Chit Chat Cheer!

Just thought I would share a lil Christmas Chit Chat with ya'll.

Our tree now has presents to protect till the 25th. Yay!

Do ya'll ever just feel a bit guilty about presents?

I do.

Maybe guilty is not the right word but you know what I mean.

I find myself wondering... why me Lord?

I could so be that Mommy with no presents this year to give.

I am so thankful for every blessing.

His Grace is my favorite gift of all.

My favorite gift to give is my time.

I only wish I could have a few more hours some days....dont you?

I think this year is my first "no fuss" year.

I have really just enjoyed my family and friends.

Making time for the sweet things.

I did make my own tags this year...ha!

I used some mailing labels and my favorite stamps.

Projects frequent here year round so it's kinda nice to take some time off.

Have a clean kitchen counter for once.


My sweet Maddy aka Tree is home from school today with a stuffy nose.

Sure hope she feels better soon.

Her play starts Thursday and runs every evening until Sunday.

The forest just wont be the same without her sweet branches...hehe.



  1. Sorry, Maddy is sick!!!......Just love the tree!!! Have a great Holiday!!!

  2. Beautiful! He is the Reason!

  3. I know that "why me?" feeling very well!

    I think we all have it sometimes. Being truly thankful and doing what we can to share our blessings with others is what it's all about!

    Merry Christmas, Susie!

  4. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous. The gift wrap is perfect too. Hope Maddy feels better soon.

  5. your tree and all the packages under it look so beautiful!

  6. Your tree is lovely - similar to mine (you can see it on my latest blog post) with white packages and coordinating ribbons. I love the look of the blue and brown - VERY elegant!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. your tree colors are refreshing!

    very beautiful.

    i'm not feeling guilty about gifts this year b/c so far, we just don't want or need i'm feeling content! (however the *grands* got their gifts from us)


  8. Gorgeous Tree and Gift Wrapping! I'm glad you are making time to enjoy your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

  9. Feel better soon, Maddy! Can't wait to see pics from the play. Your decorations are beautiful, Susie. I agree, TIME is the most precious gift! Merry Christmas.

  10. Aww I hope she feels better soon! How fun for her to be in a play! :) Love your wrapping, it is just beautiful! And you tags are so sweet!! Nice touch! :) I wish I had time to give as well, something that I am working on for the new year!

    Happy Holidays to you are yours!!

  11. Love it Susie! Those were the colors on my tree the last four years and so I changed it up this year. I was so excited to see you had dropped by my blog! I'm so behind in my blog reading with so much going on! Love Love Love seeing your beautiful home! love your beautifully wrapped gifts! I coordinate my wrapping to my tree too, hehe. Glad to see others do too! Merry Christmas, may everyone know the reason for the season! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  12. Oh, I hope she was well enough to do the play tonight! I love the presents under the tree! Very simple, but very lovely. : )

  13. Your tree and gifts look beautiful!!

    I could use a few more hours each day to complete all that I would like to do.


  14. Susie, this company makes the best stuff! I have their bird and nest stickers, but I sure wish I had bought the stamps, too. Your home is lookin' mighty festive and pretty. Hope your sweet Maddy feels better for her play. A little birdie tweeted a little song and said it was your Birthday.... hmmm- wonder who that could have been-
    So... without further ado, Happy Birthday, Susie! And just for good measure- Have a Merry Christmas, too!
    ~ Sue

  15. What a beautiful post! He is the reason and sometimes we need to be reminded. Hope you had a great day!

  16. Well this is a very late comment but LOVE LOVE LOVE your tree and Christmas home. Beautiful

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