Dear Susie

Dear Sweet Susie,

This moment you feel on Christmas morning with your new baby doll...

Oh just wait!

Three babies will bless your heart and nothing will ever top it!

You won't always be this messy.

In fact you will wash your hands way too much and become a germ freak!

No matter how hard to try and resist...

You will always have a dog.

Food...let's just say you will always be passionate. Ha!

Those babies that never seem to fill up, never do.

They just get bigger!

Don't fight your Grandma when she wants to dress you alike.

In years to come, you will still dress up matching your sister.

This time it's funny!

Your Mom and Dad.

Never blame yourself for their divorce.

Don't do it.

Never say it won't happen to you.

It will.

Your Daddy.

He will always be your Hero.

Oh...and your next door neighbor.

That little brother that always seems to find his way to your room.

Let him stay just a little bit longer.

One day you will miss hearing his voice.

Your older sister..

You know the one that always gets to wear the cool clothes,

Has the good hair and pretty skin.

That one.

She will be your best friend.

Trust me on this one!

And don't cry when your fellow cheerleaders play a prank on you at the Pep Rally.

It was really funny!

That blue eye shadow and big hair...Yeah

It's not really as cute as you think it is.

It does top your mullet 3 years ago though.

On your graduation night...

Tell your Momma how much you love her.
It's not easy raising 3 kids on your own.
She needs to hear that.

It's OK that you don't have a boy friend right now.
The world does not end when you fail Math.
Pay close attention in English!!!
You should really reconsider dropping cheer leading your senior year.
You just might regret it.
That teacher that you are crushing on...he's a creeper!

And Susie..

You will be OK.

Enjoy the ride!

Cajun Night Before Christmas!

This morning we headed out to River Road.

We had beignets and coco at our favorite lil shop.

Houmas House is featured above.

It's one of the plantation homes along the River Road

Ohhh soo yummy!

Oh the excitement...ha!

Below is a shot of the little coffee house.

Next door they have the sweetest little shops.

Inside one of them had two of my favorite books.

I can remember reading this one to my baby dolls...

In a Cajun accent of course ;)

This books just plain makes me laugh.
It's so true here.

Another shot of Houmas House all decorated for the Christmas season.


One of our traditions here is the bonfires on the levee.

The levee is this dirt wall to hold back the Mississippi when it spills over.

The bonfires are built to light the bayou for Papa Noel.

This way he can see to deliver all the goodies ;)

Most of the bonfires are built in the traditional fashion but some sport neat themes.

A little cabin like this one above  was built in memory of a lost loved one.

It looks like it may rain tonight so many were preparing theirs with diesel and paper.

This one was built to replicate an air boat.

A 4x4 truck here.

They don't look all that big but trust me...

some of these are many stories high!

It never gets old riding down the road to a view like this.

Oh the anticipation of tonight!

As soon as the sun sets the signal is given and all the bonfires are lit.

The homes on the opposite side of the road were already lined with families.

Gumbo pots over burners were getting a head start.

And finally...

This stop always make my Christmas Eve drive complete.

Below is the Manresa House of Retreat.
It was once a school that my Grandpa attended.

Every year they set out the manger and it is just perfect.

They are all life size and it just takes my breath away.

Do y'all have Christmas Eve traditions?

xo Susie

New kids on the block!

Allow me to introduce the new kids on the block.

My kids ranging in age from 21 to 11 seem to like em!

Maybe it's because they swivel ;)

All three kids put them to the spin test. lol

I love their aged sleekness and butcher block style seat.

They remind Kaylee of a mad scientist lab chair.

You would know her major is in fitting ..Hahaha

I also love the fact that they don't have a back to them.

This opens the space a lot believe it or not.

So where did these beauties come from?

It was my birthday on the 17th so I went shopping!

World Market style~

You can find them on line here

I did a little looking around and comparing.

Here is Restoration Hardware's version below.

Their stools run about 255.00 each.

You can find them here

Below you will find Remodelista's duo.

They are a modest 175.00 each found here.

So I bid my ole painted chairs farewell. sniff sniff

xo susie

Aka..crazy paint lady!

I'll claim it.

"The crazy paint lady"

Just two days ago my kitchen was not this pretty grey you see above.

My afters are starting to look like my befores before my

Two days ago~

It was white with a blue ceiling.

Cons... Our white molding did not pop.

Pros...My painted signs did.

So I got Madison off to school and started with my blue ceiling first.

I went back with your basic ceiling white.

Then I noticed that it was too much white!

So I conquered the wall next...

Eleven straight hours of painting and two advils later..

My molding pops!

My plates shine..

My camera blurred..ha!

Am I happy?

Why yes ;)

I'm almost where I started off.
If you look at my befores and afters..
My befores are starting to look like my afters..


Crazy paint lady.

It's ok..

I claim it ;)

xoxox Susie~