A Special Delivery!

                                               My son came home for lunch today.

                                                     I love when he does that :)

                                       Today he came home with two huge packages!

                                                  They were wrapped in burlap?

                                         (hoping it was not a breathing creature) Ha!

                                            The burlap alone had me all worked up..

                                                           In a good way :)

                                                      He said they were throwing these out?!

                                             He then quickly saved the last two from being broken.

                                                              Oh sweet child of mine!

                                                        Rusty hardware...thank you!


                                  Now I know all of you crafty ladies have tons of ideas.

                                                I would love for you to share them.

                                                      Heidi and I are all ears...hehe

                           If you are someone you know has made something awesome with windows

                                               Please share the link here in the comments.

                                                  Let's see what we can create together.

                              Have I mentioned lately how much I love blogging with all of you?

                                                                   Well I do!!

                                                  Thanks for stickin' round these parts.

                                                        You make blogging fun!



  1. I LOVE old windows and you can do so much with them.

    Here's one that I did. http://thehuntleyhome.blogspot.com/2009/05/pretty-window.html

    Can't wait to see what you do with yours! : )

  2. Hi Susie. I wondered if you could tell me the dimensions of your trumeau mirror? Is it twice as long as it is wide - or slightly longer?

    It is beautiful!

  3. Oh what fun!! My brother just replaced the windows in his cottage and they look similar!! (he's giving them away free!)
    They saved one for the boys room and made one side a dry erase board and the other a chalk board! I know you are going to come up with something awesome :)
    P.S.(What a great son you have)

  4. I enlarged a picture I had taken of a lemon tree in Italy and put behind each pane to make it look like you are looking out into the tree.

  5. Hey! how fun you have so many options! you could take out the glass and put bulletin board behind it or put chicken wire along the back make it into a jewelry holder. Here is what i did with mine.

  6. Susie these are amazing. what a good son. i have made some great stuff with windows but that was in my pre- blogging days. i have a wonderful old window that i applied glass beads to, the ones with the flat bottom you use in a vase, to look like a false stained glass. i chose random layout. i applied it with silicone caulk, but i plan on doing a couple more for our baby room with the same kind of beads but E6000 glue.It can then be grouted or left as is. I never re paint...just tidy up the frames with a wire brush and maybe a little color wash to even things out. i know you will do something wonderful with this

  7. LOVE old windows, use them all the time. Here are a few examples.



  8. What a wonderful son to know his mama so well... I love that he thought of you and the delivery was PERFECT!

  9. I have actually seen some paintings and signs put on old windows. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with them. Jackie

  10. What a find (and a keeper of a son!). You definitely need to paint a "sign" on one of them - Susie style :) Maybe something in french or italian?!

  11. What a sweet sweet son to bring you a rusty window wrapped in burlap. Boy, he knows his mama and must love her a lot. You've raised a good son.

  12. I love these..can't wait to see what you do with 'em...

    I am about to pitch a hissy fit for an olden door with a clear glass insert at the top or better still, stained glass. Got such a great spot to put one.

  13. I can't wait to see what you do with these! Just a few months ago I got a whole house worth of windows! Apparently the people got new windows and threw out all the old! I had plans on putting it on the wall with a huge poster size print of the beach behind it. I wanted it to look like you are looking out the window onto the beach, but the windows are odd sizes and a print will not work. So I'm a little disappointed, but will have to come up with another idea! Enjoy yours!

  14. I just picked up an old window this weekend, I turned mine into subway art. You can see it here:


  15. Don't you just love when our kids know just what momma would like? My 11 year old son has turned into my yardsale buddy and has a pretty good eye. This weekend he was at my husband's work helping him throw old boxes of junk the boss no longer wanted into the dumpster. He saved me the cutest little old white bowl and insisted to his dad that "Mom would want this!"

  16. I love those! I have several old windows stuck here and there also. They add so much character to a home.

  17. LUCKY! There are a couple of pictures of a transom window I painted back when Travis and I were first married in this post: http://bekwalesblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/spring-tablescape.html

    It's not fancy, but I bet YOU could parlay the idea into something spectacular. You are the Sign Queen, after all! :)

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  19. What a thoughtful boy you have!! I love old windows! I just hang them on my wall and put wreaths on them at Christmas! :) It looks like you have a lot of great ideas on here! I can't wait to see what you have come up with...

  20. What a great find! Here's a post I did not too long ago about how my friend used an old window as a frame for her child's artwork & memorabilia:

  21. Susie,

    Does he paint like his mama? Gotta love a guy that knows what matters!

    Your Friend,

  22. EXCUSE ME...Tell that son of yours not to forget his AUNT MISSY!
    Really those are great and I am sure you will do something wonderful with them!
    Maybe contribute them to the
    Acorn Cottage. (yeah I named it)

  23. Ok... love Miss Heidi perched on your couch. The mirrors - two probably isn't enough but perhaps you can find more (eventually?) and build one of those mini-greenhouse looking things I've seen online. Of course, I have no link and am being totally unclear. Hopefully you've seen them, too and know what I'm talking about (or someone with a better memory than I have left a comment earlier!!!) Enjoy. I actually felt a twinge of jealousy... :)

  24. Don't you love it when your loved ones start keeping their eyes out for stuff they know you could turn into a masterpiece? That was so sweet of your son. And really, you got two gifts in one. The windows and the bonus of the burlap. : )

    i have seen people use them to display photos or a piece of fabric they found on vacation.

  25. I used an old window to make a board over my desk. I used the leftover scraps of fabric from my bedroom pillows to make a quilt like backing. I love it! If you go to the link and scroll down, it's toward the bottom of the post. I'm doing one for my cousin for Christmas. I love your blog!!!

  26. I hope my little boy grows into a man who surprises his momma. :)

    Great window...the foundation for beauty -- no doubt you will make it dazzle. :)


  27. Oh how fun for you! My mom recently re-did a house and found some awesome windows in the house's basement. She kept all the old hard ware and gave them a new coat of paint, and antiqued them a bit. Then She had vinyl words printed (Thank heaven for little boys, There is always always always something to be thankful for, etc.) and put them on the window panes. She hung them from coordinating ribbon. They were SO cute! Have fun!

  28. I stumbled across your blog awhile ago, and I love your posts! I just had to comment on this blog because it made me think of my mother. She has tons of old windows, and she paints pictures on them. Usually Christmas pictures. They are so awesome! Hope you find the perfect inspiration!

  29. Here are 2 my daughter did


  30. That is the cutest dang smoochie muffin I have ever seen!

  31. I have done a few things, but no photos!

    I have attached vinyl letters to make a sign. I have printed out multiple pictures to use as a picture frame. I have "tiled" one large picture and used it as one large frame (if you use a landscape picture it's like you have a new view! :) and I have broken out the glass and attached chicken wire (or similar) to the back and used it as a pot rack.

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