Swamp People

Labor Day morning I woke to this.

We live on a large plot of family land that ends on a dead end street.

What a way to end a street :)

Jesse decided we needed to take a little morning stroll.

If you stay on these small canals they can take you about anywhere here in the deep south.


Along the way you may even  meet neighbors.

The kids and I had to giggle....

I think He should be on the Real Swamp People...ha!

He was catching turtles....BIG ONES!

We have been watching the new series Swamp People

Have ya'll seen it yet?

We really like the show and a lot of it is filmed very close to home.

We do have to laugh though...

They make us look .....well...

like we ain't got no school'n and are poor swamp rats...ha!!!
"just kidding"


So I was thinking if you really want to see some real swamp people

I would love to show you around  parts of

our swamp!

This is my neighbors house.

She pulled my wisdom teeth for me
(in her office of course) Ha!

This is the back of her house and let me just tell ya'll....

It is beautiful!!!

I would love to show ya'll more..

Maybe even do a video or two for ya'll.

I do love how the History Channel shares the "history" of our swamps.

We are so blessed to grow up in a state that has such a rich history.

So rich in fact you could make a Gumbo! :)

I'm proud to raise my children here as well.

Swamp People are some of the Hardest Working, Lord Fearing, Humble People I know.

Ok...ya'll I gotta go now sha
gotta head to de bayou and catch us some gator for supper....ha!
 (just kidding)

Later gators, Susie~


  1. That is too funny. My husband said just last night that Swamp People is his newest, most favorite show. What an absolute beautiful part of this Country you live in!!

  2. I've seen Swamp People! And thos post make sme hungry for turtle soup.

    I need to convince the hubby to move back to NOLA. Praying Daily!

  3. Funny, funny. Reminds me of the Cajun Night Before Christmas.

    Honestly, the area around your home is BEAUTIFUL! I know you're proud of your state--and with good reason. :)

  4. HAHA...Did the gators jump in to git ya in da boat? I rather eat fried nutria...LOL

  5. we love the swamp people show!! it's actually really interesting to me how they all have learned to live off of the land! i know that you guys enjoy your little piece of "swamp"...i am sure it's so nice!!


  6. Yes, saw the show the other night for the first time. We were dying laughing. I know though, that not all people are that way that live by the swamps! A very entertaining show!

  7. Susie, we watched the show last night and it was pretty interesting and I thought of you. You can tell they work hard and are a real community. Loved the post.

  8. I watched my first episode today!
    My coworkers have been raving about it & I have to say it was hilarious & educational at the same time! I loved it!
    I just had to close my eyes when they would shoot the gators! lol
    I'm a wienie!

  9. Hi Susie,

    I recently sent you an email asking a couple questions about your "I AM" sign. Well, I figured it out and made a sign of my own thanks to your inspiring idea and tutorial.

    Here is the link if you want to take a look...


    Have a great day!

  10. It is our new favorite show! Being from rural TN, we are just as country and real. It's like watching a few of our friends on HD. Enjoy and be proud of where you're from! Thanks for sharing!

  11. There is something about canals/creeks/swamps that I love. It's like a water road. :)

  12. My husband and I love that show. The people on that show are so humble and good. Just a little hard to understand.

  13. Haven't seen it- but definitely love YOU and where you live! :-)

  14. I love SWAMP PEOPLE. This is a great show and one of my favorites (along with Pawn Stars). I love that you are boating in your back yard. LOL SEa Witch

  15. Hey, Susie-Q! I love this! The swamps are beautiful! They remind me of the low country in SC. Great pics! And, we have not watched "Swamp People" yet! I'll tell the boys!

  16. You are too funny!! I love that show. At first I didn't know what to think but it has grown on me. They are hard working and genuine people. Although sometimes I need subtitles! :) I would love to see more of where you live because it is such a beautiful part of our country!

