The making of a sign.

I have wanted one of these foreverrrrrr!

I drew one on a million pieces of ditto paper taped together.

(someone forgot to hide the butcher paper)

(someone had fun using all the butcher paper) Ha!

I traced/cut pattern on a piece of pine.

Sanded edges.

Painted hand using left over kitchen paint.

Drew pattern....again.


Printed the word EAT on my computer.

Traced on wood.


Finished painting and sanded the edges good.

Aged it up with some stain.

And hung it in my favorite " hanging spot"

Although you are blinded by the glare coming into my window,

it was a very cloudy day.

So I did something I never do.

I preach against it.

I forbid it in my house.

and yes..

I succumbed to temptation.

I used a Flash above.

(No haten' please.)

If you have been needing a sign forever too
just email me.
I would be happy to!


  1. Hi Susie, Your new sign is fantastic and I Love it! Thanks for sharing how it was made.

  2. So glad you made it.. I know you have been thinking about it for awhile. Turned out great!
    Now "What do you have to EAT on this lazy Sunday?"

  3. WOW Susie!
    Your sign is awesome! Thank you for the step by step on how you created it. You did a fantastic job!

  4. Love how your sign came out, I am very impressed you cut it goal - to learn how to use a power saw! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Now that deserves a "Holy Guacamole" from all of us to YOU.....I loved when you used that statement the other day!!! Your skills are unbelievable!

  6. It looks great. I am looking for a statement piece for my kitchen. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Susie... Your signs ALWAYS make me SMILE... Love it!

  8. You are so creative! This sign is great!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Really fabulous Susie! Theresa xoxo

  10. OHHH that sign is FLIP FLAPPIN FABULOUS!!! Every SINGLE time I go into an antique/thrift/junk store I look for an EAT sign. I HEART yours! If in the future I find wallspace in my wallspace-less kitchen, would you consider making it smaller?

  11. Your sign is just fantastic. I love it. Such a great job and your definitely can draw. Hugs, Marty

  12. OOH, I likey your latest sign. I have always liked the hand sign that points like yours that says antiques this way. Very cool.
    Hmm, I may just have to break down and buy one.

  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sign with us--I absolutely love it!!

  14. You are just plain awesome!

  15. This is so creative! I just love it! Thanks for the tutorial & inspiration! Makes me want to paint something :)


  16. Hi Susieness! Oh,I love your sweet new sign! You are so good at this! Now you must go out and find you someone to add neon lights to it! How cool would that be? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I LOVE it! It makes me want to go cut out some pine and get painting.

  18. Precious! You are so talented! My peeps are loving the name signs you painted for me as Christmas gifts.

  19. Fantastic! Makes me hungry heehee! You are so very talented! LOVE your signs!

  20. Susie, 1 word comes to mind .... WOW!!! Great job, love it : )

    ~ Deanna

  21. I just love signs like yours. I am always attracted to this one. Great job! judy

  22. OMG, I just love the way your sign turned out... your very talented! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  23. Love your new sign! You are so talented, my friend. Do you have one of a mouth full of food with a giant X over it?


  24. I love this sign. It's gorgeous!! You make the most amazing signs.


  25. OH MY WORD that is amazing!! I love signs like that and yours is just perfect!!!

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