DIY Memo Board

I had a BIG chunky frame and I knew just what to do with it!

Make a memo board for Maddy's new room.

I scratched it up a bit...

Added a thin board for the backing.

Gotta love this cork board found at Hobby Lobby.

I knew just what I wanted to hang up first.

Maddy's first pair of ballet slippers.

So sweet and small and the perfect powder pink.

I then added a couple of her pictures.

And achievements.

Then it hit me....

Where did my baby go?

How can she be finishing up her 5th grade year?

The thought of empty nest flooded my heart...

oh too soon it will happen.

I'm not ready yet.

So today I will focus on an empty wall instead.

Thoughts of a sign in my head...

That lead me right back to that precious 3 yr old in her new ballet slippers

Holding on tight around my neck...

afraid to let go~


  1. love this DIY! v easy but cute! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. :( Where does the time go? It can paralyze you...if you go there...I went there yesterday with My baby, Austin...It was like yesterday he was my little boy eager to be by my side all the time. :( I am grateful, though that he is health and happy...and growing into a fine young man.

    Now if we can hold off on driving and dating...I will be a happy

    As for Maddy Girl...You have a few more years before she is consumed with high school...hold on to them tightly and fully awake...

    As we all know...They grow too fast. But there is a gift in that, as well...You gain a friend in them...

    Hugs & Xo, Meme

  3. I have a son, a little youngest than Maddy, but I feel the same way too....
    The room is becoming beautiful, she must be so proud of her mommy! :-)))


  4. Susie,

    Do you you use anything in particular to attach the fabric to the cork? Love the simplicity. She'll be able to use it for years!


  5. Cute memo board. Love the ballet slippers. I can so relate to how you feel as I prepare to send my daughter off to college in August. sniff, sniff. : )

  6. Susan
    I love your memo board!
    The love we have for our children inspires us to make such beautiful,
    meaningful treasures.
    And this speaks to me so, of such a love.
    Id love to make one of these too..I have one particular treasure I want to display, that was given me by my daughter when she was young,and I haven't quite come up with a perfect way to show it off yet.
    I love how you've put such love into this for your daughter...xo

    Deborah xoxoxo

  7. Susie,

    That room is really coming together. Looks very nice.

    I know how you feel. one 17 y/o daughter, one 15 y/o daughter and a 6 y/o son all who it seems like yesterday they were little being held by momma. Then I look in the morning and see that time has marched across my face and body only for me to have those memories and wishing that time didn't go by so fast!

  8. Love this idea! I'm about to redo my little girlies room, so I'm for sure adding one of these! She loves to clip stuff up to show it this is perfect! I'm loving Maddy's new room, the colors are just right and will be terrific for years to come. You're a great mama :)

  9. Aww...Susie, you've brought tears to my eyes! Like the olden songs - turn around and they're tiny - turn around and they're grown! Cherish that precious young lady!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. KK, I could not find your blog so I will answer here..
    I glued my cork board with wood glue onto the thin board. After that dried I stapled the fabric right on top of the cork pulling it tight as I went around the edges.
    Hope this helps :)

  11. Great tribute to your beautiful girl! Love the cork board too!

  12. I just bought a huge similar bulletin board for my kitchen redo & couldn't quite figure out what to put on it except photos. Now I can go digging & find special things for it. And yours was much more reasonable! Yes...time slips away so quickly. I've experienced & survived the empty nest. After a while it fills back up with grandchildren & all is well again! :)

  13. I totally teared up and my daughter is only 5! I love the chunky memo board. It's fun to see the room little by little.

  14. The memo board turned out really nice. I love the frame. They grow up too fast. I just found a picture of my daughter (she's 9 now) from when she was about 18 mos in the bath tub, barely any hair and so little. I wondered how it went by so fast. I know the next 8 yrs will do the same...

  15. My daughter is turning 3 in a couple of months and I tear up every time I think about how much she's grown, so I'm right there with you.

  16. Well.......I had a super cute ornate frame that I painted pastel pink and antiqued then took some jute ribbon and hotglued at each side and she was been clothespinning color sheets, art, etc to that..but this is just sooo much better, ha! Love it! I also love her new pillows and I might have to snag some of those up for her room too! :D

  17. love the frame! super cute! susan

  18. This post made me cry. Seriously. My little 3 year has just broken in her ballet slippers, and this just made me lose it!

    On a happy note- I love your daughters room! :)

  19. Time does disappear. You turn around one day to see your little one all grown up. My youngest towers over me and is still growing.

    I love this frame. I have one I need to do the same to.


  20. ooohhhhh...letting go is so hard. a friend of mine had a horrible time when her daughter went away to college. she (the mom) cried for weeks. then her daughter came home to stay...never adjusted to college. her mom said to don't want them to leave but you really don't want them to come home defeated.

    it's wonderful you are creating such a lovely space for her to thrive in.

  21. My favorite is the little birdie tag - just the perfect touch.

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