Wrapped in love?

                                   Our family woke to a beautiful crisp fall morning to find this..



                                        This is one of the joy's of having a senior in high school.

                                         They say you are really loved if your house is chosen.


                                 I'm still trying to figure out how to remove syrup from grout.

                                                              Any idea's.....ha?

                         One of the hoodlems involved in this act of love shared his story via Facebook.


                                        I thought the fair thing was to let his parents know..

                                            and share in the love by having him help clean.

                                              Can believe his Mom disagreed.  I know!

                                    That's ok because I have some of the best neighbors!

                                          We knocked this out in about 3 1/2 hours.

                                            My neighbors Rock!.....and thank you~

                                               Do you recognize this in the picture above?

                                                       It's broomhilda from last year.

                                            I'm so glad she was not injured in all of this...ha!

                                                                                   Tiny pieces of paper...

                                                     Add them all together and you get...


                               It's kinda pretty if you just sit back and watch it blow in the wind.

                                    So we spent some family/friend time picking up the love.

                                                We even laughed a little...ok.... a lot!

                                   Weird I know but that's how you have to Roll sometimes

                                                    When you have teenagers in the house.

                                                                      Rolling out~

                                                    ps... no more roll jokes....promise :)



  1. Oh man...that is awful! I wonder how much toilet paper was used...it looks like a whole case from Costco~

  2. Oh my! I keep thinking what a waste of time and TP this was! I'm glad you have a tongue in cheek attitude toward this. :)
    It does sort of look pretty. You could have just left it up as your halloween decor. ;)
    Glad you got to spend some quality time with those wonderful neighbors!

  3. Oh wow, you have a much better attitude about it than I would have. I would have been in a complete rage. Wow.

  4. Wow they got you pretty good!!! I am so glad that you have a good attitude towards this. It is a pain in the but but at least it is harmless (hopefully nothing was ruined, then I would be upset) What great neighbors you have!

  5. And when the boy calls at 3am from jail I bet his parents will say "No, we never had any indication that Johnny was a bad seed." Shame on them.

    Good for you for rolling with the punches. :)

  6. WOW you must be VERY LOVED! What a shocker that must have been to wake up to. You have a great attitude about it though. The parents of the hoodlum who wouldn't help or send him back to help would be on my s%&t list;) lol
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. Oh girl!! Only in the SOUTH does this happen!! We get it EVERY year miltiple times...I grow weary....now I sit and wait for them so I can stop it before it get's too far gone....I have been sitting right in the front window and they do it anyway!!! Hilarious!! I don't mind the toilet paper, but the confetti?? Not so much...

    Don't we just LOVE October??

    Lou Cinda ;)

  8. Um WoW... I am glad you found some humor in it... I am getting all worked up just looking at your pics... Syrup really?!

  9. This cracks me up! This was our house every weekend back in the day! I sent this to my Mom and she emailed me back to tell you spending the money on a little pressure washer makes those Saturday morning clean ups so much easier- especially the syrup!!

  10. I will never forget when this happened at our home when I was a teenager - was my father ever mad! He said toilet is to wipe your rear and if that is what was thought of him and his family certainly was not an indication of "Love".

    Vandalism is vandalism...period!

  11. Consider yourself lucky it didn't rain! Impossible mess to clean up. If I were there i would have helped.

  12. I am 51 and enjoyed my share of tee pee-ing in my youth. (Yes, even in the dark ages!) I think I am most distressed at the facebook post and the parent of that "child". The quantity of "decorations" seems a bit overkill. Given that parent/child situation, I might have been inclined to send the police over for a little visit....not an arrest but just to make a point....

  13. Glad you have taken a positive approach to this, I'm sure the humor helps.
    With "moms" apathy, I would keep my eyes on him.This speaks volumes about her parenting skills.

  14. Oh my goodness
    I am appalled that the mom would not make the son clean up. As the mom of four daughters I cannot believe a parent would not take responsibility for her child and make him learn his lesson. Ugh! Sorry just a little rant there : )
    well, good thing the neighbors could help

  15. wow! how many people it took to create this mess; Only one; Their minds are over their heads at this age! The best thing you do is to deal with the incident with humor! On the other hand, the boy's parents should be more careful!

