The next 40 years...

                                                          Carpet in the bathroom?

                               Do you think our kid's will be laughing at our design choices?

                                                              Nawww I didn't think so ;)

                    I just so happen to be diggin' in my fathers attic and found some cool stuff.

                                  Some Better Homes and Gardens dating back to 1972!

                                                       Let's just say I was a baby :)

                                     I can spot a few things here that are making a come back.

                                                                    Can you?

                                                 This bathroom is not one of them ....hahaha!

                                        I always wanted a pink phone when I was younger.


                                               Just when we think we invented something cool...

                                                 A chalboard wall.... they did it years ago.

                                                God bless those woman who walked before us.
                                                                  ( love you momma)


                                Those pull-on Acrylic elasticized pants are looking pretty good.

                                      Maybe I had one too many cookies after dinner...ha!

                                                 Wonder what will "be" in the next 40 years?

                                                   Glad we can enjoy this journey together!



Today marks no special occasion.

No birthday.

No Anniversary.

No red tag sale.

Today is a gift.

A precious gift filled with forgiveness and wrapped in grace.

A needed gift I unwrap daily with joy!

Today I will enjoy it with my sister.

We will shop. Eat. Place flowers on our Brother's grave.

Today is a gift.

Share it with those you love

wont you~

A Corn Maze Called Lost?!

                       After church Sunday we rushed home to slip into shorts and flip flops.

                                                                      I know...

                                   Someone forgot to tell Louisiana it was fall already...ha!

                                    We headed over the river to a huge corn maze called LOST.

                     After the twist and turns we made it out only to run into this neat country road.

                                                      Maddy wanted to see where it lead...

                                                               Why not  we thought?

                                                             I mean pretty trees...and all..

                     I guess we should have turned back when we saw all of the CAUTION TAPE.

                                                                 Wouldn't you think?

                                       I just couldn't when I caught a glimpse of that vintage junk!

                                                                       Rusty stuff...

                                                                             Old Silo's

                                                 This ole' truck stopped me right in my tracks!

                                                                We walked a bit further..

                                                     I just could not bring myself to turn back.

                                                                  Even the 17 bug bites..

                                                The near death experience... (more on that later)

                                                                  Just look at this cool junk!

                                 I almost forgot that we paid 10.00 a head to walk thru corn.... ...ha!

                                                                  Spooky huh?... I know!

                                             We are not much on the spooky but I was loving this!

                                                            Until my near death ....OK..

                      It was only a grass snake Marc but it could still bite...I mean really!    Ha!

                                                        Upon this ...we turned back and got outta there!!!


                                                               Next stop...pumpkin patch!


                                                    Can you guess what pumpkin I brought home?

                                                                          It was a fun day!

Spooky Country Roads and All ~


The Mac Daddy!

                                                     This is by far my largest sign ever!

                                                 It is the Mac Daddy of all my creations

                                                                        I LOVE IT!

                                 Inspiration came from an old dairy sign I found while surfing the web.


                                                            It measure 45 1/2 " x 24"

                                                               Mac Daddy  I tell ya!

                                               I often steer away from bold colors such as red ...

                                                          but this sign demanded attention.

                                                                        Bold it is!

                                       If you are like me and started looking around your house..

                                           searching for that sweet spot to hang such a sign...

                                                                    It's for sale!

                                                            $123.00 plus shipping

                                          If you should have any questions just email me.

                            Thought you might want to see what else  I have been working on.

                                              This sign was painted for the sweetest family.

                                                                     Thanks Lori!

                                      I plan on adding two more cup hooks to balance it out.

                                       I ran out but really wanted to share the pictures.

                                    So just imagine that it hangs even  from four hooks....K :)

                                                             And last but not least...

                                                                Fresh French Bread!

                                                           Now I'm good n hungry...ha~

                                                        This sign was painted for Liz

                                            Her blog always makes me feel right at home..

                                                       Hope you enjoyed the show!


Wrapped in love?

                                   Our family woke to a beautiful crisp fall morning to find this..



                                        This is one of the joy's of having a senior in high school.

                                         They say you are really loved if your house is chosen.


                                 I'm still trying to figure out how to remove syrup from grout.

                                                              Any idea's.....ha?

                         One of the hoodlems involved in this act of love shared his story via Facebook.


                                        I thought the fair thing was to let his parents know..

                                            and share in the love by having him help clean.

                                              Can believe his Mom disagreed.  I know!

                                    That's ok because I have some of the best neighbors!

                                          We knocked this out in about 3 1/2 hours.

                                            My neighbors Rock!.....and thank you~

                                               Do you recognize this in the picture above?

                                                       It's broomhilda from last year.

                                            I'm so glad she was not injured in all of this...ha!

                                                                                   Tiny pieces of paper...

                                                     Add them all together and you get...


                               It's kinda pretty if you just sit back and watch it blow in the wind.

                                    So we spent some family/friend time picking up the love.

                                                We even laughed a little...ok.... a lot!

                                   Weird I know but that's how you have to Roll sometimes

                                                    When you have teenagers in the house.

                                                                      Rolling out~

                                                    ps... no more roll jokes....promise :)