A Corn Maze Called Lost?!

                       After church Sunday we rushed home to slip into shorts and flip flops.

                                                                      I know...

                                   Someone forgot to tell Louisiana it was fall already...ha!

                                    We headed over the river to a huge corn maze called LOST.

                     After the twist and turns we made it out only to run into this neat country road.

                                                      Maddy wanted to see where it lead...

                                                               Why not  we thought?

                                                             I mean pretty trees...and all..

                     I guess we should have turned back when we saw all of the CAUTION TAPE.

                                                                 Wouldn't you think?

                                       I just couldn't when I caught a glimpse of that vintage junk!

                                                                       Rusty stuff...

                                                                             Old Silo's

                                                 This ole' truck stopped me right in my tracks!

                                                                We walked a bit further..

                                                     I just could not bring myself to turn back.

                                                                  Even the 17 bug bites..

                                                The near death experience... (more on that later)

                                                                  Just look at this cool junk!

                                 I almost forgot that we paid 10.00 a head to walk thru corn.... ...ha!

                                                                  Spooky huh?... I know!

                                             We are not much on the spooky but I was loving this!

                                                            Until my near death ....OK..

                      It was only a grass snake Marc but it could still bite...I mean really!    Ha!

                                                        Upon this ...we turned back and got outta there!!!


                                                               Next stop...pumpkin patch!


                                                    Can you guess what pumpkin I brought home?

                                                                          It was a fun day!

Spooky Country Roads and All ~



  1. Susie,
    oh my gosh my heart is pounding! I mean weren't you afraid you were going to get slaughtered inside that bus? I think that was blood dripping down the front of that bus & those electrical wires were probably what they use to zap victims first!!!
    WHEW. The snake looks harmless compared to all that rusty stuff. I'm like you though, put up a "do not enter" sign and that is a definite invitation to me.
    Glad to see you made it out safe & sound.
    We were in a corn maze too, and it was hot TOO, but not so scarey! Stop by if you get a chance.
    Great to visit with you.

  2. Looks like it should've been a backdrop for a haunted hayride :) Creepy!!! Don't feel bad, my near death experiences include small, non-poisonous spiders! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy Halloween.

  3. Sounds like a great adventure and a fun family day too!!
    All but the snake part of course : )

  4. Love the rust, corn and pumpkins but like you SNAKE YIKES!!

    Great pictures Susie!!

  5. this sounds like a fun adventure! i love how serious your daughter looks while she is working on her pumpkin....major concentration.

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you still continued after seeing the caution tape! But I'm glad you did--those are some cool pictures you captured!

  7. Forbidden junk! Cool, glad you pressed on.

  8. What a great adventure, Susie!! I think the police tape would have stopped me in my tracks!

    Love your pumpkins. I'll bet you got the white, bumpy one! :-)


  9. Very cool. Love the old truck! No pumpkin patches here, we are just having to settle for the roadside stands. Have a blessed week. Jackie

  10. How fun!! I love the rusty old pick up truck! I would have been a little nervous over the BUS!!! Looks like blood running down the front!!

    Happy Halloween!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  11. i love old junk like that i'm always wondering what lies inside those old buildings? interesting in a creepy way! i love picking out pumpkins we still need to carve ours :)

  12. Bet you didn't know you could run so fast in flip flops... My heart beat a bit faster just looking at the pic!

  13. That is some very cool stuff! I would have done the same thing, but left after spotting that snake too!

  14. Oh my, what an adventure! I love that old truck~ but the bus would've put me over the edge! Glad that you are home safe and sound~

  15. What a neat, yet a little scary, adventure you all went on. How fun!

  16. Hey Susie,

    Im in Baton Rouge...would you mind sharing which corn maze you were at??? Looks beautiful and we were hoping to find one closer than Pine Grove!! Thanks!!!

  17. You are crazy girl. Glad you made it back to tell all. Love that pumpkin design - might have to borrow that one. Have a great week.

  18. Cool pics! We carved pumpkins this weekend too! Fun!

  19. What a fun adventure.... well, except for the snake.
    Glad you made it back to safety!

  20. What IS dripping down the front of that bus?! Was it part of the "display" or just random? That is creepy.....

  21. Lost is an apt name...I was half expecting to see the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on that bus or at the very least to see Jack a polar bear come strolling out of the bushes!
    P.S. I would have needed another pair of britches if I had a close enounter with a snake...even a little green one!

  22. Shorts and flip flops!!! We've got SNOW already! I know it - SNOW!!


    Looks like you went on a fun adventure!

  23. See, this is why I lov to live in Scandinavia..no snakes..well only 2spices, but they'll only bite like a beesting...
    Love your blog tune in every day;)

  24. Love the old junk! So cool! I'm curious as to what those small, round orange things are in your glass jar on your counter? I'm obscessed with glass jars and am always looking for new things to put in mine. :)

  25. Where was this? I just moved back to Louisiana and would love to go find that place and photograph it sometime.

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