New Orleans!

Saturday night Marc and I headed to New Orleans.

His co-worker was getting married and ya'll know how much I adore weddings!

The ceremony took place at the St. Joesph's Catholic Church in New Orleans.


You could just breathe the history in...

(the heated wooden pews were nice on my tushie too) ;)

I promised to not embarrass my husband too much in front of his friends.

That was really really  hard... you bloggers know what I'm sayin'.....

The church flowed with heavenly music..

And the scent of roses filled the air.

Ahhh. Love~

After the ceremony we headed to the reception.

True New Orleans Style!

I made Marc pinky promise ...

I was allowed one tiny piece of cake.

Marc held to his promise and I only growled at him once. Ha!

Our typical Louisiana Gooms cake.

On our way to the parking garage we had to take that "elevator" shot.

This sweet trip has really made me miss New Orleans.

I was so sad after the hurricane and thought I would never come back.

I'm glad I did!

Now I need to plan another trip back real soon.

and yes..... before I forget...

We Danced!
xoxoxo Susie


  1. Wow! what a beautiful church! Love the Louisiana gooms cake yummmy! You look amazing. Glad you had a great time...thanks for sharing... Pat Howe

  2. I have always wanted to go there! You're so lucky! My parents have always wanted to see it to but we live so far away...up in Northern Ontario Canada...LOL Maybe if we win the lottery some day *sigh*

    Looks like you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing the photos :)

  3. So fun! That cake is gorgeous! Glad y'all had fun!


  4. This makes me miss home so much : (

    My good friend Nicole got married at st. Joseph's a few years ago. It's such a beautiful church.

  5. This is a gorgeous church...makes me want to get married all over again! And the wedding cake was almost too beautiful to imagine getting cut into! You really looked beautiful!


  6. You look adorable . . . no wonder your husband danced with you.


  7. I, too, was saddened with the destruction from the hurricane. New Orleans has almost been the city of romance to me. I know others look at it as a grand place to party, but the history and the slowness of the Mississippi always brought romance and love to mind. Thankful you and yours had a safe trip to and from :) love, Nancy

  8. Awh...the best part of this post - and I loved all of the photos of the church and the cakes...but the best was that you danced! :) LOVE THAT!

  9. I thought you were in France when I first looked at the pictures. That church is unbelievable. Thank goodness it wasn't damaged by the hurricane. I love the cake, had no idea that was New Orleans style, learn something new everyday. I think you might of danced away the tiny piece of cake, so you did good.

  10. You know, this post reminded me that although I'm in my mid 50's and have lived in LA all my life, the only time I've ever been to New Orleans is to fly out of the airport or go to the Dr. That's just not acceptable. Time to go!!

  11. We just DO NOT have churches like that around here! Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing and it looks like it was a fun date night.

  12. I miss NOLA! We lived there for 17years--we got engaged at Brennan's and my two kids were born at Mercy Baptist Hospital on Napolean Avenue. We left after Katrina but haven't visited in a year. It might be time for another visit! Thanks for the memories...

  13. Heated seats!!!! Really!! Beautiful church!

  14. What fun (though I am seeing why you loved those heated pews with such high ceilings!)! Everything looked just lovely.

  15. Sweet Susie,

    Your photographs of St Joseph's are stunning. What beautiful architecture and murals. The wedding and reception must have been divine. I'm so happy you had a happy weekend and danced. I have never been to your state but after reading your blog, it's on my to do list!

    Your Friend,

  16. So glad you got to visit NOLA - just thinking of my last visit that beautiful city makes me smile. The wedding looked beautiful - and did you. : )


  17. Moving to BR after "that" storm, we always make sure to bring our girls to NOLA for the culture. Last summer, we spent four days as NOLA "tourists"...the aquarium, Rock 'n Bowl, the train museum in Rivertown (Kenner), Mardi Gras World, streetcars, the insectarium, Acme Oyster House... we did it all... and the girls loved every minute, and for me and Shane it was just like being "home".

  18. New Orleans is one of my very favorite places on earth.....such a rich culture.. And, the people are SO nice. We're from the Pacific NW so it's a totally different flavor there.... We so want to go back.

    Oh my gosh....could that church have been any more beautiful? WOW!

    Warm blessings,

  19. What a beautiful wedding. Love the Groom's cake!

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