Did you know Pottery Barn Offers Classes?

                               Did you know that Pottery Barn offers complimentary classes?

                                                                   I know.

                                   Next Sunday they will cover Holiday entertaining.

                                              I signed up and I'm so exicited!

     If you live in or near the Baton Rouge area and would love to learn a bit more on making

                                           a beautiful table Pottery Barn Style

                                                  Join my Sister and I next Sunday.

                                                          I would love to meet you~


  1. I love Pottery Barn and would love to be in Baton Rouge next week with you. How much knowledge could we all get from Pottery Barn people? A Lot I am sure.
    Those autumn wreaths are beautiful


  2. OMG, I'm almost tempted to make the 5+ hour drive for this class...however, it's my darling daughter's b'day so I'll be staying close to home. Have fun and can't wait to see/hear all about it!


  3. Wow! I wish I could go with you girls! I didn't know that they offered classes. Hope you have fun.

  4. Holy Cannoli! No I didn't know that, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  5. Ladies if you get email from then you should have been invited i think i had 3 invites emailed to me in last 2 weeks......

  6. I never knew that. Cool...but I think you could probably teach the class yourself.

    By the way...I mentioned your site in my blog post yesterday. :)

    Happy Frday!

  7. I used to teach them! The new manager decided to let everyone do it instead...I think she just didn't like that I set the bar high with coffee and muffins. My regulars have been asking where I went. :)

  8. Pottery Barn has so many ideas.I look forward to always looking through their books too! That would be great If i lived closer.My friend here in Phoenix is actually from Baton Rouge. Born and raised there.She has family there still.
    Enjoy your class.Please taks some pics if you can.
    Fun Finds 2 U...Chickie

  9. Enjoy Susie! I think they offer these in most cities. I first learned of them 3 years ago here in Orlando and have now gone to three: thanksgiving, Christmas and a beachy themed summer class.

    They are about an hour total and they used to have champagne/mimosas and nice breakfast treats, they don't any longer.

    Bring your camera, you'll want to take some pics of the final display for ideas. PB loves doing these classes because it means they have 20+ women to shop in their store afterwards. Who doesn't love Potterybarn?! I love visiting their 'sale' section. :)

  10. I did know that they offered classes....unfortunately, PB is 1 hr away from my house :( And waaaay to far away to join you and your sissy!! Have a blast with her and be sure to come back on here and tell us all the PB secrets ;)
    Happy Friday darlin'!!

  11. Jealous! I did a post about PB today too!

  12. I went to that class last year in OKC and it was totally HORRIBLE. Really. I was SO disappointed. The lady told us that she just found out the day before that she had to teach it. She said it like she was put out too. I just kept thinking, "HELLLLLLO. I could teach a PB course on decorating in 0.5 seconds notice if I was inside a store and had everything at my disposal!" I keep thinking I should try one more since I get those emails all the time, but that one was so bad that I have not brought myself to go back. (Sorry if it deflates your excitement. But I am anxious to see if it was just a bad one I went to.) And the items she (tried) to use, were not the uber cool PB items, but items you could get at any Wal-Mart. On the upside, they did give us a 10% off coupon for one item in the store. (No refreshments). I hope yours is great! Lori Lucas

  13. Suzie,

    Hope you have fun and get something out of it. Just keep in mind they are a store and their number one goal is to sell.

    Your Friend,

  14. Oh how I wish I could come, but we're on the other side of Louisiana. Post some pics when you get home!

  15. OOOh, thanks for this. Having my -inlaws over this year for the holiday.
    I would love to go to this and meet you and your sister, but I have an all day seminar to attend. : (
    take some good notes and share your wisdom.

    Im a blogging Newbie and am BLOWN AWAY by your BLOG! Its BEAUTIFUL!

    I have a GIVEAWAY, GIVEAWAY on my blog


    stop by:-)

  17. I had no idea that PB offered classes! That's awesome. If I lived in Baton Rouge I'd defintely be there and mainly to meet you. The PB class would just be a bonus! Y'all have fun!

  18. they are offering one in Portland tomorrow! I would LOVE to go, but it's in the middle of church and my hubs just got home from a long business trip. :( Oh well. Maybe the next one. Have a blast!!

  19. HOW FUN! I wish I could come!

  20. I love learning new things ... and if it is free and I get to take my sister along ~ even better. Thanks for sharing this great opportunity.


  21. If only I lived by one. Think the nearest is 10 hours away:(
    You'll just have to share for those of us that can't attend!

  22. I'm at Pottery Barn so often I'm surprised they haven't called security. I could live there I love it so much. Are those antlers on the table? I LOVE that!

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