Tonight Marc and I  will be in the "Big Easy"  attending a wedding.

I get to Dress like a grown up.

That means no jammies nor fuzzy slippers for me.

Lord be kind.

I really need to fit into that black dress......really!

While picking out a wedding present , I had  a good excuse to drool around  Pottery Barn.  :)

It gave me a chance to see their new Spring Colors!

I really loved this one!

From the looks of Pottery Barn, not much has changed this year.

That makes me very content.

My house can rock the same colors and that makes Marc very content...ha!

So now I can focus on this wedding tonight.

Who knows....he just might ask me to dance again.

Yes, it has been that long....hahaha~

ps....cake for breakfast :)

xoxoxo Susie~


  1. Why do colors have to change so often? I painted my house mostly browns before it was in and I still love it.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time. I love the colors and Pottery Barn. I need to visit it again. It's been too long.


  3. You will look absolutely gorgeous. Have fun!

  4. I just painted my sewing studio Buxton Blue. Love that color!

  5. I'm going to write you.....Ariel just bought a TON of those old skeleton keys from England to decorate with. Now she doesn't know what in the world do with them. They are smaller than what she imagined. HA! But they are regular sized for old keys...
    I told her New Years Day that "Susie Harris" will have a decorating ideal for old keys let me write her.
    Then I saw the one in your photo and it reminded me!
    Ya'll have fun...stay warm and be SAFE in NOLA!

  6. We went to New Orleans last year and had a ball. I am sure you will look wonderful in your dress...and remember...the best thing you can wear is a smile!! :-)


  7. I hope you have such a good time. I know you will be beautiful! Enjoy the dance...

  8. Enjoy the wedding and the time with your hubby....
    Dancing sounds quite wonderful and romantic..cheek to cheek.. :)

    With all my heart...Deborah xoxo

  9. OH I LOVE grownup time! Those colors look fab, for sure!

  10. Hope you enjoy the wedding...thanks for sharing love the color will check them out...Pat Howe

  11. Hi Susie! Love your home and posts! Is the Buxton Blue color what you have in your family room (where the fireplace is)? Thanks!~Michelle

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