  16. It has to make you laugh just a little bit! Until you start cleaning it up :)

  17. I would have kept it all and deposited on his folks property the next night. That's just how we roll in NJ.

    Your Friend,

  18. Wait... the boy's mother disagreed with having him come clean it up? Huh... I'm sorry. I would have gone up to her door and would have demanded that he come & help clean up. I would still be laughing because tp'ing IS funny but if he was dumb enough to claim responsibility for the mess, he should have had to clean it up. Some lesson THAT mom doled out. Do something wrong, get caught and someone else cleans up... A son to be proud of, I'm sure. And I'm with Deborah as I'm from NJ, too. Although...I would have left it cleaned up and those bags full of that stuff would have ended up on that boy's front porch.

  19. Holy crap...but you got TP'd BIG TIME!!! I agree with you completely, the guilty parties should help with the clean-up. Can't believe that one kid's mom disagreed (you should have told her to get her butt over there and help...as an example, you know). The confetti is a new one on me...bet it was a booger to clean up!

  20. I'm from the UK so not quite getting this....but am getting the mum's attitude, we have that here too.

    Until parents stop seeing their offspring as doing no wrong or 'just a little fun' then things will go from bad to worse.

    Good on you though, you've got the right attitude!

  21. I'm not sure I would have found the funny as you obviously did, so kuddos to you for that! I'm appalled the parent wouldn't send that kid over to clean up after the ignorant hoodlum posted it on Facebook. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Glad you didn't let it get to you, but I would have had the police knocking on that kids door!


  22. I cannot believe the Mom didn't drag his little be-hind down there and MAKE him clean it up himself. Ugh. Some people. And syrup??? Wth?

  23. You must have had some great coffee (or meds)(lol) to have such a great attitude. Over 3 hours?
    Maybe all your nearby bloggie friends can do some payback to that sweet little kiddo and his mom.
    Seriously though, you're walking the walk girl. Such grace and mercy. It's to be comended.

  24. Your daughter still has a long time before she graduates...You might want to invest in some motion dectection lights! Just saying...We had things like this happen more then once on our very loved son! I'm so glad he graduated!


  25. We got "papered" every cross country season. Around these parts, it is done in admiration. I was proud that our house was chosen. My girls worked really hard and that their peers acknowledged their devotion was fine by me! The husband wasn't nearly as impressed, but at the end of the day, it's just toilet paper.

    Love your attitude! :)

  26. They sure did show you lots of love. Glad you have a sense of humor about it.

  27. I don't know if I would have had such a good attitude...You're awesome, Susie! I can pretty much guarantee that I would have been upset...but you sure did capture some beautiful shots of it all! Good memories, right? :)

  28. oh my goodness you are handling this so well...i would have lost my mind. what a mess

  29. Ooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooooo!!!
    THAT is beyond TP-ing a friends house! SERIOUSLY????? And the SHREDDED CONFETTI!!! WRONG!
    OMGosh! Syrup in grout???WHAT?!
    Booooy, things have changed since I was in the TP-ing years...
    If I were your neighbor, i wouldve helped too...Cuz thats how I ROLL............heehee
    xoxo kpb

    check out my GIVEAWAY on my blog, it would be a nice gift in light of the TP-ing Incedent


  30. I just had a MAJOR flashback to 20 years ago. My mom made me clean the mess up myself. While cleaning, I found shredded paper in the yard. They were envelopes addressed to a guy's mom that I knew. So, I cleaned up the bags of stuff, put the bags in my car, drove to his house, and returned everything into his yard (no longer contained in the bags). :-) That was before I became the mature and humble person I am today.....ha ha!

    Thanks for the memory. I would help you if I was your neighbor!

  31. Lou Cinda commented above that this only happens in the South. ON THE CONTRARY this is big business here in California :o) I did this as a kid myself, and taught my kids "how to tp" ~ but with a twist: my kids had to clean it up themselves the next day.

