The Beast!

The beast arrived just before Christmas.

To say I love it would be an understatement really....but.

You know there is always a but....haha.

How in the world do you keep the fingerprints off?

{control issues....remember? Susie?}

Oh yes, where was I?

I love the huge drawer at the bottom. Sigh~

The cool compartments ...dreamy~

Kaylee and Tyler gave me the matching trash can for Christmas.


Did you see it up above?

The white thang in the top left corner?

You guessed it.

The last man/machine....appliance standing.

Bless its sweet lil heart.

(insert music from Sesame Street).....ha!

Do you remember those fun songs?

My sister and I just the other day spent hours cracking up with Bert and Ernie.

They are a hoot..ha!

Ok....about those fingerprints..

Any suggestions on a good cleaner?

I would love to know your favorite.



  1. Yours looks a lot like mine. I have a Samsung and I LOVE it. I gave away my outside freezer because the one with the frig was enough.

    I use some wipes from Walmart. I will have to go and look at the name of them and tweet you. I use that and then wipe it with a dry towel. Mine is the stainless look. Is yours the real thing?

  2. Most cleaners have mineral oil in them and you are then stuck using them forever. I use plain old white vinegar on one of those microfiber cloths and it works perfectly. Congrats on the beast! It's fantastic!

  3. I have a bad case of fridge envy. That is one lovely beast.
    I can't help with the fingerprint thing. I have a galvanized steel counter top and it's a major pain to keep clean.
    I was just telling my husband last night, I wish I could win some sort of kitchen makeover contest so I could get all new appliances. Yea, that's the only way it's happening.
    I have the same light you have hanging over your sink, by the way. I have two over my bar.

  4. Susie,

    I suggest everyone using the beast put on a pair of mittens first! :)

    Your kitchen looks mah-vah-lush-us!

    Your Friend,

  5. We have the real stainless fridge as well with four children in the home and keeping it spotless is nearly impossible. We also have the matching dishwasher. I really don't have a good solution since I only use natural cleaners. Will be trying the vinegar and microfiber cloth listed by Beth.

  6. I have a serious case of refrigerator envy. Is it wrong to covet a refrigerator? That thing is gorgeous. The military provided us with a fridge that I can see over. It's so small, there's no room for anything. One day I long to have a big beast like yours.

  7. Oooh very dreamy!!! I would love one like that! I have no idea how to keep finger prints off! But if we ever get one I will be trying some of these suggestions!! Have fun and enjoy!

  8. I clean my stainless with Pledge. I just spray it on and wipe off with a soft cloth.

    If you read the back of the can, it says it's good for cleaning stainless - I think it works great!

    Love your new fridge!

  9. I have the same fridge. I use a product from Menards called "Stainless Steel Magic". It comes in a silver spray can. Says: cleans, protects, polishes, fingerprint resistant. It does work against fingerprints. I seldom have to wipe it down. Maybe once a month and I have a hubby and teen age son.

  10. OK...listen up! I have the same control issues, three kids, and a kitchen full of stainless steel!! When I first moved into my new house 9 years ago I had no idea how to clean stainless...then the Fuller Brush Man showed up at my door (do you have these guys in the south?) Anyway, he told me to use orange oil that you would use on your cabinets...yep, that's right orange oil. Wipe it on with a dry paper towel, then go back over everything with a clean paper towel. DONE! PLUS it prevents fingerprints as well!

    I've even tried the foamy spray especially made for stainless and it doesn't work as well as the orange oil. Let me know how you like it! I swear by it! I do mine every other week and they stay looking great!

  11. Our new apartment has stainless,my first time to use it. I did a little google research and several times found this tip. Put a small amount of olive oil on a damp paper towel and wipe stainless (all in the same direction). Polish after with a soft cloth.

    It has worked well for me. Our stainless appliances have been used by lots of renters, so I can't get it perfect, but it sure has helped.

    Love the Ernie and Bert reference. My kids used to make Ernie and Bert pumpkins at Halloween.


  12. I love having my stainless steel refrigerator except for the finger prints! I use Bayes high performance stainless steel cleaner with a microfiber cleaning mitt. I use it weekly since I have two kids, and it keeps my stainless steel appliances looking great. Just a caution though, after 4 years, my refrigerator handles look a little scratched. I think I let my rings drag across the handles too much when I open the doors. It definitely gives a much-used look!

