When a swing was just a swing~

I remember when this swing was for dreaming.

For getting away from the world.

For reading that book you just couldn't put down.

 today ...

 a drying station.

Can goods are now pedestals

Counter tops are easels

Sinks are for washing brushes

All for these lil guys!

I started making these guys a couple of years ago.

I needed teacher gifts and these were a hit!

I would be happy to make one for you too :)

They are 8"x8" hand painted on pine.
$24.00 plus shipping

(Just make sure you leave the name you want painted on your sign in the memo)



  1. I need to get with you, I need a sign to hang on my aurbor(ms) going into the back yard by the fountain.
    Also will you be able to do Thurs. luncheon?

  2. thanks for the update on the kids dad...moving him to a better place sounds good even if it is farther away.
    Those signs you make are awesome btw!!!


  3. Still praying for the kids Dad, sounds like he'll be in the best possible place. I think I'm going to order a sign in a couple days for a friend, just have to check on something first. I "may" have to get one for myself!

  4. They are so beautiful Susie!
    So glad to hear he's still doing well and will continue to lift him and your family to Him in prayer.

    Deborah xo

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm in love! Going back thru some of your older posts. Do you still have an etsy site?


  6. No Kelly, I closed my Etsy site some time ago but still take orders via my blog. If you are interested in a sign I would love to hear from you. You can email at susanh@eatel.net

  7. LOVE the design! And I had to laugh at using whatever space you have. How can I relate...


  8. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy with sign making. Love the ones you have shared.
    How is your hubby doing?

  9. I am happy you are so busy!! You have a true talent that needs to be shared :) have a blessed Thursday, sweet Susie.

  10. No wonder they were a "hit"...they're awesome!!!

    m ^..^

  11. Beautiful! But then again ALL your stuff is beautiful! Have a great day :)

  12. I think about you almost every single day when I see my name sign. You do such beautiful work, Susie girl! : )

  13. I love those! They would make great gifts for Mother's Day!

  14. These are wonderful signs and I love the use of space! I know how that goes at times. :)

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