A White Christmas!

Hi there!

I'm so excited that you joined us.

If you're new here, I hope you have a look around.

Inspiration for this years mantel was easy peasy.

A white theme just seemed right, you know~

This alluring aqua was a no brainer

Adore it!.

More aqua love happening here.

Paper whites were a must.

I thought I had planted them early enough to make a debut for the party...but.

That's ok.

Patience is a virtue.

Along with the white/aqua theme I wanted simplicity to nestle right in.

What's prettier than a package ;)

The stockings were from last year.

How much fun are snowballs!

You can make them too. Here.

A painted branch from the backyard.


Small white birdies and aqua ornaments came from the Dollar Tree.

I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

Want to see more Christmas mantels?

The girl's are having a party over at Layla's!

Come join the fun!
Hope to see ya'll there!

May all your Christmases Be white~


Christmas sneak peek...

Twas day's before The Christmas Mantel Party...

I'm so excited to see all of your mantels.

Thought a lil sneak peek wouldn't hurt.

Hope to see all of you there on the 30th!


Tis the season!

Tis the season

To be jolly!

                                                        White pitchers bring out the jolly in me :)

                                  I found the sweetest little one while shopping on Perkins Rowe!

                                                    I would love to wear one of these.

                                                        They are so cute and all.

                                                    Do people really wear them?

                                                          Anthropologie's snowballs.

                                                              I made some here.

                                   It took all the strength I had to walk away from these letters!

                                                       I wanted one of each....really.

                                                    So now I'm in the Christmas Mood.

                                                                            Are you?

Decking the halls and lighting the fireplace tonight!

Good  snuggle weather ;)


CSN Giveaway Soon!

                         Spending time with family over Thanksgiving has been wonderful!

                                               The wonderful smells dancing in my kitchen.

                                                    The family gathering round my bar.

                                                                 Thanksgiving Bliss!

                                  I hope you and your family had a wonderful gathering as well.

                               Now who could not use some extra seating around the holidays?

                                       CSN has offered a sweet giveaway coming soon.

                                                 So many wonderful items like these

                                                         Adjustable bar stools

                                                           And so much more!

                                         Hope you get a chance to visit the CSN site.

                          You may just find that special something on your Christmas list.

                                                       Giveaway coming soon!!


My Son.

                                                                           My Son.

                                           It still takes my breath away when I admit he's 20!

                                     I was his age now when they placed him in my arms. yikes!

                                             This evening he asked for a little "us" time.

                                                 I love that he still wants "us" time!

                            So he and I loaded in the ole' boat and headed into the backyard.

                                                                         He hunts.

                                                                         I watch.

                                                             He is pretty good at it too!

                                     Sometimes you just have to get into their world to visit.

                                    I don't mind getting muddy if it means a few good laughs.

                                               A few moments of having him all to myself.

                                            This duck will be smoked for Thanksgiving!

                                                 I know far too soon I will be replaced in his boat.

                           He has no idea that I have been praying for the wife he has yet to meet.

                                               I pray that she will love him and honor him.

                                                      I pray that she likes to hunt too :)

                                                            This evening I enjoyed our time.

                                                             I'm thankful for my family.

                                                "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be food for you. And to the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground--everything that has the breath of life in it--I give every green plant for food. And it was so" (Genesis 1:29-30).

                                                                                    Thank you Lord.

                                                                    What are you Thankful for today?

A Store Front Stopper.

                                                                           Care to take a guess?

                                    Nothing makes me happier than an enticing window front!

                                    Honestly, I could spend just as much time on the outside....

                                                                      looking in!

                                                          The suspence was killing me.


                                                                 but beautiful!

                                  I would love to have lunch with the artist behind this artwork.

                                             So just where was this neat store front?

                                                    Wanna join me inside for more fun?

                                                         Happy Weekend Kid'os!


                                                                         No wires.

                                                                         No noise.

                                                                          No fuss.

                                                Something as simple as a paperwhite bulb.

                                                                  One glass container.

                                                                          A few rocks.

                                                   This year I long for simple pleasures.

                                                                 I pray for patience.

                                                             The ability to appreciate

                                                                      Small things.

                                            Joy !

Vintage Christmas Stockings

                                       Last year these stockings were my favorite Christmas addition.

                                                      My sister helped with the sewing of course :)

                                                         I made the flowers and you can too here.

                                                                            Can't sew?

                                                                           No problem.

                                                 Last year I posted a no sew DIY Vintage Stocking.

                                       Working on some new ideas this year that I hope to share soon.

                                                    Today I'm just going to love up on a sick child.

                                                               Happy Thursday Friends~