  32. Oh wow...they really did a great job...sheesh o' dear! Those little papers, oh my...the heart skipped a beat for you thinking of all the work involved cleaning it! I cannot believe the Mom didn't think he needed to help. wow.

    Oh and not just in the South does this happen, in the Pacific Northwest too...only they call it: 'T.P-ing'

    your attitude deserves an award!!!

  33. OH



    I don't even know WHAT to say.

  34. I'm with Helen (above)......my kids and two of their buddies just (about two weeks ago) rolled our Pastor and Youth Pastor's home(s) but the deal, ahead of time, was that they had to go back and help clean. I can't believe the Mom who didn't support this. What a bummer!

  35. 1)So sorry, what a mess!
    2)You have neighbors from heaven!!
    3)WTG for calling the mom. If I was that mom, I'd want to know.

  36. You have a wonderful sweet spirit about this whole mess...cheers for that!

    Geers for the Mom of the boy involved...I would have marked my son right over to your house and let him clean it up alone!

  37. ugh. what a scene to have to wake up to... Glad that once you got over the initial fury you could share, not that I laughed, but it was a good post :)
    I cant even imagine having a conversation with that parent.
    no sir-ree...

  38. when we lived in Florida kids went to juvie for this.
    t.p. is okay but you got an excess of the love!!
    you have a cup half full attitude which is wonderful but yeah if it were my kid i would have made him get his rump over there and help!!!
    blessings girl!!
    love broomhilde...:)

  39. My son and his friends did this to someone's yard when he was in high school. All the parents were contacted but he was the only one who was made to go clean it up. I was shocked then and I am shocked now at the attitude of parents.

    You have a good attitude. Your kids are seeing that in you. What a great example!

  40. Oh, wow! I have never seen someone receive this much love! Looks like you had a bus load of pranksters.

    Sweet to hear you were able to find helpers and you found some fun in this mess.

  41. Former cheer captain here...I was so opposed to this stupid tradition that I was almost kicked off my team for trying to end it.

    I made a sign for my friend, the captain of the football team (who stupidly old fashioned...they paired us up as if we were supposed to date because we were both captains), drove over to his house, and hung it on the front door. No TP. I might have rolled some streamers around the columns on his porch and put a couple balloons around, but that was it.

    The waste annoyed me then and it still annoys me.

    Kudos for your awesome attitude!!!

    Up north, we also have "Cabbage Night" or "Devil's Night" which is the night before Halloween. Kids used to run around and TP houses here and there. It was the one night of the year my father didn't complain about us leaving all the lights in the house on!

  42. What a mess! I can't believe the mother didn't haul his butt over there to help! My 13 year old son was looking over my shoulder just now, and couldn't believe what he saw. He wants to know "who would be stupid enough to waste all that money on toilet paper?" I said, hey, maybe the mom paid for it.

  43. OK, I'm seriously confused. In your area, IS this a sign of repect/liking/whatever? Not just vandalism? Here it would be vandalism but from reader's comments I'm guessing that it isn't for you guys. Either way, you have a good attitude.

  44. I applaud your good attitude, this would have brought me to tears. I'm so happy to know you have rocking neighbors who came to help, that is huge support! My oldest is just a freshman in HS and if this is what i have to look forward to I feeling a lump in my throat.

  45. I remember being TP'd in middle school, the night before Easter. They guy (whi liked me), wrote "Happy Easter Christy" with shaving cream in the lawn. My mom didn't think it was so funny & made me clean it all up. Glad you all had a sense of humor about it.

    That is a lot of TP & a lot of trees, oh my!

  46. Oh my goodness!!! I have never heard of this over here in England, I think I would have cried! What a lot of time and effort has gone into it though, not sure I could be bothered ha ha.
    Good job you have such a great sense of humour, bless.
    Oh, and I do remember your witch from last year...she's fabulous. xxx

  47. Oh my goodness, but that's a lot of toilet paper! I can remember doing that in my senior year - that among other things. Toilet papers doesn't seem to be a big thing around here. We work up to all the political signs magically appearing on our lawn. There was a tone of them.

