DIY Monogram Trumeau

You didn't think I would forget her monogram did you?.....haha


I was just not feeling the whole paint her wall monogram again.

What to do...what to do...?

Then it hit me to make another trumeau!

I am still in love with the one in our family room.

And I knew it would work perfect with her new lighting

It's pretty much the same mirror.

The only difference is her initials replace the fancy scroll work.

I just printed her initials out and traced them on the wood.

The hardest part was picking the font.

I loved them all!

I hung the mirror just above her dresser.

Low enough for her to fix her hair...hehehe

I'm searching now for a little Mirror to place on top of her dresser.

I want it to hold her perfumes and girlie stuff.

Her lamp and shade came from Target just in case you were wondering ;)

Her dresser has been passed down from Jesse.

It was in his nursery 21 years ago...Yikes!

It has been every color from white, blue, aqua, pink...

and now it's white again..ha!

I found these sweet lil knobs at Wal Mart.

They fit perfect!

Ok...what's next?




  1. I still need to make me one of these! Love it and it is the perfect addition to her room!

    I was thinking about your Mom the other day...She mad a ton of ribbon roses for my wedding & I made some fabric flowers using her technique. *grin*

  2. Just lovely! The monogram looks just perfect and the glass knobs give the bureau a timeless look.

  3. oh Susie, I just LOVE how this room is coming together.

    I have to tell you, I've had the supplies to make a "Susie Harris knock-off trumeau" for weeks and weeks now. I've been too nervous to actually make it though. I think I might finally get my tush in gear and make it this weekend. Why are some DIY projects so intimidating???

  4. I am loving this new room! And, I totally love that mirror. I'm gonna have to make one! Great job ;o)

  5. So pretty! I love the monogramming!

  6. The room looks great!! I love that monogram and the font is perfect.

  7. Oh wow Susie -- I love it! You are doing a really really great job! XOXO

  8. I just made the greatest antique mirror find for my little girl's vanity in her room. You might give antique stores a shot. It is adorable! ;)


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