The making of a sign.

I have wanted one of these foreverrrrrr!

I drew one on a million pieces of ditto paper taped together.

(someone forgot to hide the butcher paper)

(someone had fun using all the butcher paper) Ha!

I traced/cut pattern on a piece of pine.

Sanded edges.

Painted hand using left over kitchen paint.

Drew pattern....again.


Printed the word EAT on my computer.

Traced on wood.


Finished painting and sanded the edges good.

Aged it up with some stain.

And hung it in my favorite " hanging spot"

Although you are blinded by the glare coming into my window,

it was a very cloudy day.

So I did something I never do.

I preach against it.

I forbid it in my house.

and yes..

I succumbed to temptation.

I used a Flash above.

(No haten' please.)

If you have been needing a sign forever too
just email me.
I would be happy to!

Holy Guacamole!

I am speechless.


Are these mirrors beautiful or what!

I'm still trying to figure out what I love the most...

Her beautiful mirrors


that awesome color she mixed in with the blue!

You want see more don't you?

I knew you would :)

Hurry on over.

Did you meet Tiffany?

Isn't she cute!

She is the crafty lil Momma behind those awesome mirrors.

I love how she put her own twist to it.

Makes me want to make another one now.

Remember the one I made below?

Now Tiffany has me thinking...

What other neat ideas could go in this space?

Just one more reason why I Love you girls.

We can create.

We can share.

We can inspire!

Tiffany did just that today.

She inspired the socks off me!

Here is my DIY Trumeau

Have you made one?

We would love to see it.

Go Forth...Inspire~

XOXO Susie

Who's Judging Who?

I didn't think I would really get into American Idol this year.

Other than the fact that my cousin made it to Hollywood from New Orleans. Yay!!!

I was not that jazzed about the judges.

Being honest here...

I was not a real big fan of Steven.

Oh ..I don't know why. Maybe his music was not my taste.

Maybe his lifestyle was a bit too crazy.

I don't really know other than I judged him.


Lesson learned here for me...

It's not my job to judge.

I'm really starting to like the guy :)

You would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now after meeting this guy.

So what would you think?

You know... if you were to pass him on the street.



Try again.

He is a very well known Duck hunter in our area.

"The Duck Commander"

Some of you may have heard of him.

He's BIG!

Long story short..
I took my son to hear him speak about hunting and had already "judged" him.
Shame on me. Turned out he is one awesome hunter and a really great guy.
His sport is hunting but his passion is sharing the gospel.

Ummm..  Boy did I learn a lot that day.

Judges. The worlds full of em.

I've resigned.

The pay stunk anyway... :)

xoxox Susie~


What do you do when you have a ton of scraps?

You make birds!

I looked around and found so many cute ideas.

Denise from Living Life Creatively Shows you how.

You can also purchase her patterns here.

I just wanted to wing it so I made a pattern of my own.

Let's not talk about how many I had to make before they started looking like birds...ha!.

Trust me, her pattern is so worth it!

I used some left over chenille for this little guy.

He almost looks as though he is sporting a mohawk....hahahah!

Wouldn't these look so cute on top of presents.

I'm thinking about making a pair and sewing them together..."kissing"


Right now I'm still trying to perfect my feet.

That's the hard part for me.

I'm thinking maybe I should use a bit thicker wire.

Want to see more?

You can fly over here and see some real cuties!

xoxo Susie~

New Orleans!

Saturday night Marc and I headed to New Orleans.

His co-worker was getting married and ya'll know how much I adore weddings!

The ceremony took place at the St. Joesph's Catholic Church in New Orleans.


You could just breathe the history in...

(the heated wooden pews were nice on my tushie too) ;)

I promised to not embarrass my husband too much in front of his friends.

That was really really  hard... you bloggers know what I'm sayin'.....

The church flowed with heavenly music..

And the scent of roses filled the air.

Ahhh. Love~

After the ceremony we headed to the reception.

True New Orleans Style!

I made Marc pinky promise ...

I was allowed one tiny piece of cake.

Marc held to his promise and I only growled at him once. Ha!

Our typical Louisiana Gooms cake.

On our way to the parking garage we had to take that "elevator" shot.

This sweet trip has really made me miss New Orleans.

I was so sad after the hurricane and thought I would never come back.

I'm glad I did!

Now I need to plan another trip back real soon.

and yes..... before I forget...

We Danced!
xoxoxo Susie

Tonight Marc and I  will be in the "Big Easy"  attending a wedding.

I get to Dress like a grown up.

That means no jammies nor fuzzy slippers for me.

Lord be kind.

I really need to fit into that black dress......really!

While picking out a wedding present , I had  a good excuse to drool around  Pottery Barn.  :)

It gave me a chance to see their new Spring Colors!

I really loved this one!

From the looks of Pottery Barn, not much has changed this year.

That makes me very content.

My house can rock the same colors and that makes Marc very content...ha!

So now I can focus on this wedding tonight.

Who knows....he just might ask me to dance again.

Yes, it has been that long....hahaha~

ps....cake for breakfast :)

xoxoxo Susie~

Friends and Chore Charts!

Meet the Green's!

I met this family when they were once a family of three. Funny how Love grows :)
They moved here from Texas and God planted them right in my neighborhood and church.
Just when I had grown attached, witness births, and forged a lifelong friendship,

They had to move.

Why does that always happen?

They moved back home to Texas and left a huge hole in my heart.
We  get together not nearly enough but when we do it's a HUGE production....ha!

Anyway, She asked me to whip up a sign for her family.

A Green Family Chore Chart!

You know when you have four girls under the age of ten...

Well you know ;)

Tori, Emmy, Mandy, and sweet lil Abby...

Your Mom made  me do this!

I tried to talk her out of it but she insited that you needed chores.      I know~

So you each get a little knob
And little chore tags

To call it even...

I added Mom and Dad to the Chart!  Ha! can thank me later.  ;)