  48. Wow. Cleaning up that toilet paper is bad enough, but the confetti? Oh, my.

    Thanks for sharing the love with us all. :) Easy clean up for us, eh?

  49. We had our yard rolled several years back by some of the people that work for my husband. It was everywhere. What a mess...loving mess...but mess. Not sure if I like the syrup idea and the confetti sure would be difficult to clean up. I'm really thinking the mom should have made her "loving" son help clean the mess.

  50. Holy cow!!! What a mess!! I can't believe the other mother did not think her son should help clean up! PS- Broomhilds sister lives in my yard :-)

  51. Well, Susie, in Texas there are actually mothers who DRIVE THEIR CHILDREN to the target home and are accessories to the crime! After living in NOLA for 17 years, I know that the gracious Southern belles of Louisiana would never do such a thing. :)

  52. Oh! what a mess. I am glad you could see some humor in the prank. I can not believe the mother of the boy that helped to paper your place.
    Shame on her. sandi

  53. Gosh, I didn't know kids still did that. ( did that too in my day!)
    I know this doesn't help, but it really is pretty. At least they didn't add egg yolk. Some kids did that to my yard when i was a teen.
    Really a mess.
    Good luck and I love your positive attitude. Of course the kid's got to brag - gets them every time!

  54. Your great attitude is amazing! I love that you can be so cheerful 'cause this is a nightmare!!

  55. Ok, I get that a little tping is all in good fun. But syrup?! Confetti?! No way! If that boys was caught FBing about it then he should've helped to clean it up. Stupidity on his part. I would have left it all in a big pile on their lawn right before the sprinklers went off.

  56. This was one of my most unfavorite part of the years my husband was a youth pastor. (and variations on the theme.) But loved those kids anyway.


  57. Shame on the parent who said no to having her son help clean up. Seriously. That's ridiculous. I remember the days of having a young daughter, and recall our house being wrapped more than once. Never any fun, but if you catch it before it gets wet with dew, a match does wonders for getting it down. What a mess, though.

  58. Oh no!! It's bad but it actually looks quite pretty hanging from the trees!!

    Gemma x

  59. He might have been trying to show some love, but it seems to me all he showed was his @$$! TPing is one thing (provided it doesn't rain), but everything else was just plain mean spirited. Not just little Johnny, but mom and dad also should have came over and shared "the love".
    Your insurance agent would have a fit...mine did back in the day!
    You've got a wonderful handle on life.
    P.S. I'm reminded of that silly little rhyme ~Fools names and fools faces always end on foolish places!~ Kid should really think about what he puts on FB!

  60. I'm sorry but that mom who disagreed that her son should help clean up after taking part in all that should not be able to purchase toilet paper for a year.

  61. Wow, I can't believe the kid's mother didn't think he needed to come over and help clean it up. I'd probably drag my son over there by his ear and make him clean it up if I found out he did something like that.

  62. Boys will be boys, but I have some girls that aren't to far behind them! They played a prank one year and forked all of our families yards! Just our family! It was way to funny! The stuck 1000's of forks in the yard, left a note in the mail box that said "you been forked"! My dad just mowed them down with the lawn mower! But that was nothing to compare with what it took clean up all the TP! Thank goodness you had some help!

  63. I can not believe that the other parent didn't send her kid to help clean it up. URGH!

  64. sorry you had the mess and the mom of the boy needs a reality check! I don't have teenie boppers yet but did she not learn from her pre-school years that when your kid goes to someone's house to "play" they have to stay and clean up the mess before they leave! (in this case get caught!)

  65. OMGness!!! To use your words, I believe this is the MAC DADDY of TP art! ;) lol...wow.

  66. The mom DISAGREED with her son coming to help clean up???? Whoa. Nice example, mom. When I was a teenager it was kind of an unwritten rule that if you did the crime, you did the time, willingly. The next day kids would come over (not all the time, but a lot) and clean the mess up. At least when they tp'd someone's house that they really liked. : )

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