DIY Memo Board

I had a BIG chunky frame and I knew just what to do with it!

Make a memo board for Maddy's new room.

I scratched it up a bit...

Added a thin board for the backing.

Gotta love this cork board found at Hobby Lobby.

I knew just what I wanted to hang up first.

Maddy's first pair of ballet slippers.

So sweet and small and the perfect powder pink.

I then added a couple of her pictures.

And achievements.

Then it hit me....

Where did my baby go?

How can she be finishing up her 5th grade year?

The thought of empty nest flooded my heart...

oh too soon it will happen.

I'm not ready yet.

So today I will focus on an empty wall instead.

Thoughts of a sign in my head...

That lead me right back to that precious 3 yr old in her new ballet slippers

Holding on tight around my neck...

afraid to let go~

Maddy's pillow surprise!

I can't tell you how surprised Maddy was when she recieved a box full of pillows!

For me?

Was all she could say.

One of the sweetest readers made these for Maddy.

Thank you Miss Judy!

Maddy shows everyone that comes over her Bloggy friend pillows....ha!

I love the different textures.

The perfect shades of pink and gray.

Maddy's favorite is the trinket pillow.

Miss Judy tucked a hankie inside sweet!

If you are looking for some pillows I would highly recommend her shop

Here are two of my favorites she has for sale.

I'm loving these fun summer colors!

Maddy's room is almost complete....whewww~

My room is next :)

XOXO Susie~

Sweet Anticipation

The night before Good Friday was packed with anticipation!

You may remember Suga Momma.

She showed up at our house and claimed us as her own.

As you can see....Maddy did not mind one bit.

On Thursday I noticed that she was a bit uncomfortable, to say the least.

So we waited....and waited..... and..

They arrived (all through the night) all five of them!


and oh so cute!

I know this picture is a bit blurred but this is how they roll~


Hands in the air...

This one below is my pick
(although none are staying)

It looks like she is wearing tights....hahaha!

I think Maddy has found homes for all 5.

As far as Suga Momma...

If she decides to call us her family she will be visiting the Kitty spa soon.
(Dr Breaux will fix her right up)   ;)

For now we will enjoy the next 6 weeks of purrrrr sweetness!

Suga Momma and her Suga Babies.
Sending their love~

The price.

Jesus paid it all.
All to Him I owe.

Color Changes

Color plays a huge roll in my world,

and it's always fun to get the chance to play!

You may remember when I painted this sign below for a friend.

It's like trying on new outfits :)'s not staying.

Oh how I wish it were!

It has a new home with Miss Lisa!

If her home is half as cute as her blog, I think It will be Happy!

I love my job!

I want to paint something for Maddy's room.

Something that she will read everyday.

Something that will make a difference in how she views herself.

I think I have an idea ;)

Now just to paint it....whewww

ps...I'm working on a post containing all of my wall colors.
Hope to have it up real soon.

((hugs ya'll)) Susie

DIY Monogram Trumeau

You didn't think I would forget her monogram did you?.....haha


I was just not feeling the whole paint her wall monogram again.

What to do...what to do...?

Then it hit me to make another trumeau!

I am still in love with the one in our family room.

And I knew it would work perfect with her new lighting

It's pretty much the same mirror.

The only difference is her initials replace the fancy scroll work.

I just printed her initials out and traced them on the wood.

The hardest part was picking the font.

I loved them all!

I hung the mirror just above her dresser.

Low enough for her to fix her hair...hehehe

I'm searching now for a little Mirror to place on top of her dresser.

I want it to hold her perfumes and girlie stuff.

Her lamp and shade came from Target just in case you were wondering ;)

Her dresser has been passed down from Jesse.

It was in his nursery 21 years ago...Yikes!

It has been every color from white, blue, aqua, pink...

and now it's white again..ha!

I found these sweet lil knobs at Wal Mart.

They fit perfect!

Ok...what's next?



DIY Sheet Curtains!

Curtains....on the cheap.

One twin flat sheet needed....that. is. all. folks.

I lucked up and found just the color I was looking for.

Shabby Chic from Target.

Added had a Ruffle~

Have you any idea how hard it is to iron ruffles....grrr

Just kiddin'

After I ironed (kinda)
 I pinned it to get an idea where I wanted it to hang.

I sewed a small pocket for the curtain rod to slip into.

I then cut the sheet/curtain in half ...right down the middle.

From there I gave each side a nice new hem..

or would that be seam?

I told ya'll I sew like a 3rd grader...ha!

Whatever you call it..

Maddy likes them!

and you know what?

I think I like them too :)

While I was up on the ladder I peeked out of her window.

This is what I saw.


And this is what I heard...

Our fountain.

I think I may just move in her room...ha! was nice chattin' but this girl has a room to finish ;)

See you soon!