Vintage Rulers Rock!

A few years back I was on a mission.

I had everyone in my family searching for rulers.


It didn't matter as long as it was a ruler.

I even had friends dropping by to visit and bringing rulers.

My friends are precious :)

I made coat racks!

A lot of coat racks!

I have a DIY here if you would like to make them too!

Want to know the coolest part of making the coat racks?

Searching for the rulers!

The rulers above were a find at Round Top.


Want to know something even better?

Layla and Kevin  teamed up with Heather

here at Flea Market Style.

They have some really cute ideas of their own using rulers.

Have fun!

While waiting....

While waiting (all day) at the Dr.'s office I had time to imagine a perfect world.

The perfect waiting room would look like this!

Oh waiting in a perfect world.  

(I like this)


A lunch would be served on a table such as this.

(Instead...we feasted on Chick Fil A) Yum!

I came home to a hot bath....

Snuggled with my hunny and watched a movie.

And I may have just dreamed I woke up by this pool!

But you know what?

Today I'm happy to be me!

All of my test came back fine.

They will be watching me close but  I'm good.

I felt blessed to have a husband by my side in those cold rooms.
Blessed to eat Chick Fil A  hours after lunchtime in our car.
Overjoyed to bathe in a Barbie filled tub.
And safe in my humble bed.

Thank ya'll for praying!
I have never felt so loved :)

xoxox Susie

For real...

My play house is so cluttered I can hardly open the door. For real.

I keep stuff just in case  ...For real?

I think I smell a dead mouse in here...For real!

My painting has taken over our house. For real.

I can't wait to start mowing our yard again... For real!

I'm really hoping that the neighbors cat is only playing in our sand
while we finish this project! For real!

While I'm on the subject of For real
(not cat poop)

Sunday I prayed that God would move me.
Stir things know~

Put a lil pep in my walk.


You have to be careful when you pray like that.

You may just get somthing not on your menu.

You know what I mean?

Last night I discovered something.

Something I talk about  every year here.

If its on your heart would you please say a prayer for me.

They want to see me Friday.

I'm scared...For real!

But you know what?

Our God is So Real!


Moss Madness!

Dollar Tree Alert!

Hurry before they are all gone!

Dollar tree now has grass goobers aka moss rocks for sale.

I'm finding no problem using them everywhere.

This is how they come so you will know what to look for.

$1.00 a bag :)

I found the eggs at  "Red Door" in Baton Rouge.

You can find them just about anywhere crafts are sold.

I just nestled a nest on top of the goobers here.

The Pottery Barn in BR used grass goobers in their spring display.

They had them all over the store ...

on top of books,

under cloches,

and in the middle of dinner plates.

Moss Madness!

XOXO Susie~


Last night was  overcoming to say the least.
We went to the Winter Jam fest in Baton Rouge...

No big deal right?
Well, I don't do crowds very well. Petrified.
I look for the seat closest to an exit and farrrrrrr away.

See us wayyy up here?

We had floor seats waiting on us below.
There for the taking....could I overcome?

With 10 year old incouragemant I made it to the floor!

Oh so close...

To everyone.

But I guess its ok when you're right there with Francesca Battistelli!

Bless her heart.
She was sick as dog but gave it her all.
For that we were blessed.

And then there was this guy.

The David Crowder Band  is one of my all time favs...

He had me feeling like I was alone in that huge ocean of bodies.

Just me and my Lord.


Sweet lil Chris..

Don't cha wanna just hug him?

Well....some of us did!

She started digging through my purse like a crazed woman.

I need paper....quick MOM!

I don't carry paper..

I mean I have a tape measure, check book, lipgloss

Then I found something!!!

Oh can you only guess....Ha!

Chris August signed his autograph on a Martha Stewart paint chip!

You know you live in a decorating blog when....Ha

After the show we bought Madison CDs instead of paint chips.
We stood in a crowded line for over an hour for Francesca.
Thank goodness we were 4th in line :)

It was after midnight before we all hit the hay.

Check here to see if they will be in your neck of the woods.


Bittersweet decorating~

What's not to love in this room?

I bet your eyes were drawn straight to the ABC's and that yummy board and batten.

Mine too :)

How about the headboard here....Divine~

Just something about this furniture painted grey ....yeah.

While on the subject of grey..

The walls and the sweet ruffle bed skirt had me at hello~

And just so I wont leave those  lil fellas out...

Pure sweetness indeed.

Take a look at those clip boards.

Great idea in any room!

So why am I looking at all of these precious kids rooms?

My baby is leaving for college in the fall. Unbelievable.

Maddy will be trading rooms with her and this means I get to do my thang!

Oh so bittersweet.


Rare Prints

I just finished a new sign and its a keeper.

After I read Miss Mustard Seeds post the other day

It had me thinking....hard.

My home is my office, workspace, and showroom floor.

Decor changes as its shipped out and makes room for the "next".

The photo above was my foyer just 3 days ago.

While wondering what to hang on this wall...

I was visiting the 7thhouseontheleft

Home of Ashley and Greg!

Love them!

(Ashley & Greg's home)
And then it hit me..

The Pottery Barn sign Rare Prints.

Pottery Barn had discontinued the print and she really wanted one.

I loved it then. sigh~

Then I saw Ashleys and

 fell head over heels in love all over again!

(Ashley &Greg's home)
This time its staying put!

Right here...

Home at last~

(you can email me if you're interested in one too)



Happy Valentines Day!

My wish for you today...

To feel loved.

I think we all can agree.

We need to feel loved!

Too often we walk away from our computers feeling everything but that.

Blogland is not always fairytales and gumdrops.

Beth from A2Z wrote an awesome post that I think we could all benefit from.

We Need Each Other

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

                            Wont you join me today and visit a few blogs. Show some love.
                                            Lift someone up. love on one another~
                                                             I love ya'll, Susie

Sisterly Love & Blogging

I'm sure you have heard me chat about my sister.

She's the one on the left.

She's my side kick for every Round Top Trip.

She's my Blissdom Roomie.

She's in the middle of remodeling her southern home.

Those pictures of her home are the before.

I will let her show you the after.....beautiful :)

She has a new blog home
Made in the South
Would you please show her some love.
We have all been there...
the new kid with the blog.
She has a little giveaway for followers going on too ;)
Thanks Ya'll!
XOXO Susie~