  17. The name of your post totally captured my eye this morning. Our family loves that show!!! We tape the all of their episodes. Being from Louisiana myself, the part I'm from (Bossier/Shreveport area)is nothing like your neck of the words. We don't have to drive very far to find a swamp if we need too. I too love the people in the south. They will give you the shirt off their back in a second if needed. This country needs more people like that who know how to work and see the good in others and ask for nothing in return. I'm proud of my heritage as well. Thanks, for sharing all those gorgeous pictures and for making me laugh.

  18. We love that show too. I remember going to the Kliebert gator farm in Ponchatoula when I was a kid. Bruce on the show runs that place. It's nearby and he "hunts" near where we fish on the lake. That's pretty cool.

    I don't know who makes us Louisiana people look worse, Swamp People or Billy the Exterminator. LOL

  19. Looks like a fun ride. Hope you had a great labor day weekend. Jackie

  20. Great post about the beautiful swamps. It is funny how the reality shows portray certain parts of the country, with yours being one of them that is easy to poke fun.

    I'm from West Virginia where the hillbillies live and we don't wear shoes or have teeth! LOL.


  21. You're a hoot! I love this post. What beautiful photographs and such a gorgeous place to live. I wanted to also say; I'm from Texas but I now live in Australia. Whenever the news shows a tornado and they pick people to interview -- ugggh...I get so embarrassed; my hubby laughs at me. "Give us a little Texan talk hunny"; I often here. So, know where you're comin' from. They pick the best people for reality t.v. Don't they?

  22. Haven't seen the show but sure need to check it out. Looks like ya'll have a lot of fun in your neck of the woods.

  23. Okay, now you have my curiousity up! I will have to watch Swamp People.

  24. Swamp People is a regular show at our house....I'm sure you are all nice folk! Lovely way to enjoy a morning!!

  25. I've never heard of Swamp People but I will have to ask hubby...he loves the History Channel. It should be fun to watch since we aren't from the South, we're from Chicago {you know...where all that crime is at!}! lol!


  26. Ewww, I love that show, and I would have a ball hanging out with those guys!! They dont sit around and piss and moan like alot of people on reality shows,they are making a living for their families and feeding them well! We are "red neck hillbillies" around our neck of the woods, thank you very much. I guess, it is what it is. You live in a beautiful place, so truly beautiful.

  27. I have not seen that show, because I rarely look at TV. The only thing I would not like about the swamps are the snakes. I am terrified of snakes!!! Other than that, your pictures are so pretty. You live in a beautiful state. I'd love some gumbo right now. YUM!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  28. Ha! Yeah that show is funny.

  29. I don’t think it made them seem uneducated, just real. I really enjoyed watching the one episode I saw, and thought it was a neat take on the gator hide industry. The episode I watched at the Italian leather designer, and I could tell that the boat owner was just sick when he heard that they could get $40,000 for a jacket. Especially since I think he was only getting around $100 per gator. I liked the guy that hunted with his dog.

  30. We enjoy that show, and your scenery is gorgeous! I live in Florida & we have some pretty swampy areas, too. I grew up around it & I wish my kids could.

  31. I haven't heard of that new show yet "Swamp People!" But if I run across it, I'll definitely check it out. It intrigues me since I saw my first swamps this summer. :)

    I'm a "western" girl!

  32. love reading your blog, miss Baton Rouge(lived 4 years).
    I now root for LSU & Saints. ha- have been loving swamp people, knowing that just as real as the guys on the show are, so are the folks like you and your 'kin'. !
    btw, love the new paint color in the kitchen!

  33. I love LA. And no, I don't mean L.A. : ) My aunt used to live in Alexandria and we visited her only once, but I fell in love with the state. I have never been back since then, and that was thirty years ago! Pretty sad that I only live four hours from it and I haven't gone back! I'd love to explore those swamps with you! Just make sure to tell the gators and snakes to take a nap while I'm there. : )

  34. i've not seen the show but sounds interesting i bet the kids would love it! i hope you had a good week!! susan

  35. How lucky you are to have that in your back yard!!! I'm so jealous. We watch Swamp People--love it, in fact!! We thought perhaps we were the only ones watching!!

  36. The Swamp People are good people! Hard working, living off the land, and preserving an old way of life!

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