Blush and Bashful

Our new color of the year makes me giggle in a good way.

Although I find I'm drawn back to the wedding scene from the best movie ever 

Steel Magnolias

(insert southern draaaawl here)

"My colors Momma are blush and bashful"    Ha!


"pink silk bunting draped over anything that would stand still"

I wanted to be Shelby when I grew up.....really.
Didn't you?

Love the new color of the year?

Oh I do.

Maybe not draped over anything that stands still but touches of pink ...Classy!

The little girl in me wants this room....bad.

While we are on the subject of this years color


I'm guest judging at The CSI Project.

Swing by and be inspired

Now if only I had some of that armadillo cake...ha!



  1. How funny and of course I wanted to be Shelby. lol I still love that movie I use to play it all the time when my kids were little. A favorite saying of my now 23 year old boy when he was little was my colors are blush and bashful. ha Now that we tease him of it he gets very embarrassed and says I was committing child abuse for making him watch it. lol

  2. One of my favorite movies of all time as well :) Oh how I wish I could incorporate some PINK into my home. I live with all boys though, one of which is named after a character in the movie Steel Magnolias(spelled different) Jaxon. Loved that name ever since I saw the movie. I may just have to watch that movie today! Hehe.

  3. Bleedin' armadillo!
    I think I could quote that movie I've watched it so many times, and the funeral scene makes me cry every single time.
    May have to get it out tonight!
    Love your examples of blush and bashful.

  4. Congrads on being a guest judge at THE CSI PROJECT. What an honor.

    As far as pink...
    well lets just say I remember having a mauve and green kitchen in my old house.

    I will have to head over to CSI and get some inspiration on where to put me a little pop of that color of the year "honeysuckle pink"
    Maybe not the kitchen though!

  5. I love these colors -- so tres feminine!
    Considering the ending of Steel Magnolia's, I never wanted to be Shelby. However, less than a month ago I took on the real life role of M'Lynn (Shelby's mother)

    Your Friend,

  6. Oh Steel Magnolias....who DIDNT want to be Shelby?! And Weezer - love love Shirley Maclaine! Thanks for the giggles my friend :)


    ps - what about when she cuts off the butt of the armadillo cake and gives it to Drum??!!

  7. One of my favorite movies of all time! Love Weezer! I am normally not a pink girl but last night I was watching an episode of Genevieve and she did a room in a very light shade of pink and I was in LOVE!

  8. And what was Momma's line? "That sanctuary looks like it's been bathed in Pepto-Bismol"? So funny!

    I imagine that you look very pretty in pink with your gorgeous brunette hair. As a red-headed mother of three boys, I've tended to steer clear of all shades of pink. But these photos of yours are lovely!

  9. I loved that armadillo cake! And, that was one of the best movies ever!!! Love the color!

  10. Too funny! I wanted to be Shelbie as well!! I am working on my 2-year-old's oh so pink room right now and I have to admit, I am loving it!!!

  11. When I read the title, the first thing I thought was Steel Magnolias :0 My favorite movie ever!

  12. I have been sick in bed with the flu and I came to your blog for the first time yesterday. I spent the whole day looking through everyone of your posts. So thanks for spending my sick day with me. It's so fun to see how your style and talents have developed over the years. Your one hard working lady!

  13. I think I have seen this movie a thousand times! Now I want to rent it tonight! It's strange, I loved Dolly Parton's role, she was like the glue that held everyone together. I thought it would be fun to have my hair done at her place!


  14. I have to laugh because I played Shelby in a play of Steel. It was so fun...and whenever I see "blush and bashful' written in blog land...I always know where it is from ;)

  15. Oh wow... Love that second room...I'm a total Ho for pink !


  16. Just a note to let you know that Shelby was a real person and her story is a true story. She pledged Phi Mu with me and was my pledge sister. I just talked with her husband the other day (I had never met him before)and he filled me in on their son. Susan (Shelby) was a great person and very funny. Her brother wrote the play and screen play.

  17. "I don't even know how you make GRAY icing!"

    Oh, so many quotes from that movie! I'll spare you. : )

    I played Annelle Dupuy in our college's production of Steel Magnolias. It was the most fun I think I may have had while in school...I wish I could do it again! And whenever I hear the word "bashful" I immediately think "My cullahs ah blush and bashful!" : )

    What horrible fake accents some of them had! hee hee But it's still one of my favorite movies! As soon as I saw your tweet (I get yours sent to my phone) it immediately made me smile.

  18. Congrats on being a judge for CSI.

    I am not a pink girl. I can't believe I said it but I did. It is not a color I enjoy in my home because I always think of little girls.


  19. The big girl in me wants that dinning room and bedroom!
    Hubby is not against having a pink bedroom or dinning room!
    He is pretty flexible when it comes to making a house a home! He trusts my ideas and helps me pull them off!

    Smiles, Dolly

  20. Oh that is one of my favorite movies! I cry every time I watch too! Love the images, very pretty with the touches of pink.

  21. My 21 year old daughter and I just painted her walls chocolate brown and I'm trying to talk her into using shades of pink with it. Love the pictures in your post.

  22. My bedroom, when I was little was PINK and white. I even had pink carpet. The bed had a canopy and everything was white eyelet, matching the drapes, :) Then one day, my mother got tired of it and bought me a blue quilt bed set. I cried. Haha...

    xoxo Caroline

  23. That's one of my favorite movies of all time. I just painted my daughters room pink and I absolutely love it. After many tries we found the perfect shade- sugarcane by BM. It's very rosy and not to Barbie or pepto pink. It's really pale and looks pretty in every light.

  24. I thought of the movie as soon as I saw the heading. Love "Steel Magnolias" My sisters and I can quote the whole movie(pretty much) very annoying if you get us started Ha! Anyway, love your blog!

  25. I wanted to be Shelby too!! LOVE all things southern....and Julia!

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