Day One!

Hi Ya'll!

We left our sweet state of Louisiana this morning...

Crossed our very swollen Mississippi River...

and had to make a very important decision.

Do we go as planned toward Dallas?
Do we play it safe and stay south away from the storms.

We played it safe!

Hi Houston!

Although it will put us behind a bit I know that we did the right thing.

After all...we have precious cargo...hehehe.

Speaking of precious cargo..

She bout had a fit when she saw the Dairy Queen's!

We don't have any
 near us.

You would think with all this sugar she would have been hyped.


You didn't think we would leave Miss Heidi behind did you :)

We saw miles of rocks.

How cool are these!

I wish their gas prices were as cool.


After 700 miles and a night swim ...

It's lights out for us.

Sweet dreams~



  1. Great Experience and many memories being created..
    Love the pics.. Great to see america through others-when we ourselves cant get out..

  2. I love how you seemed to see this through your daughter's eyes. She will always remember this trip. Have fun and be safe!


    P.S. Lovely pictures!

  3. It's nice having you in Texas! Looks like you are in our part of Texas with those wind turbines. Have a safe trip...and thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  4. Oh such fun!
    Love your shots!

    Deborah xo

  5. have fun my friend! glad you played it safe....i'll be following you along on your road trip :)

  6. Awww!!! You should have stopped in to see me...:) No Dairy Queens??? That would be horrible...:) lol Glad Heidi made the trip! :D Sweet dreams! ;) Meme

  7. When my family took road trips my Dad could NOT pass by a Cracker Barrel (the 1st stop in Gonzales) or a Dairy Queen without stopping in. I don't know how he stayed so skinny eating all that food! Must be a guy thing.

    Be safe y'all!

  8. I can't wait wait for the rest of your trip. I'll hold down the fort in LA while you're gone, ha!

  9. Your photos are gorgeous.

    Stay save with all the very crazy weather out there.

    I would love to visit Texas someday.


  10. It looks like y'all r having so much fun Susie! You passed right by us when you went thru Houston and yes Texas is HUGE!! So glad ya made it thru though. Sending well wishes for the rest of your trip!! Be safe!

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