Good News!

Madison has not been feeling very well for the last few days.

So off to the ENT we go.

We really needed to see him anyway because we had to schedule her surgery soon.

She had tubes put in about 6 years ago.

The normal child would have lost them in about 6 months to 2 years.

Not our child...ha!

She held on to those tubes like they were going out of style.

Unfortunately, they could not stay any longer.

Surgery was the only answer.

After the Dr.  diagnosed her with a sinus infection this morning,

 He had this HUGE grin on his face.

Her tubes fell out!

One right there in his office.

Praise the Lord !!

No surgery needed.

For Madison this means joining the swim team after waiting 6 long years.

For her Daddy and I....

Prayers are answered.

God is so Good....Always~



  1. So happy that she doesn't have to have surgery. Hope she is feeling better soon.

    God is good all the time.

  2. That's so wonderful to hear! I had 4 sets of tubes throughout my childhood. Horrible, horrible to have bad ears. I feel for her!

  3. Awesome God! and Yeh for the swim team!

  4. Oh, I'm so happy for her (and y'all!)! God IS so good! : )

  5. Yay! God is awesome! So glad she doesn't have to have the surgery.

  6. that's wonderful news Susie!!!
    what a darling she is

    Anne Marie

  7. What a HUGE blessing that is! I'm so glad God worked in this way. I hope she enjoys the swim team.

    btw-I love her coat! My 8 year old girlie wanted a coat with fur around the hood this year. Hers is turquoise! Her friend had one last year. :)

  8. Oh my - I didn't realize that's ow it worked....that they just came out when they were no longer needed? Bless her little heart - so happy for the good news, despite the sinus infection.

  9. Hope she soon feels well from the sinus infection, but avoiding surgery is a great thing!

  10. What a miracle, Susie!! Praising God with you!

  11. AWESOME! And WTG Madison, swim your heart out!!

  12. Susie that is so wonderful... A good day indeed...

  13. Wonderful! I know that makes everyone SOOO happy!

  14. So glad to hear that things worked out and she does not need surgery.


  15. No surgery needed is a wonderful thing! My son had tubes placed when he was 11 months. He held on to ONE of them for about 5 years, then about a year or so later, I found the other one (tiny little blue thing) just laying inside his ear. His ped. never suggested removing them said they were causing no harm. Glad everything worked out for Madison. Too bad about the infection though. Happy Swimming Madison.

  16. I am happy for you ALL that it worked out. Been down this road more than once and I do not wish it on ANY mom.


  17. Susie!! That's wonderful news!!! I'm so glad. Madison's going to have a big year! I'm betting she'll be a real force on that swim team--she's waited a long time for the privilege!

    God is good all the time! Amen!!

  18. Isn't prayer an awesome thing? Hope she has a blast swimming!

  19. Oh Susie,
    That is such great news, yes, God IS amazing. He has been doing major miracles for us too this last month-I mean major!
    I feel so humbled by his love for us!

    Thanks for sharing your daughter's miracle with us-Such great news!


  20. How weird and cool at the same time. How awesome for her that she can get into swimming. I was a swimmer and its such a great sport!

  21. Another example of God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!

  22. Yay, for prayers being answered and your great news! I hope she is feeling better...I'm sure that good news definitely helped make her day! :)

    Hugs to you!

  23. Good news, indeed!


  24. That is wonderful! I am so happy no surgery and I hope that she is feeling better soon! I had tubes when I was younger and I had to wear those icky wax things in my ears and a swim cap anytime I got near water! UGH!! She can swim like a fish now!! :)

  25. Hi Susie! Well, hallelujah! No surgery for Madison. That's wonderful. Bless her little heart waiting all these years to swim. I'm so happy for y'all! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. that is very good news.. i'm happy for all of you..
    God is always good.. you are right..
    have a blessing day..

  27. What awesome news! It is always a good thing not to have surgery :) Praise the Lord!

  28. Rejocing with you and your fam. God is good all the time!

  29. Well hey there Susie girl! So glad to hear about the tubes falling out. That really is great news and I bet she was very 'happy'....I loved your family pictures. such good lookin' kids...hmmm....the girls are pretty just like their mama...and that son of yours...wowee kazowee...he is soooo stinking handsome! Good work on those kiddos!

  30. Glad to hear the tubes fell out on their own. My son had to have the surgery; his didn't fall out in five years! The surgery is not a big deal,though, just pricey! :) Have a good day!

  31. Wonderful news! Greg's should have come out by now and we are still waiting!!

  32. Our God is so BIG! Wonderful news that there will be no surgery!

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