Summer dreamin'

I thought I would never say these words....

I'm sick of pj's!

Not the comfort mind you..

Just the way I look.

Slum City going on here.

I miss getting pretty.

Other than church and the dreaded Wal Mart tango

I'm slumin'

I long for ruffles and flowers

and cute lil flip flops.

Ponytails and sunglasses!

This girl needs out!

Dear sweet flannel snowflake jammies,

I love you ,really I do.
You have been faithful and warm.
You have snuggled me in times of need.
You have traveled where no PJ's should.
Late night Sonic runs.
Visits with Maw Maw.
I will miss you.
My husband on the other hand....
is saying yes to the dress!

Wonder if he will say yes to all of them  ...ha!

Please save some for me....ok~

xoxox Susie

(not a paid advertisement)


  1. I'm in love with the first gray dress, so pretty!

  2. I can't wait for warm weather when I can throw on a pretty dress and sunglasses! These dresses are so cute!! If I'm not going out, I live in jammies, too! Glad I'm not alone!!


  3. I'm with Michelle, the first gray dress is just adorable. Come on spring....bring it on!

  4. so Cute! I need to work onfinding some modest dress for my 14 year olds confirmation coming up. EVERYTHING in her age and size seems to sexy!

  5. Love all of these...and I am over winter too1

  6. I'm dreaming of spring as well!! Here in Oklahoma we just got hit with another snowstorm - second one in a week. Love all of these dresses - all ruffley and flowery!!

    Your previous post made me want to watch Steel Magnolias!! Love that movie!

    Love your blog and the beautiful photos you post! Keep up the good work!!


  7. I've never heard of this online shop but their stuff is SO cute! Thanks for linking to it!

  8. these dresses are adorable! you are making me summer dream!

  9. I love love love each and every dress that you shared! I have a bridal shower and a rehearsal dinner coming up for my sister's wedding and these are exactly what I'm looking for! Beautiful!

  10. love them all. buy at least one. :) you have my permission. actually i just made it two.
    cute choices!

  11. Hi Susie, Im in Baton Rouge with you and I also agree!!! I have even begun to go to Walmart in my snowflake pants and a fleece pullover!!! ITS AWFUL!!! i sure hope that the weather warms up before I start going to church in my pjs!! Oh cute dresses and volatiles...where art thou???

  12. I have a new vow to myself -- get dressed every morning -- even when you are staying home with your four year old all day. :) I do not miss working out of the home but I do miss dressing up. Beautiful dresses to get me motivated. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I keep expecting to see Cat Daddy out at the BBQ grill flambeing my Nick & Nora's!
    I need one of these dresses to ruffle my tail feathers.

  14. Hear, hear! I tried making a dress yesterday -- just winging it, but as I (falsely) assumed that my bust measurement was larger than my hip measurement I'm going to have to turn it into a top. A fun, springy top, but not the cute dress I was dreaming of wearing in the sunshine with sandals and sunglasses. Live and learn, right? :)

  15. I love the last dress! I too am ready for summer! Normally I'm a winter girl but this winter has taken it's toll on me with all the ice and snow. I'm definitely ready for some green grass and sun!

  16. I hear ya. Unfortunately with the pjs I've been eating like I'm getting ready to hibernate. I think work-out clothes are going to come before the dresses for me!

  17. Susie, you would look CUTE in any of those dresses!! I love that denim one! Darling!!

    Come on spring!!

  18. I agree! It's just so easy and warm to stay in pj's. I love all the dresses. Where are my sandles and sunglasses?!

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