Tis the season!

Tis the season

To be jolly!

                                                        White pitchers bring out the jolly in me :)

                                  I found the sweetest little one while shopping on Perkins Rowe!

                                                    I would love to wear one of these.

                                                        They are so cute and all.

                                                    Do people really wear them?

                                                          Anthropologie's snowballs.

                                                              I made some here.

                                   It took all the strength I had to walk away from these letters!

                                                       I wanted one of each....really.

                                                    So now I'm in the Christmas Mood.

                                                                            Are you?

Decking the halls and lighting the fireplace tonight!

Good  snuggle weather ;)



  1. My Anthro did not have that stuff...maybe I need to go back :0 CUTE stuff!

  2. Me too Suz! I love that last pic. Amazing and inspiring!

    I hope your Thansgiving was lovely and blessed. ~Melissa :)

  3. hahaha Good Cajun weather! I love it! Have a wonderful decorating season, Susie!

  4. Man, BR certainly has better shopping now than it used to!!!
    How fun!


  5. The little ruffled apron reminds me of being in Nicaragua and the older ladies always wear ruffled (their GOOD aprons) aprons to church!! They are so proud of them! And they look so sweet in them too!

    I wear an apron when I am cooking if I have my "Sunday" clothes on!! I love cute aprons! Saw one at TJMXX the other day that was just the cutest material. It looked like something that would be bought at Anthro except probably 1/3 the price! Wonder how much those "snowballs" cost??? har

  6. I have been in the Christmas mood just by thinking of the Christmas mood!!

    I just started wearing an apron since I found out how chic they have become. Staying clean is an added plus!


  7. Suzie,

    I'm still recovering from yesterday's Thanksgiving celebration but will be focused by Monday! I wear aprons. I would have wanted those letters too. I just purchased an F and H from The Barn House Boys.

    Your Friend,

  8. So cute!
    I love those snowballs..wish we had one of those stores here!
    Love your photos!!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xo

  9. I am still in "madly preparing for next Friday's Christmas market mode".
    But I do wear a super cute apron while I am getting crafty. For cooking too. You just have to get over the feeling of "It's to nice to wear." A sweet apron truly does make mundane chores nicer to do.

  10. Suzie, I do wear a cute little apron...makes me think of my grandma growing up and makes me smile. :)
    I've been in the Christmas spirit for about three weeks! We were having the whole family here for turkey day, and we wanted it to be festive, so we decked the halls a couple of weeks ago..it was just magical. Went shopping on black friday and got all of Walmarts midnight sales...walked outside into a "snowglobe"...HUGE fluffy flakes...talk about getting into the Christmas mood! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Missy :)

  11. Hi Susie! I hope you and your precious family had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did.
    Oh, these are lovely snaps and just what we need to start getting inspired for Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What struck me in the picture of down town is the parking. The cars aren't parked just one way. I've never seen street parking where you can have cars parked facing each other. How does that work? I would expect all of the cars to be parked all facing the same way. I wonder if anyone else will notice this or find it odd. Interesting!

  13. My halls are decked! Love this time of year!


  14. I wore a similar apron when preparing our Thanksgiving dinner, hehe. My nieces loved it :) I put up my tree yesterday, love this time of year. Put a couple pics of my decor so far on my blog :) www.lovestocreate.com

  15. Great photos! And yes, I wear an apron but mine is from The Lady and Sons. It is not as cute.

  16. I have one of those letters by our front door :)
    Love all the photos, definitely inspiring!

  17. Love the tease-
    But I truly LOVE the snow balls, so cute, i will absalutely be trying those..
    Great idea..

  18. Beautiful decorations. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

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