Bearing Gifts!

My Dad travels.

A lot!

He goes to far away places.

Try's the food and loves it!

Rides on buses for 11 hours

just so he can climb mountains for three days.


I forgot to mention he is in his 70's.

I know~

(This trip took him to Peru for a month.)

With those travels he always seems to find room for treasures.

This time around it was a copper pot.

I loooove copper pots!

My collection is now up to three... Thanks Dad!

He meets friends and they send treasures too.
(Thanks Ernesto)!

Ernesto made this journal by hand.
I will be keep this one dear to my heart :)

 The kids recieved hats/gloves
made from Alpaco's (not sure on the spelling)

If it was only about 30 degrees cooler ...ha!

I have to tell ya'll my heart hurt lastnight.
The tooth fairy came for the very last time.
Madison had her last two baby teeth pulled yesterday.
She will be getting braces soon.

Working on a DIY

I know!

I miss them too!
 Make someones day....give them a smile :)


  1. Love the gifts!
    We're going through the tooth fairy issue now too. Gracie just had 3 teeth extracted this morning & she had 3 last Thursday. Now we just wait for the others to come in then it's braces time for her as well.
    Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

  2. i did not not know that the last two would be as hard as losing the first, but i can absolutely see why.

  3. HI Susie! Oh, what a sweet daddy you have and I love your sweet copper pot!
    Aww, no more tooth fairy!! Your little tiny one is growing up! She's such a pretty little thing! :)
    Is she going to get fun colors on her braces? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I am in awe that your father travels to far away places and is so active in his 70's! That is AMAZING! Love the gifts he brought back for all of you...that was so sweet!

  5. Susie, Love the copper gift! Cooking with copper is a dream!!!
    So sweet of Ernesto. I'm sure you are going to put something so special in that treasure.
    I saved all of my kids baby teeth and one day my son found all of his! I had to tell him I loved them so much that the kind tooth fairy let me have them. They still sit in the bottom of my jewerly box in a little envelope. Some of the things we keep!!! I still remember those darling little teeth wiggling in my kids mouth. I did not however keep my son's braces! Thank goodness.
    Love those babies up, the grow so fast.
    What a nice stop, and a most sweet memory.

  6. Gifts from far away places...Lucky girl. And Madison just gets more and more pretty each time we see her. ...another lucky girl!

  7. Love the copper pot! I would love to have one! Every time my best friend and I are out shopping together and we run across a copper pot, we say "EVERY GOOD COOK DESERVES A COPPER POT!" It's from a line in the made for tv Martha Stewart movie starring Cybil Shepherd. So overly dramatic.

    I grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and the Hibernia mug on the table by your daughter made me smile! Is Hibernia still around?

  8. Your dad sounds so spry!! And adventurous!! I wish I could have tagged along. I love copper pots, too!!

    I feel for you about the tooth fairy. I saved my kids teeth and then I got them mixed up with puppy teeth...oh well, they all mean a lot to me! Good luck to Madison with her braces. The colored rubber bands are fun! :-)


  9. I hope to be adventurous like your Dad some day! Great gifts!

  10. Your dad! What a guy! Not surprised to hear it, though--I mean, look how his daughter turned out!!

    And now you're bringing along the next generation--and just look what a great job you're doing. :) Even if all the baby teeth are gone!

  11. You have the perfect spot for those copper pots....your Dad sounds amazing! What a fun life he is leading and the stories & adventures he can tell his Grandchildren.

  12. Smiling at you right now. Can you see it?

    What a dad!

  13. Miss Susie..I love your gifts...You are blessed to have your Daddy...all healthy and full of life...:)

    I remember a post you did with him...He is a doll! :) I guess you get it from him...:)

    Awww....the last 2 teeth...It does hurt to know they are not little anymore......Your a great Mama! And maybe someday they will have a blog of their own...writing about how wonderful you are!

    Stop in and see a trunk I found with a Dad's initials...:( I miss him so...Hugs to you and thanks for a smile :-)Meme

  14. I'd loooooove a copper pot collection! Jealous! : )

    And it does hurt as the kiddos get older...I just realized this week that my son is as tall as my step-mother. Granted, she is short, but still....

    Love those hat and gloves on Maddy! I'm ready for those temps!

  15. We are both blessed, Susie. My dad is 80 and went to Nepal last year, climbing in the mountains, to train Nepali pastors. He has more energy than me.

    Love the picture of your dad, carrying that pot home for you in his luggage. Go, dad.


  16. Beautiful gifts to treasure! Good for you dad!! That is amazing that he can enjoy so many wonderful things and share them with you and your family!

    Oh no, braces! We are slowly approaching that time too with my daughter. I am thinking that she will have to have her last baby teeth pulled as well. She is NOT happy about that!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  17. your dad is a sweetie to bring back some goodies for you and the family.
    last tooth fairy visit...ahhh, she is growing up. they seem to grow up too fast, don't they?

  18. I love the copper pot, but I have always wanted a genuine Peruvian ski hat.
    She'll really appreciate having had the braces, when she is older.

  19. Hi Susie-
    I was going to buy some of your spools the other day, but then I hesitated and now they're not listed anymore! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if you still have any more I'd like to buy a couple. You may be sold out though, just let me know.


  20. how funny my oldest just lost her last two baby teeth to get her braces! how sweet of your Dad! hope you are well!! susan

  21. how funny my oldest just lost her last two baby teeth to get her braces! how sweet of your Dad! hope you are well!! susan

  22. hey stranger friend....can I be your dad? I don't think I could climb a mountain and I am a lot younger than him. :) And oh...saying good bye to the tooth fairy? My time is coming soon enough. :)

  23. Hola Susie, great presents all the way from Peru!!! one of my neighbours. They make great alpaca knittings, wonderful.
    cariños from Chile,
    maria cecilia

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