(Kaylee & her Daddy Prom night)

We live a lifetime to capture only moments.

Moments we savor.

Moments.... when they laid this sweet creature in my arms.

Moments.... when I cried as she went off to camp.

Tonight is one of those moments frozen in time.

Words....who needs them.

This picture speaks volumes to me :)

(leaving the hospital)

Moments rushing to make it to dinner reservations on time.


Letting go. Praying hard!

And even those..

"this is the stuff that drives you crazy"


Kaylee locked her keys in her car.

The normal person would NOT think this was funny.

We laughed!

Her Daddy is a retired Police officer and locksmith.

When his fellow officers heard what she had done they rushed to her rescue.

Thanks guys!

It's moments like these that we cherish.



  1. 1. She looks beautiful.

    2. That dress is awesome.

    3. I have not one, but three, locksmiths in my phone contact list.

  2. Makes me tear up thinking about my boys going to prom one day. I still have about 13 years till then, but it still tugs on my heart! Great pictures.

  3. Love, love the post! How special that you captured all these moments. Kaylee is blessed!

  4. These photos just say it all, Susie!!


  5. Very Sweet! I hear you for sure~Cheers Kim

  6. Such sweet pictures! I have a sophomore so I'm sure I am going to be posting prom pictures next year! And yes, there will be moments that are exciting and some that will shed a tear for me too! She is a beautiful girl!!

  7. That first picture brings tears to my eyes! We are praying for your family!

  8. Hey Susie! :)
    Your daughter is just lovely and the picture with her dad, brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad to see he's making progress. :)
    I've missed talking with you on twitter...I upgraded to internet explorer 9 and it says tweetdeck is "incompatible", so my hubby is going to try to fix it for me. Until then, I miss your face! :)
    My Cottage Charm

  9. Such a sweet, sweet post. Brought tears to my eyes as I think about my little 3 year old growing up!

  10. Great pictures. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! It's crazy how fast they grow up. One minute you look and they are holding your hand and looking up at you and the next minute they are waving good bye, blowing you a kiss and out the door they go. My daughter is 13and taller than me, it is crazy how time has flown by. They grow up so fast!


  11. I so understand. Your daughter is beautiful. My Jessica is a junior in college and the prom days seem so long ago yet I remember looking at her as a little girl and not even being able to think of her in a prom dress one day. It all goes by way to fast and then I feel old. Our children do keep us young. Hang on to them. I do still have a 16 year old son at home. But I know not for much longer.
    Thanks Susie for sharing.!

  12. Simply lovely....thanks for sharing :)

  13. Susie, she is just beautiful! Love the moment with her Dad, just precious. Her hair, her dress, just beautiful I have 3 daughters who all went to is a fun filled hectic day, but you are right, it is those moments you cherish the most.

  14. Great pictures Susie - I'm so glad your daughter was able to still have a prom night "moment" with her dad. She looks beautiful!

  15. Those are some beautiful pictures to have forever, especially the one with her father.
    God bless you and your beautiful children.

  16. So so so sweet! I love that picture of her with her daddy. (she looks like you:)

  17. Your post is very touching, I felt very happy yet emotional. I have a fourteen year old and I know time flies I just pictured Prom day for me and got a little sad knowing that my babies are growing up so quickly. Time does not stop for us, yet we often stop for it and get caught up in the unimportant things in life. Its these moments that mean everything. Treasure them is right. Beautiful young lady :)

  18. So touching...moments...thats what we live for.
    Thank you so much for sharing yours...
    Your daughter is beautiful!
    You have captured something so precious between her father and her xoxo

    Deborah xoxo

  19. Thinking of you and your family. Such a wonderful capture of these precious moments. How quickly time flies.

  20. Your daughter is beautiful! The picture of her with her daddy is so sweet.

  21. She looks beautiful! Letting go is hard. I am having a hard time letting my 9 yr old ride her bike to a friend's house around the corner (you can see the house from our back yard-it's that close) - can only imagine prom night!

    I also love the pic with her dad. :)

  22. Beautiful images, especially the first one.
    I hope she had a wonderful time, she is just beautiful.

  23. Great pictures! Kaylee looked so beautiful!

  24. Beautiful daughter, beautiful dress and absolutely beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Your daughter looks so beautiful and her dress is GORGEOUS! That was so sweet that she went to her daddy in the hospital and he got to see her all dressed up...very special indeed.

  26. This had me all teared up - that photo of Kaylee and her daddy is so special. What a beautiful family you are - thank so much for sharing.

  27. BEAUTIFUL!!! Making memories

  28. So sweet, she is so pretty on the outside and this shows how pretty she is on the inside.

  29. Kaylee looks pretty all dolled up! It was wonderful that she paid her Dad a visit before the dance. And ya gotta love the "Fuzz." Do people call cops that any more?! LOL

  30. Love your post. good to see your hubby.
    kaylee looks beautiful in her prom dress and I love the smile on her face with her keys. Too cute.

  31. I love this post! You and your daughter are very beautiful.
    I'm your newest follower : )

  32. She is gloriously beautiful and so full of hope and youth! You are such a good Mama to capture these precious moments as they wiz by! (((hugs)))

  33. I sooo get your humor, and letting go- praying hard. My daughter had prom two weeks ago. Yours looks beautiful and I love the blingy dress.

  34. also... wanted to say that I'm sorry for what you have been through. I hope your husband is doing alright and this picture of your daughter is beautiful in every way.

  35. Your daughter looks beautiful. Glad to see that her dad is doing better.


  36. So touching! I love the "friendship" photo with all of the corsages! And the photo with Dad in the hospital is priceless. Thank you for sharing this special time. Your daughter is so lovely.

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