My Valentines wish.

Doesn't every girl wish for lighting for Valentines day?

Awww... this one gives me warm fuzzies inside :)

How do I love thee...

Let me count the ways~

Your love just shines....

ok..ok...I will stop now...ha!

Anyway, I really would love to finish that bathroom makeover.

Remember the one I started years ago...

The lighting was just not kickin' it for me.

I'm thinking something along these lines would make this girls

Heart glow

Ok I'm stopping for real this time.

Hope you have a warm fuzzy Valentines weekend.

XOXO Susie~


  1. Right there with ya girl - lighting makes me swoon!

  2. oooo, love the 'barn lights' lamp. The cage part reminds me of a lighthouse, which reminds me of lake pontchartrain, which makes me hungry for a Landry's shrimp plate!

  3. Susie! I love each light you picked out! Made my heart pitter patter:) I think its love. lol

  4. What a wonderful idea you have given me! I have been stalking the Clarissa chandelier from PB for my bathroom update to hang above my tub. I will just suggest to my husband instead of buying me a card and flowers for $50, you can get me this light for $399. Sounds reasonable to me! :)

  5. Love all of them. Can't wait to see what you decide. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love, love, and double love the red one!

  7. I see why you like them they are grand!

  8. Oh that bucket lamp is amazing! But my favorite is the first red one :0)

  9. I got this one for my remodel...

    I love the gooseneck and ruffled edges with the industrial look. Mine is the 12" in white....Cannot wait til it is installed (sometime soon!!)
    And...they are individually made to order in the USA, baby :)

  10. I love, love, love the red light!!!!

  11. The one with the bucket is so fun! What a great conversation piece that would be!

  12. I think that lighting would be a perfect Valentines Day gift! I love them all, how do you choose!!? :)

  13. I LOVE all of these light fixtures. My favorite one is the bucket upside down!

  14. Any one of these would light up my life!
    Hope Cupid is listening!

  15. I saw a pendant like the Barn pendant at Goodwill for $20 the other day. I had it in my cart and walked around... I stared and stared and stared at this thing, just trying to figure out WHERE I could use it! I hadn't come up with a home for it before I was ready to leave, so I had to put it back :-( My resolution this year was to stop buying so much STUFF. Otherwise I'd be petting that thing to sleep at night.

  16. Wow I love these types of fixtures, especially b/c they are light pollution friendly...I wonder which one you got?

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