Maddy meets Twilight!


This is Maddy, today I decided to steal my moms blog for a minute and tell you how my trip is going.

This is alice for all the twilight fans out there. 

I'll tell you how I spent my day.... in the Twilight ZONE
This is Bellas truck!!!!!
cool right? 

Not too many kids get their picture taken by the forks sign.
Well at least when there from Louisiana!!!

This is the hospital Bella went to when she got in a wreck.
And when she broke her arm....
wow she gets hurt a lot.
I guess thats what hospitals are for! 

This is her house and it is not actually hers so don't go busting in to it if you want to take the tour!

You guessed it! This is her school. 

This is the Cullens house.

Home of the vampires!

This is where Bellas dad worked.

This is a cool store we stopped by on our way to Ruby Beach.

Me and Jacob....I wish :)

Miss ya daddy and i love you <3  , Maddy

Day 6

Today we went to Fort Worden State Park.

Not a sight this cajun girl gets to see often...ha!

Look familiar?

An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed here.

After a taste of history we headed into Port Townsend for some shopping.

Or should I say eating...ha!

We started out with a cup of ice cream
found this cute cup cake shop.


We paid our respect during a service.

Then headed back for the day.

I only wish I could grow flowers like this...

With a pond like this I could get all of my reading!

Sorry for all of the picture overload.
I have one Daddy that is sure missing his girls back at home.
I miss you Marc!

Hope this brings a smile to your face.
ps...we may just come home a few pounds heavier...
The desserts are just too good to pass up!

We made it!

Helllllloooooo Washington!

We made it around noon today.

Feels so good to be out of the car :)

Our first stop was Sunny Farms.

We had lunch here....YUM!

Then Daddy drove us over to see one of his properties.

When he first moved to Washington he set up his Airstream and called this home.

He now rents it out from time to time.

Just across the street is a very old school house.

It was closed today so we will have to come back for the tour.

You know me and my love for signs...

Down the street is a drive thru zoo.

Maddy was in pure heaven!

These were some jokers...

We laughed so hard at the funny faces they made.

Daddy then showed Maddy around his new property.

I'm not sure who had the most fun...ha!

Wouldn't that Airstream be fun to visit Farm Chicks in?!

He has two of them....wonder if he would miss one?

Hmmmmm :)

So pretty much we stayed close to home.

Watching a few of these guys...

They love the flowers here....

I do too!

Missy finally let me post a picture of her.

She is blog shy....ha!

Not sure where Daddy will take us tomorrow.

XOXO Susie~

Day Four!

Happy Trails?

Whoever wrote this song apparently did not travel thousands of miles cross country with a 10 year old
daughter and a 4lb spoiled dog.


It was probably written by one of those retired "happy couples" in a very cushie RV.


IDAHO....We love you!

Not only are you a state closer to Farm Chicks and My Dad...

Ya'll have some of the neatest fields.

Then there was OREGON.

Maddy enjoyed your new Rolo Mc Flurrys!

I was kinda fond of your very green grass...

Heidi was too!

She is not use to rocks....ha.

But all n all....

This took the cake.


Just a disclaimer here...

Maddy does own a coat...ha!

We are from Louisiana....

What can I say~

(I won't mention loudly my sock covered flip flops) LOL

That would be us on the bridge.
The lil ants in front of the waterfall.

Looking at this close up,
I think those miles went right across my puffy face!

Good golly!

They had two bridges.

One that we are pictured on here for people like me.

Nice and low to the ground.

Then there is this one below.

Up high.

Not meant for wimps like me.

Tell that to Maddy..

I pushed past my fear of heights and tried to keep up.

So glad I did.

She believed she could
so she did! out.

Here we come...ha!

ps. I am so humbled by all of your comments and emails wanting to meet with us.
I would love to meet all of you too.
As soon as we make it to Washington and take a breath I will try and catch up.

xoxox Susie