Special Orders~

I love painting special orders.

Not only do I enjoy painting new pieces but..

I get to try out new looks.

Can you believe I have no numbers in my house.

I know~

I like!

I knew I would love this one.

It so different.

Please forgive the glare...

I asked for sunshine so this girl is not complaining :)

Do you recognize these?

Love their style?

Pottery Barn.

i . love. them.

A sweet reader is creating a wall just like this one from PB.

She had the wooden letter and the pictures

but needed the signs.

Thats where I came in.


Now I want this wall too.

I'm even diggin' that blue!

Did I just say diggin' ? ha!

xoxox Susie~


  1. Oooooh, I'm diggin' that wall, too! I'm getting ready to redo our office...hmmm...I think a wall just like that is in order...;) Thanks for the inspiration! Love the signs you painted!

  2. I'm trying to re-create this wall as well! I've been buying and searching for great pics and photos to use on my wall. I don't think I even noticed the signs until I read your post!! but now they really stand out. I will probably try to make some - but if I fail - I will definitely be contacting you!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  3. I LOVE that blue!
    Are you having a some flash backs? The 80's music yesterday (99 red balloons liked to killed me) and now "diggin".
    You are so funny.

  4. Every time I hear or see that word I always think of the scene from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

    And don't you love it when customers give you new ideas?! I had an etsy custom order last night that turned out to be my favorite ever. Here's a link... sooo sweet (and just in time for Valentines!)


  5. Yes, I'm all in for the blue wall with the black frames on it. I used to hat blue and black together! I guess when it's done right, it makes all the difference.

  6. Great minds think alike. I just did a post on this wall as I am creating one of my own. Paula

  7. hmmm....i'm liking that wall too. your signs are perfect!

  8. Susie ... I may need to order one of these signs for my greenhouse. What do you think? I am going to paint it this spring, the doors and window frames a soft black. Perhaps a sign right above the French doors and one inside. Thank you for your SWEET SWEET comment on my blog. :) Made my day. Vikki

  9. super great job...they look like the ones at PB. Lovely creative work, and nice blog.

  10. I love that blue...been thinking of painting my bathroom that color! I wonder what it is....

  11. I read your blog weekly, but don't comment often. My youngest daughter, who is 23yo, recently had me help her do a PB inspired wall in her living room. She purchased all the frames at PB, the letter from etsy and the wooden vintage piece locally. I couldn't talk her into more wooden/vintage items. She didn't want it clutter. http://bit.ly/gj30Xl


  12. Friend of mine, I NEED THE SQUARE WREATH! I have been searching for one forever and haven't been successful at the right price. I may have to DIY that!!

    Lindsay @ A Design Story

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