Plan D

So far this is the after...

After many tries.

I thought it would look cool to add a little trim.


So now the trim is stacked up looking for a new home.

Then there were these guys.

I call em square pegs.


I then tried a little flagstone.


Picture above shows me trying to see which stone looked the best.

Good Lord!

I yanked those babies out and sat with nothing but a pit of sand.

Just when I was about to give up and pout...

I headed back to the store for Plan D.

I ditched the sand lot and found this crushed stone.

Love it!

I did add the flagstone back to create a little pathway.

Oh.... and Suga Momma wants to say hello.

She is such a show off.

And just in case you are wondering...

The rug came from Lowes :)

Its an indoor/outdoor

Now I just need some plants and a small table


I will be all set for spring!

Is it starting to warm up a bit where you are?

We reached the 80's today.



  1. The gravel looks nice. You can even add some potted plants when the weather is nice. Great job.

  2. Looks great Susie! It was a beautiful day here in Texas too! I got a chance to paint a bench and put out some pretty flowers..Happy Spring!

  3. We did flagstone around our fountain a couple of years ago & I love it. I think you needed some smaller pieces to put with the larger ones & you would have been happier. But this looks nice too. And I like the idea of some potted plants around it. you put some kind of treatment in your water to keep it from getting cloudy? We live in Indiana & have very hot, humid summers. Enjoy your fountain!

  4. Glad you found what you like. I know it can be frustrating, but it looks great!

    We got into the 60's today in Nashville. Come on spring!

  5. It's beginning to feel like spring in Middle TN. Ginny and I planted a few things in our garden today. I actually have a plan for the garden this year, so we'll see how that works out. :)

  6. looks like pea gravel! Looks so good! And I adore Suga Mama...
    she is so adorable!

  7. Your fountain is beautiful! 80s? We've been in the 40s-50s. Suga Mama is so sweet!

    Your Friend,

  8. Hi Susieness! You're a go getter and you kept going til you got it done and your crushed stone around your fountain looks wonderful! What a pretty fountain too! Aw, Little Suga is a doll!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I go through projects like that...I don't know what I want until I try it! (the weather in SW Louisiana was gorgeous today!!)

  10. Always good to have a Plan D! Love your persistence in finding just the right look-- I can relate. Enjoy your day!

  11. You could also soften it up by planting a few plugs of low-growing groundcover that stays low and grows quite slow. Blue star creeper or woolly thyme are some good choices (thyme releases a wonderful scent when you step on it!). It will eventually spread but that could take years depending on the density you plant the groundcover. Key is to get slow growing for walkway areas.

  12. I love your plan D! It really looks beautiful. Your furry baby is precious, too. *Becca*

  13. So ready for spring...going nuts around here. - 6 yesterday :(

    It will be a couple months before I can get dirt under these nails. And I am going to cry about it.

    So jealous!!

  14. I like the stone - adds texture and character.
    As for a warm up? It's supposed to reach 30 today and MAYBE 45 tomorrow, but then back into the 20s again. Winter will not let go here in Michigan..........but I still hold out hope for spring!

  15. I love fountains, and I am definitely ready to be outside digging around. We have had so many things going on inside, and just trying to get all of that completed. Your project is and inspiration to get me going on a little project that my son can help me with. Looks great . Jackie

  16. I love how it looks. Flagstone is one of my favorites. It is only 26 here today. I am looking forward to some warming up.


  17. I like the idea of adding some about some moss phlox it has nice,pink flowers. 80's How lucky are you...ejoy it our weather has been in the 30's Ugh!
    I can't wait for Spring and "playing "in the dirt something I didn't get to do last year.

  18. Looks great! I love it~!

  19. Looks great! I wish we could have a fountain. We have the perfect spot for one. The Hubster made me leave our little back in Baton Rouge but oh well. Loving the rug as well! We have one just like it on our back porch.
    Also glad to hear all check out okay with your tests!!

  20. Suga momma is sweet.
    Following you. Glad I found you.
    Mary Ann

  21. Definitely like the crushed rock/flagstones. So pretty!

    We had warmed up to almost 80 this week but after the rain we've had we're back down to the 30's again tonight. Boo. ; )

  22. That looks like it was alot of work - I was sweating just reading about it! It looks great, though! Glad you persevered!

  23. Susie,

    I love the beautiful fountain! I was just thinking this past weekend about ideas of how I want to get our patio area ready for spring/summer! I love fountains and would love to add one to ours. I just love creating a pretty place to enjoy outside, and I can imagine that you will find lots of inspiration and cherish many moments by your fountain! I love Suga Momma's name...she's beautiful!

    Hope you've been doing well!

    Happy Spring~

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