Oh My Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree is about 12 years old....really!

Every year I say "this will be the last year ole' friend".

And every year he is faithful and loved.

This year will be his last....really.

His topper had to be wired on..bless his lil branches.

So this year I will love you and cherish our sweet Christmases together.

My sweet Christmas Tree!

Want to see more Christmas cheer?

Head on over to Thrifty Decor Chicks party and see some wonderful trees!

Hooked on houses is having a Christmas party as well. Julia would love to have ya!

Have fun and .hope to see ya'll there~


  1. I just threw away our tree that we have had for 16 yrs. He was good and faithful too and could have stayed around but it was time to go:)

    This year was out with the big and in with the skinny! Your tree is a beauty.

  2. Your tree is beautiful, can't tell it's age.

  3. Your tree is so beautiful! What a faithful friend! :) My mom has a tree that they have had for over 20 years, it is so fragile and she just refuses to get rid of it.

  4. Beautiful, and I have a suspicion that I may get a hand me down tree. I gave mine to my daughter so she didn't have to purchase one, and my mom just told me she only put up one this year, so just maybe she might pass hers on. I hung on to one that we had that started literally falling apart, and I just fluffed the branches w/ a little extra added greenery. Yours is beautiful! Jackie

  5. Lovely tree! I am sure he has brought you many memories. Cheers to this last Christmas morning you will share together.


  6. no way Susie! put it on your deck, or front porch, or in the yard!! poor thing

    Anne Marie
    (if only I could find a real tree that is that shape!)

  7. Your tree looks lovely ~ can't believe you've celebrated so many Christmas' together. Love you stockings hung by the fireplace. Did you make them?


  8. Stunning! I love the combination of soft blue and gold.

  9. 14 wonderful years later, ours is on it's last year also. I had to do some major rigging just to be able to use it this year. I kind of dread looking for another one.

    After 20 years, the star we use on top stopped working. We bought it our first year of marriage and now it won't light. And, we can't find lights to fit into it. Very sad...

  10. Oh your tree still looks lovely:)

    Ours is just five years...
    so that means we still have quite a few years together...
    I think our home will not be the same without our beloved tree, I just can't think about it right now:)

  11. It looks beautiful! I've yet to either get mine from the woods...or storage!

    Happy celebrating!

    : )

    Julie M.

  12. That is so sad and you will always compare the next tree to this one. I did when we got our new one...just not the same. I can see why you have kept it so long, its lovely.
    Ness xx

  13. Your sweet tree just once to be loved one more time! It still looks very beautiful and I love the ornaments.


  14. I'd say the ol' boy/girl still looks pretty darn good. I have one that is (are you sitting down for this) 30 years old. Just how old is that in tree "years"?
    Every year I say I'm gonna retire her and every year my grown kids cry. Poor thing can't help it she smells bad and leans. I'm sure I will too by that age!
    We should start a Christmas Tree Hall of Fame for these grand beauties and all the memories they represent.

  15. Your tree is just lovely!! Age....it doesn't matter! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us! Hope you have a great day!

  16. Lovely photos, your tree is beautiful and I love your trumeau mirror.


  17. hand waving in the air ... may I have lil ole him ifn' you
    drag him out to the curb???

    he'll go to a good home, promise

  18. Your tree looks beautiful, Susie! You can't tell it is 12 years old at all! I love the blues and silvers!

  19. Your tree looks beautiful, wrinkles and all!


  20. Beautiful Susie!
    By the way, the tree looks great for his age! 12 is the new 3!


  21. Maybe he has some time left. He still looks beautiful. :-) Love the aqua bulb, too.

  22. oh! its kinda sad! so, will you be getting another faux tree or a real tree next year? my house is full of faux trees! and wreaths and garland! i need to go get me some cuttings of the real thing! looks pretty!

  23. that is a gorgeous old tree.....
    i love it.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Apparently, real trees have less of an environmental impact than fakes ones unless the fake tree is used for at least 20 years. So the longer you use your fake tree the less impact it will have on the environment.

    Even though it's 12, it still looks lovely and the older it gets the more environmentally friendly it will be :)

  26. My ex fiancee bought the tree I still use - going on year #17 now. It's a gorgeous tree, but the needles have started falling off the last two years. I'm hoping to stretch it out for another year or two before I have to finally pay for my own!

  27. We haven't had time to get attached to one tree. We've never bought our own tree, either. When we got married we got Momma's tree when she downsized to a smaller one. Then when it wore out someone was very kind and gave us their tree, and when it started showing its age my step-mom offered us their big pre-lit tree when they downsized. I can see how you would be sentimental about it...your kids were so little when you got it, and Maddy wasn't even here yet! : )

  28. Wow 12 year, it must not be a pre-lit tree! Ha ha. Beautiful! Love that is so tall and slender.

  29. Everything looks so lovely, Susie! Thanks for joining my party and inviting us in. I always love seeing how you decorate. :)

  30. susie it looks lovely! ours has seen better days too but once you get everything on somehow it's ok! hope you are well! susan

  31. Beautiful decorations (again) this year! It turns out that we both used the same ribbon! Great minds think alike! Enjoy the holidays!

  32. Awwwweee - poor little (big) tree.. I hope you give it to a place that will love it as much as you have!

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