  13. No doubt about it. . . microfiber cloths are the way to go! Actually, you can just use a damp microfiber cloth--no cleaner needed--to get fingerprints off.

    When you want it to look super-spiffy, use a little oil (mineral oil, lemon oil, whatever) on a lint-free cloth. Run that over the surface and the beast will look awesome! (I actually keep a Viva paper towel with lemon oil on it in a ziplock bag--lots of time I don't need any additional lemon oil; I just run the towel over the surface for instant shine.)

    Your kitchen looks great!

  14. No doubt about it. . . microfiber cloths are the way to go! Actually, you can just use a damp microfiber cloth--no cleaner needed--to get fingerprints off.

    When you want it to look super-spiffy, use a little oil (mineral oil, lemon oil, whatever) on a lint-free cloth. Run that over the surface and the beast will look awesome! (I actually keep a Viva paper towel with lemon oil on it in a ziplock bag--lots of time I don't need any additional lemon oil; I just run the towel over the surface for instant shine.)

    Your kitchen looks great!

  15. i use stainless wipes from walmart. not sure of the name, but they work great and it's so easy to just grab a wipe and take care of all of the prints and smudges. enjoy! it's beautiful! i now have a stainless dishwasher and stove, but am waiting for the day we can replace the fridge. i do love it and it works perfectly so we can't spend the money now! =)

  16. LUCKY!!!!!! That's pretty much the fridge I want, but in white to match all my other appliances. Let the jealousy ensue.

  17. How did you decide which BEAST to buy? I am about to buy one and can't decide which one to get. I know I want stainless and I know I want freezer on the, HELP!

  18. Oh the things we love!! Sometimes a girl would just rather have a beast than a prince bearing jewels...

    Come and join my Giveaway from Blydesign!

    Art by Karena

  19. Very funny! I too just got a new stainless refrigerator... the Whirlpool Gold. I love it, it is so much bigger than my Kitchen Aid side by side I replaced. I clean mine with vinegar and a soft cloth also.
    (funny saying that about a fridge... but I get it!)

  20. I learned a lot about cleaning the SS by all of your comments! I use Stainless Steel Magic and I don't seem to notice the fingerprints and smudges too much. I knew it was inevitable. Enjoy the beast!!


  21. Before this lousy economic downturn, I had a cleaning woman and she made my Stainless shine! Her trick was Twinkle by JohnsonDiversey. I bought it online and LOVE it! My sister-in-law called me one day to say that she was happily shining her stainless and just wanted to tell ne how much she loved the stuff. Cindy Riley

  22. Your beast is dreamy! I was in shock after we got the frig and the kids didn't use the handle and fingerprints everywhere! Ugh....
    Tony brought home a cleaner they use in the restaurant..Multifoods Stainless steel cleaner and polish. It works beautiful (and me telling the kids not to touch the frig only the handles!)

  23. We have a kitchen of stainless steel and I think I've tried most of the cleaners out there and they don't live up to their claim. I'm jotting down a few of the suggestions made and giving them a try :)


  24. I use Pledge! Used many other stainless cleaners and was sceptical when I read Pledge's claim to clean stainless. Have to say I love it and it even cleans and shines my granite counter tops.

  25. I use Pledge for all of my stainless after a long time use of the stainless still cleaner. I really like Pledge better.

  26. Dont fell bad I looove my Fridge too She is a Samsung. Sometimes I smile at her before goin to bed. Please stop by my blog and take a look you will understand. lol I use Pledge Multi surface its a daily cleaner it works fabulously and it is scented with Glade rainshower so not only does it give shine but it smells great!! (ok that sounded like a commercial)lol

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Here is my "all round cleaner"
    3 tablespoons vinegar, 1 cup HOT water, 1/8 tsp of Dawn...( I put in a few drops of Peppermint oil to kill the vinegar smell"...put in spray bottle...when cleaning your mirror's use newspaper..may have to do several time the First time as to remove the Wax build up on the them from the commercial cleaners...after that super clean mirrors..I also use this on my floors as well..super shinny, non greasy and do not show foot prints...

  29. We bought that same frig in November! We love it too. I use Stainless Steel Magic and it works pretty good. We don't have kids yet, so mine probably stays clean a little longer. Good luck!

