The Mac Daddy!

                                                     This is by far my largest sign ever!

                                                 It is the Mac Daddy of all my creations

                                                                        I LOVE IT!

                                 Inspiration came from an old dairy sign I found while surfing the web.


                                                            It measure 45 1/2 " x 24"

                                                               Mac Daddy  I tell ya!

                                               I often steer away from bold colors such as red ...

                                                          but this sign demanded attention.

                                                                        Bold it is!

                                       If you are like me and started looking around your house..

                                           searching for that sweet spot to hang such a sign...

                                                                    It's for sale!

                                                            $123.00 plus shipping

                                          If you should have any questions just email me.

                            Thought you might want to see what else  I have been working on.

                                              This sign was painted for the sweetest family.

                                                                     Thanks Lori!

                                      I plan on adding two more cup hooks to balance it out.

                                       I ran out but really wanted to share the pictures.

                                    So just imagine that it hangs even  from four hooks....K :)

                                                             And last but not least...

                                                                Fresh French Bread!

                                                           Now I'm good n hungry...ha~

                                                        This sign was painted for Liz

                                            Her blog always makes me feel right at home..

                                                       Hope you enjoyed the show!



  1. My Favorite so far...Rooms for Rent! I love it....Makes me think back to the Depression when people rented out rooms to boarders...Love It!

  2. YAY!!!! i LOVE it!!!! And thanks do much for linking to my itty bitty little baby blog. You are such an inspiration.

    Thanks again Susie!

  3. They're gorgeous! Love that dairy sign!!


  4. Love all your new signs. Especially the dairy one. I love RED! If we lived in an old farmhouse I would have it hanging in the kitchen.

    and yes, now thanks to the last sign I am good and hungry.

  5. you do great work Susie! Loved the show!

  6. The Rooms for Rent is very cute but my favorite is that Sealtest Sign and I love the red! You do such nice work. So talented!!

  7. You had me at french bread... hahaha Love it... Your dairy sign is amazing too the bold colors are perfect! I never met a Susie I didn't love...

  8. You've done an amazing job!! They look great!

  9. That is the Mac Daddy of signs! It is terrific!! I love the red, very much needed in that sign! All your signs are so great. love the French Bread one!!

  10. I love the Dairy sign. I just wish I had a spot for it!!!

  11. I do love it but I am still lusting after the vintage keys:)

  12. wow, i love all your signs

  13. Susie, All your signs are wonderful! I really love the dairy sign.
    xo, Sherry

  14. All of the signs are beautiful. However, as a carb lover, I especially like the french bread sign :)

  15. Oh I love them ALLLL!!
    The red is fab, I can't get enough red right now in my house. Plus the use of 2 different fonts too, I love the lot! x

  16. You are rolling out those signs! They look great! Jackie

  17. I love the red in the dairy sign. It is gorgeous!

  18. you are amazing!! These are all gorgeous! I love em!...and the "mac daddy"...WOW!

  19. YOU are amazing!! All of your work looks incredible and very professional. I just LOVE your style.


  20. I love these huge signs, great job.

  21. You are so incredibly talented! They are all fab! B x

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