Making Cakes Fun!

                                                                Somedays just call for cake!

                                                                    Why not make it fun?

                                                I had a large supply of posies left over from here.

                                          They were just the colors I was looking for.

                                            I took them apart and made these below.

                                                          Laid them on some string.

                                  Thank goodness Madison had her booksack handy....ha!

                                                       Then I glued those babies down!


                                                  I used some fruit kabob stick thingamagies.

                                                                 Tied on a cute bow.

                                                      Ya'll this is soooo much fun to make!

                                                                         So easy !

                                          I made a box spice homemade here..ha!

                                                    Talk about making your home smell great!

                                                            I then stood back and smiled :)

                                                                 It looked so sweet there...

                                                              I felt so Susie Homemaker'ish ..

                                                             Then Kaylee came home....

                                           Got all excited because I made Cake

And then she found out it was spice!!!


Mom know I hate spice!

Looks like more cake for me...



Never Say Never

                                                                My husband is from Arkansas.
                                                               This man loves his SEC and his...


                                         He moved from Arkansas to Louisiana to attend Louisiana Tech.
                                     Six years and his Masters later he moved to the deep south for a job.
                                  (little did he know he was geting more than a great job...he found me)...ha!

                       This man that adores his Hogs has done something  many people could not do.
                                                                He attends LSU Games!!!
                                                  This is him below watching the LSU game.

                          NOTE:    He is wearing purple and gold and watching from the corner of his eye...ha!

                                                                            But Then...

                                                                        Can you see it?
                                                     An Alabama guys shows up at the party?


                                                         Talk about insult to injury...ha!!!

                       Bless his heart. He was just getting over that loss enough to take out in public...ha!


                                         He smiles through the pain and enjoy's good friends and cajun food!

                                                             I guess you can never say never.

                                                                  After all it's just a game

Don't tell my family


I think he is wishing



that one day maybe

Maddy will be a HOG too!

I love my husband and his SEC football

and the crazy hog hat in the closet

and the Razorback pillow case he sleeps on every night

and the floor mats in our car...

Oh I could go on... :)

I love you babe....Hogs and All~

A Trick Or A Treat?

For those of you like me and want to look like you spent hour's in the kitchen....

read on..

Popcorn balls are so much fun but who has time to make them?

So I bought a case of 20 for $5.00 and

shared 1/2 the box with my sister.
(I can't wait to see how she uses her's)

I then found this super sweet wire basket at Wal mart.

$5.00 ya'll!!!!!

I can tell I will use this basket

a plenty!

Ran a bit of fun ribbon thru it.

Nothing say's homemade like a sweet cellophane bag with ribbons attached!

It was so much fun mixing the ribbons!

Now that you have your basket good n full..

Stand back and enjoy!

Your family will think you are the greatest..ha!

Trick or Treat

Signs and My Shop

Thought you may want to take a peek at my latest sign.

It may look a bit familiar to you.

(love the look of a smaller hanging sign)

Have you guessed yet?


If you guessed Layla's sign you are right :)

I feel so blessed to be able to share my passion of vintage inspired signs with many of you!

Thank You!

I know many of you may be wondering where did my Etsy go.

I'm working on building a new site for my signs.

I'm hoping to add it directly on my blog so it will make it eaiser for you.

Till then if you should have any questions or need a sign just email me.....ok.

Wanna know my all time favorite sign I have ever painted?

It's not fancy...

In fact it's just a  few simple words....

I thought about replacing it with a new fun sign for Maddy's new school house.

Then I decided to leave it up there.

Maybe those words will be etched into her and her class mates hearts.

Success is wonderful and we all want to achieve it...

but without being a man of Value....we have nothing.


little people.

                                           You may recall my little cottage.

                                                         Cute huh?
                                                 Keep that thought....ok

                                               Let's fast forward to today.
                                                        My Kitchen.
                                             I'm back to painting in here.

Why you may ask?

Well....let's just say

some  little people have taken over.

Can you guess?

You got it!

That little person would be Madison.

She has decided that our neighborhood


need some extra schoolin' ha!

I love that she wants to become a Teacher!

I did too when I was her age.

So now my work table is her students desk.

My loft full of fluffy blankets...

her reading room :)

So for now I guess my "new chippy paint windows"


and stain glass will have to wait.

I will have the rest of my life to play in that cottage...
 for now my little girl
is busy being a little girl.

Till then I will just paint happily right here in my kitchen.

Have a fun weekend!

Play like a kid :)