Day Two!

Day Two started out with two bags of these.

Maddy had yogart ...she's the good one..ha!

We counted box cars.

We made it out of the great state of Texas.

Have I ever told you how BIG Texas is?


Then somewhere in the lower part of New Mexico we ran into this guy.

Maddy loves her Uncle Shawn.

We do too :)

Heidi was not feeling the love ....

Awww Heidi

This would be me talking to my Dad every hour.


He has been so worried about us on this trip.

We are fine Dad!!!

How could we not be fine.... YUM!

We had a short but great visit.

Said a sad good bye....

Then back on the road.

I learned how to water ski in this lake.

Maddy was not very impressed..ha!

She was just counting down the miles till the next pool...ha!

Crossing the Rio Grande!

And for some reason my last picture didn't want to load.

Guess I better sign off for now. we come!


  1. CO is a long way from Texas. I can't even imagine how long it must be from LO. Yipes. Thank goodness for pools along the way and that yummy look cheesecake!

  2. Good Morning, Susie,
    It looks like a dream vacation...And you are making memories. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. ~Natalie

  3. Yay! You are making great time...I love seeing the journey! Xo, Meme

  4. Looks like you are having an awesome time!! Be safe! :)

  5. They say everythings big in Texas!
    Looks like youre all having fun and so nice to meet up with family!
    Enjoy..the scenery looks wonderful!
    How sweet of your father :)

    Deborah xoxo

  6. This is fun!...a virtual trip! Just wish the desserts weren't virtual! thanks for taking the time to do this.

  7. What a wonderful way to see our graet U S of A! I hope Maddie is enjoying it even though she is counting down the miles to the next pool. LOL, that was funny.
    Looks like lotsa fun is being had and some good food and wow, y'all are hot footing it. you'll be in Colorado soon? Sending you hugs through the miles. Safe travels to you all.

  8. Susie- You traveled through my home state of NM! I grew up in the northern part of the state- to me, a lot prettier than southern NM. I'm partial to the mountains! So Uncle Shawn lives in the land of enchantment, huh? I think it was wonderful that you and Missy took Maddie along on your fun adventure! Glad you had such a great trip.
    :-) Sue

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