They are weak...

Kelly received her sign today for Miss Hollis!

It was so much fun painting this for her.

She has been such an inspiration to me over the last few years.

They are weak..

Just today I was reminded of this.

Maddy woke us up early this morning with a belly ache.

Lets just say it was not pretty.

I really don't know how Moms of kids that are really sick do this day in and day out.

After 7hrs of her being so sick we brought her in.

Thank you Lord for Doctors and medicine :)

She is now holding down Sonic ice chips!

I think I may need to paint one of these babies for myself.

I am weak but He is strong!

The bow was such a fun touch and I look forward to doing this idea again.

Now I just need to clean my house like a mad woman ...

and pray that we don't catch it.

Hope ya'll have a great healthy weekend :)

xoxo Susie~


  1. Isn't Kelly wonderful? And little Hollis looks just like her. I know she's thrilled with her sign--it's beautiful!

    Every now and then I sing Jesus Loves Me to myself just for the reminder. :)

  2. The sign is right on spot! I hope Maddie is better soon and all of you avoid getting the bug. We have had colds here for over a week and it looks never ending!


  3. Even more beautiful than this sweet sign is the fact that what it says is so very true!

  4. So sweet! A great daily reminder.

  5. i love it! the colors, style, bow ;)

  6. I hope you know I had HUGE tears in my eyes when I read your note and then opened the sign and read it. I love it. It could not be more perfect!

  7. Trust the mad cleaning keeps the rest of you healthy. Sweet artwork.


  8. Oh my...what a SWEET it!!!


  9. I love it! And the bow is the perfect touch for a little girl.

  10. Do you sell these?! I NEED ONE!! :oD

  11. Susie, I had tears in my eyes as I read your post. First of all, I hope Maddie is doing much better now.

    You know Kelly has sung "Jesus Loves Me" to Harper since she was born and today I put her upstairs for her nap and came down to blog a little and over the little intercom thingee I could hear her singing to herself "Jesus Loves Me, This I know...." My heart just leaps with praise and gratitude to the Lord...for He is good!

    Thank you for your very beautiful and sweet gift for Hollis! I can't wait to hear my sweet baby Hollis sing it too!
    You are a blessing!
    Harper and Hollis' Nonny

  12. Do you sell these? i was wondering how much they are if you do and if you do custom orders? i have a perfect saying i would like for my daughters room :) thank you
    my email is

  13. Oooh....I love this (and want one in pink!) Any chance you'll be taking orders on Etsy? Love reading your blog!

  14. Susie,

    I love it! You are so talented. :)


  15. I will definitely need one of these for my new niece. Once I find out her room colors I'll have to order. Looks like you'll have lots of orders. :)

  16. okay, don't laugh! This sign makes me wanna have another child! lol! Just so I can decorate another room! It's just wonderful!


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