Could it be....

I have had so much interest in Maddy's chandelier,

I thought I had better spill the beans.

It's Acrylic!
otherwise known as plastic

Yep....I know!

The thought of spending hundreds on lighting never entered my mind.


 $99.97 sure did sing to me!

I found it here at Home Depot

Who's going to Home Depot today? 

Tell em' Susie said Hi!

Oh wait...
that is the paint department that knows me by name...ha!

XOXO Susie~


  1. acrylic?? OMG. that is still gorgeous and the price is not bad either. Great find!

  2. That is brilliant...light to hang and not breakable if there is a mishap!

  3. Gorgeous!!!
    Hugs, Angie

  4. You always have the best ideas..! I was even showing my husband the bed you all made the other day. I can see this chandie over my bathtub! Thanks!

  5. Thank you! Everything I've been looking at has been at least twice that! Off to Home Depot we go to take a look!

    Thank you!

  6. That's amazing, I've got to go see this.


  7. It looks beautiful. Who says cheap can’t look expensive? However is it a Bitch to clean?

  8. You shouldn't have told!!! It looks "REAL" and it is darling! Can't wait to see her room when it's complete! Susie, You are so creative!!

  9. susie....this is the same chandy we have in our master bath :) i love when people insist its not plastic.... :) :)

    it looks adorable in her room!

  10. It looks great for acrylic!!! We would have never known if you hadn't confessed.


  11. Gotta love the depot. For cleaning, my favorite is Martha Stewarts window cleaner. Green and makes everything squeakie clean with not streaks. I spray it on filthy crystals and the dirt just drops off. Sea Witch

  12. How precious! This room is going to be every young girl's dream. In fact, it is this 48 year old girl's dream!

  13. Get out! That chandelier is gorgeous! I can't believe you found it at Home Depot of all places! Hmmm....maybe I can put one of these beauties above my bathtub?

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