Never Say Never

                                                                My husband is from Arkansas.
                                                               This man loves his SEC and his...


                                         He moved from Arkansas to Louisiana to attend Louisiana Tech.
                                     Six years and his Masters later he moved to the deep south for a job.
                                  (little did he know he was geting more than a great job...he found me)...ha!

                       This man that adores his Hogs has done something  many people could not do.
                                                                He attends LSU Games!!!
                                                  This is him below watching the LSU game.

                          NOTE:    He is wearing purple and gold and watching from the corner of his eye...ha!

                                                                            But Then...

                                                                        Can you see it?
                                                     An Alabama guys shows up at the party?


                                                         Talk about insult to injury...ha!!!

                       Bless his heart. He was just getting over that loss enough to take out in public...ha!


                                         He smiles through the pain and enjoy's good friends and cajun food!

                                                             I guess you can never say never.

                                                                  After all it's just a game

Don't tell my family


I think he is wishing



that one day maybe

Maddy will be a HOG too!

I love my husband and his SEC football

and the crazy hog hat in the closet

and the Razorback pillow case he sleeps on every night

and the floor mats in our car...

Oh I could go on... :)

I love you babe....Hogs and All~


  1. My husband is a Texas fan so he can relate to your husband's pain. At least the Razorbacks had a close game. I have a feeling it's going to be a not fun year to be a longhorns fan :)

  2. My husband is a native Arkansan, too. . . he grew up listening to Razorback games on the radio. Boy, I really thought they might break Bama's winning streak on Saturday!

    I think Arkansas must be a great place, because it sounds like you've got a winner there. . . and I know I do! :)

  3. I can feel your husbands pain! I was a Hogs fan for about 3 hrs on Saturday even though they had just beaten my beloved Dawgs the week before :(

    There is nothing better than some SEC football!! And as always, GO Dawgs!

  4. That is so great!! Poor guy had to look at that mans shirt the whole night! My friends hubby is a HUGE Michigan fan! It is so fun to see him on game days and the days that follow depending on the outcome! Fans are the greatest!

  5. Too funny. Since we moved to Arkansas 8 years ago, we've met many Hog fans. But has he taught you to do the call? LOL

  6. Love this post! I am a very proud Razorback, born and raised in Arkansas! Sadly, my dad did not see his dream of me being an Aggie...his whole side of the family are all Aggies. I have to admit that I'm impressed your hubby can stand to wear purple and gold...I don't think I could wear another logo or colors of any other team!

  7. Thanks for understanding your husbands need for a few razorback paraphernalia around the house. Hog love runs deep and you just can't stiffle it!!

  8. Poor guy. I'm a lone Saints fan here in SoCal so I know it's tough. My parents both work for LSU-SD so I know the obsession well.


  9. Sittin here in my hog shirt feeling your hubs pain! Hope y'all can get up here to at least watch us tear up Ole Miss!

  10. What a dedicated fan! :)

    By the way, I absolutely loved your popcorn ball idea...thinkin' I might just have to copy that one!

    Have a beautiful day!

  11. My husband had the opportunity to visit the Razorbacks stadium several years ago on an internship where he traveled the south! He's a big football fan, but being in the NW, we are Ducks fans!! :)
    Have a great day~

  12. Big Hog fans here...UofA alumni! That game hurt=)...!

  13. We are Razorbacks too!!!!
    A girl that I grew up with and her husband are the care takers of Tusk, the Razorback mascot, tell your husband I will tell her to give Tusk a smooch for him!!!

  14. Oh my goodness! I live in Arkansas but am from Kansas. The Razorbacks are like a religion out here. We had the privlidge of going to a game 2 years ago with friends and were in awe of all the RED, LOL. It was lots of fun. The state almost shuts down on game day. Boys and their sports, hehe

  15. WOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOIEEEEEEEE RAZORBACKS! We love our HOGS!!! You have yourself a good man.

  16. Love your blog!
    We spent a wonderful week in Arkansas.
    Everyone we met was hospitable and full of suggestions about more fun things to do or beautiful places to go...or terrific barbeque places that were a must to visit.
    It was a great game but I felt your pain for the first 3 quarters... Roll Tide....I hope the rest of the year goes well for the hogs. They are good and fun folks!
    SEC football is the best!

  17. My SIL is the only Alabama fan in our family and he and a friend traveled to Arkansas last weekend for the game....tonight I reminded him how Arkansas dominated that game, at least until the end. We are all Auburn fans in this house! Not too fond of LSU though but I would have loved to see Arkansas beat Alabama (they really didn't look like No. 1 did they?)


  18. Sounds like my hubby. Florida State all the time. When we moved to Georgia we would drive 4 hrs one way to watch the Seminoles play.

    We pay for games since we live in northern KY. Now we are moving to SC and we can't stand the SC coach Steve Spurrier since he was the FLorida coach. God love your hubby for pulling for LSU!

  19. I was just perusing your blog and loved your cake banner! I want to do one for my daughter's first birthday coming up.

    THEN~ I saw your post about your Hog Hubby, and I am now eternally devoted to your blog! I am an Arkansan-born-and-raised!! I moved to Colorado 7 years ago and although I DON'T miss the SPIDERS or the humidity...I sure miss the HOGS! :)

  20. Susie,
    I've been reading your blog a long time did I miss that your DH is from Arkansas??? I live in Arkansas, but I have family in Louisiana. My mother grew up in Welsh, so we spent many summer vacations there as well as in Baton Rouge, where my uncle still lives. His son-in-law makes the best Jambalaya in Louisiana!

    I so enjoy reading about all of your creative ideas and love your crazy wit too!

    GO HOGS! Wooooooo-Pig-Sooooie!!!

  21. Mr.CC and I are both HUGE Auburn fans and I guess it's just the SEC in us that makes us a little crazy!!!


  22. I don't even know the man but I know your husband rocks! Wooooo Pig Sooie!

  23. We are all Bama, all the time around here. When we were in a slump a few years back my hubby was a pill to deal with. Praise the Lord we have been doing so well in recent years...ROLL TIDE!

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