Lil' Bow Peep...

I crack myself up...really. Ha!

Lil' bow peep...

Get it?

Sign. Bow. Peep?

Sorry, I just could not help myself.

Anywhos... this sign is for a friend and she has not recieved it yet.

So for now you just get a peep.

Working with wood is fun but gets boring after a bit.

I want to start adding some pazaaz~

A bow here...
some bling there...

Oh I've got ideas..


Can't wait to show you more.

xoxox Susie~


(Kaylee & her Daddy Prom night)

We live a lifetime to capture only moments.

Moments we savor.

Moments.... when they laid this sweet creature in my arms.

Moments.... when I cried as she went off to camp.

Tonight is one of those moments frozen in time.

Words....who needs them.

This picture speaks volumes to me :)

(leaving the hospital)

Moments rushing to make it to dinner reservations on time.


Letting go. Praying hard!

And even those..

"this is the stuff that drives you crazy"


Kaylee locked her keys in her car.

The normal person would NOT think this was funny.

We laughed!

Her Daddy is a retired Police officer and locksmith.

When his fellow officers heard what she had done they rushed to her rescue.

Thanks guys!

It's moments like these that we cherish.


Life is short.

Commissioned work is my favorite.

It not only gets me out of my box,

its fun to see other peoples ideas take form.

I was asked to paint this piece for a sweet client.

She is a teacher....God bless her!

Wonder if this piece will end up in her class room?

I think I need one of these at my back door..ha!

More to come!

xoxo Susie~

When a swing was just a swing~

I remember when this swing was for dreaming.

For getting away from the world.

For reading that book you just couldn't put down.

 today ...

 a drying station.

Can goods are now pedestals

Counter tops are easels

Sinks are for washing brushes

All for these lil guys!

I started making these guys a couple of years ago.

I needed teacher gifts and these were a hit!

I would be happy to make one for you too :)

They are 8"x8" hand painted on pine.
$24.00 plus shipping

(Just make sure you leave the name you want painted on your sign in the memo)


Worth the wait!

I can't tell you how long I have loved this image.

I saved it and added it to my wish list.

No, I don't wish to swing like a trapeze artist wearing cool boots.

(although that sounds fun) Ha!

It's the Shoe!

I think it would be so cool to paint.

And then the fish!

I first fell in love with him while visiting over at Junk Bonanza

The image below came from my sweet friend Heather Bullard.

She shared a few downloads here during Valentines day.

The quote below says...

The price of Love, is simply Love

I think this quote would be perfect painted on a sign...

don't you?

For now I am plugging away on special orders :)
(hope to show you soon)

But one day...

I will get to the shoe, fish, and love...

Almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. Ha!

Happy first day of spring!

xoxo Susie~

On a good note...

My brother came to town!

He lives in New Mexico and was way overdue for a visit.

Unfortunately, he came the day after the kids Dad fell sick.

I missed a lot of time with him but that just gives me a great excuse for another visit soon :)

On his last day here the family went to the lake.

Shawn taught one eager little girl how to kayak.

Looks like we will be buying a boat soon.

Thanks Uncle Shawn ;)

This would be my Dad trying to pass his years of wisdom into a 10 yr old...ha!

I could only guess what they are chatting bout~

I was there...sleeping under a quilt.

Catching up on some much needed   zzzzzzzzzzz.

It was a beautiful day!

Perfect for reflecting on how precious life is~

I'm blessed to have family around to always lend a helping hand.

I'm blessed to have blogger friends like YOU!

We felt your prayers and they are being answered daily.

Just today Kaylee called from the hospital....

her Daddy said...

"I love you Kay"

Baby steps...we'll take em!


Unspoken words...

A week ago Saturday we sat down to eat pizza and watch a movie...Happy..Content.
In the blink of an eye....
I found myself comforting my children in a hospital waiting room.
Promising that their Daddy would be OK.
Moments later whisked away to a larger hospital across town.
Brain Bleed was about the only word I could grasp. It was bad.
The Doctor gave little to no chance of survival without surgery.
With surgery came uncertainty of life and the quality of it.
How could they go on without their Daddy.

Their Dad was my high school sweetheart.
We married.
Two years later we had Jesse and just a short 23 months later came Kaylee.
Four years later we divorced.
Over time forgiveness and healing filled the gap...I like to call it Grace.
We remained friends and moved forward.
We both remarried and had little girls
(which by the way happen to be best of friends)...weird I know.
Once again...Grace.

Fast forward to today.

He is holding on.
Although he is unable to speak or move his right side he is here!
He is fighting.
He recognizes his children! Hallelujah!
His eyes twinkle when he sees them :)

Jesse and Kaylee have awed me with their outpouring of love for their Daddy.
They have become young adults that have made us proud.

Marc has stood by our side through all of this.
He has poured out love and understanding.

For now we wait. We pray.

It has not been easy to share such a personal part of my life here.
Prayer is needed and I know you girls rock in this department :)

I'm standing firm on his promise....

His Grace is sufficient!

It's gotten us this far :)


New Orleans Secret

For the next few days our area will be flooded with tourist.

People wanting to pass a good time.

Our schools close and buisness booms.

Mardi Gras.

I'm no stranger to grocery bags full of beads, cups and doubloons.

To be honest I would rather just sit in a courtyard and drink sweet tea.


New Orleans is so much more than just a Party Place.

It is serene and lush.

Almost as if you stepped into a tropical oasis!

Behind brick walls you can hear the trickle of fountains.

Catch a scent of flowers flowing over their boundaries.

Gas lanterns light your way to

brick floors and banana trees year round.

Some gardens are hidden behind iron gates.

Some welcome you with open arms!

I still find myself curious

almost childlike

Wondering what lies behind that gate,  brick wall, or that massive oak tree.


So while New Orleans and our surrounding communities

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler
(let the good time roll)

I will be working on creating a courtyard of my own.

Do you have a secret garden or spot to getaway from it all?

I hope you do...

Everyone needs their own secret garden I think :)

Happy Mardi Gras!


Plan D

So far this is the after...

After many tries.

I thought it would look cool to add a little trim.


So now the trim is stacked up looking for a new home.

Then there were these guys.

I call em square pegs.


I then tried a little flagstone.


Picture above shows me trying to see which stone looked the best.

Good Lord!

I yanked those babies out and sat with nothing but a pit of sand.

Just when I was about to give up and pout...

I headed back to the store for Plan D.

I ditched the sand lot and found this crushed stone.

Love it!

I did add the flagstone back to create a little pathway.

Oh.... and Suga Momma wants to say hello.

She is such a show off.

And just in case you are wondering...

The rug came from Lowes :)

Its an indoor/outdoor

Now I just need some plants and a small table


I will be all set for spring!

Is it starting to warm up a bit where you are?

We reached the 80's today.


Shabby Apple..Delish!

I want this dress...

I need  this dress..

Ok..maybe not need but that rose is oh so cute!

So where can one find cute adorable dresses such as these?

I love how they bring out the romantic side in me.

Makes me want to ditch my flip flops and wear cute pumps.

They have maternity wear too!

Don't think I will jump on that band wagon anytime soon...ha!

But boy I wish they had cute stuff like this  10 years ago.

I think I could even wear these ...
they are that cute and comfy!

Shabby Apple was so sweet to send a dress my way.

I picked this blue one below.

Love Love Love,

wrap dresses!

Shabby Apple is also offering a 10% off coupon to all of you!

All you have to do is mention this code


Happy Shopping!


Thank you Shabby Apple!