011


    No wonder you sparkle so much! You've been bitten by the Twilight bug. (or a Cullen, take your pick.) :)



  4. Great job Maddy! I too have been bitten by the Twilight bug...I am a Cullen fan! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  5. Hey Maddy! Looks like you were having a great time touring the Twilight town there. LOL, I never got into Twilight, but know who love it.

  6. Hey Maddy, great job on the blog post! My girls would LOVE a trip to Forks but it isn't on the calendar anytime soon so thanks for sharing your pics with them! XOXO

  7. Wow Maddy!! This is such a fun post! You did an amazing job and these pics are FABULOUS GIRLY!! :D

  8. Wow, Maddy! I'm not a Twilight fan (don't hate me! HA!) but I can understand the coolness of getting to do what you did! That is soooo neat!

  9. Love it! Yes, I am a Twilight Mom. ;-) My oldest insisted that I read the books, and I have been in love since. Though I like Emmett.

    I am sending you a versatile blogger award! Visit me here
    I love your blog!


  10. I'm jealous too and admit I'm a Twilight fan. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Hmmm, maybe I should read it again before the movie comes out. :-)

  11. Thanks Maddy for the tour ~ you are one lucky girl! I know I am jealous and my daughter will be too!!

  12. love Maddy's post!!! BTW - I saw Melissa and her son in Walmart last week - totally did a double take - hope I didn't freak them out!! I'm just the crazy lady with the "chemo" haircut :)

  13. How, neat, Maddy. My girls would love this trip!!

  14. Every Twilight lovers dream come true. What fun to visit all these places.

    Great post, Maddy.


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