The next 40 years...

                                                          Carpet in the bathroom?

                               Do you think our kid's will be laughing at our design choices?

                                                              Nawww I didn't think so ;)

                    I just so happen to be diggin' in my fathers attic and found some cool stuff.

                                  Some Better Homes and Gardens dating back to 1972!

                                                       Let's just say I was a baby :)

                                     I can spot a few things here that are making a come back.

                                                                    Can you?

                                                 This bathroom is not one of them ....hahaha!

                                        I always wanted a pink phone when I was younger.


                                               Just when we think we invented something cool...

                                                 A chalboard wall.... they did it years ago.

                                                God bless those woman who walked before us.
                                                                  ( love you momma)


                                Those pull-on Acrylic elasticized pants are looking pretty good.

                                      Maybe I had one too many cookies after dinner...ha!

                                                 Wonder what will "be" in the next 40 years?

                                                   Glad we can enjoy this journey together!



  1. So fun to find those magazines. I love looking at stuff like that.

  2. SO FUNNY. But jeepers, it's amazing to think that 1972 was nearly 40 years ago! How on earth did 40 years go by that fast??

    I have a stack of LIFE magazines from World War II. I love to sit and go through them. Looking at those wartime magazines really makes me thankful for the many things I often take for granted!

  3. I think everything comes around full long as it doesn't include avocado colored appliance, I am okay with it!!


  4. So fun. I love this walk through. What a neat treasure to find.

  5. I think I had that pant suit in the last pic. You see, when I first started teaching school in 1970 you could not wear pant to school to teach in unless it was a "Pant Suit" and bottom had to match!!

    Har Har Now, I know anything goes! I picked up my son from school one day and his teacher had on camo. I was not impressed...not professional looking AT ALL!!

    So I am old-school!! "72 sounds like a long time ago to you if you are young....but not to me.....I had married a year before! And we are coming up on number 40 in January! Come to think of it...IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME AGO!!!! Whew!

  6. OMG. Bathroom carpet. I laughed! All I can say is oh, yuck!

  7. To this day my mother insists on having carpet in her dressing area (where the closet and sinks are, NOT where the toliet is!) - third house she's done it in. It sounds yuck but it is FABULOUS! No cold feet in the winter when getting ready! Of course when it's just one person using the room it's not as bad as picturing a whole family using a bathroom with it!

  8. LOVE IT, I guess I am copying them with my new dough bowl and all the white ware dishes I have, us bloggers think we are so clever bu the truth is it has all been done before we are just a bunch of reinventors, but not inventors. Did you notice the tile wall in the top bathroom, yeah that has made a huge come back, we will keep our fingers crossed that the carpet does NOT. Thanks for sharing this it has put a smile on my face.

    BTW... the saying at my house is the only good snake is a dead snake, so I would have been afraid of that snake also.

    Have a great dear one, hope you and your sister enjoyed your day together.

    Cha Cha

  9. Thank you for the chuckles over breakfast this morning. A couple of observations....I want the bench and lantern in the one photo and notice the smallest size for the "italian" style pantsuit is a for me!

  10. This post was a treat. It reminds me of cleaning out my mom's garage and becoming wrapped in the the magazines I had to haul away. I spent hours pouring over old copies of Good Housekeeping.

  11. This post was a treat. It reminds me of cleaning out my mom's garage and becoming wrapped in the the magazines I had to haul away. I spent hours pouring over old copies of Good Housekeeping.

  12. This post was a treat. It reminds me of cleaning out my mom's garage and becoming wrapped in the the magazines I had to haul away. I spent hours pouring over old copies of Good Housekeeping.

  13. how fun! i was a toddler then :) i love looking back it is funny how things come back around. a bit scary too!! have a great weekend! susan

  14. I'm intrigued by that little side table in the chalkboard bedroom.... that bedroom that looks SO fresh and "right now." Amazing. We think we're so clever, but there really is nothing new under the sun. :)

  15. You did find a treasure! I am really thinking I might need some perma-creased pantsuits for a mere $22!

  16. Oh dear, I had forgotten about that bathroom carpet! I had it in "avacado green". It was almost like fake fur & you just trimmed it with scissors to fit the room. Pretty gross! And I too remember only being allowed to wear "pant suits" when I worked for Montgomery Ward credit card dept. I do miss old "Monkey Wards" & Sears catalogs. I used to do a lot of Christmas shopping that way.

  17. too funny! But I remember so many of those things...and to think it was such a cool thing to have carpet in your bathroom! Interesting to see the "timeless looks"

  18. I love old magazines...too funny about the carpet in the bathroom. My parents had that when I was younger. Hahaha...thank goodness they grew out of that. :)

  19. I love it!! Well, except for that bathroom! Yikes! It is so fun to see how things have changed and how some of them have made a full circle! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. It is funny how things come and go. I wonder what it will be in the generations to come.

    Our first house had rug in the kitchen. I hated it and we ripped it up right away.


  21. Susie, I just love looking at old magazines just to see what has become new again, just in a different way. History always repeats itself and it has been said that fashion repeats itself every 20 years. Wish I would have kept some of my old clothes and the clogs that are in fashion again. At least they made me look like I was taller-lol. Great pictures, but I too would pass on the chartruese green and yellow bath. Hugs, Pat

  22. What a fun find. It's funny how things come back in style. We had carpet in the master bath when we bought this house 11 yrs ago- It was a happy, happy day when we tore it up. I can't imagine who ever thought it was a good idea!

  23. what fun! i love looking at these things. i remember my mom scrimping and saving to be able to carpet OVER all of our hard woods. oh well.

  24. We had blue carpet in our bathroom when I was a kid. I thought it was so much more luxurious than my friends that just had linoleum. Now I am wondering what my mother- 4 kiddos in the house- was thinking. Germ city.

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