  30. maybe someone already suggested this above, but I don't have time to read so many comments so here the answer:

    * get a jar with lid
    * get a microfiber cloth
    * put small amount of olive oil on cloth
    * wipe said beast and keep this blessed cloth in the jar in your kitchen cubboard...You're gonna need it A LOT :-)

    I tried everything and every product...this is what works ladies. throw the rest away.

  31. P.S. the beauty of using olive oil is your kids will survive if they lick the fridge. What? your kids don't lick the fridge? ok, your dog will survive....

  32. Hi, Susie,

    I'm a new reader from St. Louis and I really enjoy your blog!....

    I just went and looked to see what wipes I use on my frig. They're called "Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes" which I buy at Walmart in their household cleaning product aisle. They work really great!!

    Enjoy your new "beast"!

  33. Giving you an old school suggestion. many years ago my first job was working at good ole Mickey D's and we were always cleaning stainless steel. We made a paste with a cleanser and rubbed it on let it sit and then wiped off with a damp towel. Made it look bee utiful! I would suggest something called Barkeepers Friend. You can find it at Walmart.

  34. Too funny! I love this post because I can totally relate. We have replaced each appliance as it dies in our kitchen too. The dishwasher, oven, microwave and trash can are now stainless. Our last man standing is the fridge.

    You know what we have found to combat the fingerprints? Olive oil. Yep, works like a charm...cleans it well and resists fingerprints. You'll have to re-apply once in a while, but it really does keep the stainless cleaner for much longer. Good luck in the war on the fingerprints!


  35. I've always used the cleaner sold at Sam's (someone already gave the name, etc) - it's oil based and works great, but I'm going to try the cloth and vinegar now. Oh, and thanks to you I'm collecting Coke Rewards again!! Can't wait to get my home magazines. I even took 2 liter tops out of the garbage at a party this weekend! I need help!

  36. I learned from Martha Stewart to use "windex" ! This has changed my cleans it wonderfully!!! You can use any brand of glass cleaner. Right now I love the windex multi-purpose it cleans the whole kitchen. I. Love. It.

  37. Pledge is great. It almost seems to resist the fingerprints for a little longer. I also use the "sprayway" glass cleaner from Costco. It comes in a light blue can, a 4 pack. The great thing about this glass cleaner is that it's also safe on flat screen tv's and computers.

  38. Your, looks like mine. just got it last week. Samsung love it but i went with white.....very easy to clean...thanks for sharing..Pat H

  39. Enjoy your new fridge!
    Baby oil ! For best result use a cloth like the one we use to clean eye glasses or the LCD tv! But any soft cloth is fine! Yes this is the best of all and it smells great!
    believe me it works!all my appliance are inox and I have two todlers (2 and 4) and their little hands are everywhere else but my appliance :)!

  40. My friend, whose home is spotless, uses pledge on her stainless fridge.

  41. Baby oil and a soft rag. Works so well! I got the tip from a restraunt manager who says thats all they use to keep all their stainless shiny and bright. Try it, you'll love it, and it smells so good!

  42. Wow! Glad you asked this question - I enjoyed getting to see what people say since I have ss appliances. Microfiber cloths are fabulous! I usually only use a damp one, but sometimes will add a dab of Melaleuca soap with great. Can't wait to try a few of the other suggestions. Enjoy your fridge!

  43. What a beauty she is!!!

  44. Stainless Steel Magic!!! I have thesame one but our model has the water inside so the front is all flat. More room for fingerprints!

  45. Congratulations on your new fridge! I also have this style and love the freezer drawer on bottom--reminds me of my Grandma's fridge :-) I use Weiman's Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish--think I found it at Walmart.

  46. My favorite cleaner is WEIMAN Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. Also, check out my website... ..I created the Handle Babe (appliance handle cover) which totally cuts down on the number of times I have to polish that darn refrigerator (and microwave, dishwasher, oven etc) each day!! Pull them off and toss them in the washing machine with your dishtowels when they need to be cleaned...simple. They have a "pocket" design, allowing you to slide your hand into the pocket, keeping smudges off the handle AND the door of the appliance, directly behind the handle. Susie...send me an email and I will send you a set! My email is connected to the site. If you love them, then you can share with others!

  47. Looking Awesome! I like Samsung and also i have this fridge.

  48. I want to share my experience here.
    I have a LG refrigerator where the fridge stopped being cold, but the freezer still worked. i called . One Man came over and fixed it inside of an hour. Very pleased.


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