One thing leads to another....

I painted with Martha this weekend!

I had to laugh when I purchased her paint though...

even her paint cans are pretty!

It almost reminded me of a box of chocolates... almost....ha!


So here is what I have so far.

I am really loving the look of the gray beside my stainless.

SHARP!  I tell ya~


Then you throw in the color of my walls...

and it's another story.

I know!

My pretty blue walls turned green.

I was not a bit surprised though.

I am going to try a little paint trickery...

yes I am!
(more on that to come)

See how pretty the gray is!


Can you see another problem?

Look to the right of the photo below.

My cream trim and lower wall

turned to butter.

Oh yes it did!




Here is what I'm gonna do.


Are ya'll tired yet?

I know I am.

One thing I have learned about painting.

One Thing Always Leads To Another...ha!

ps... did I mention that I have the best husband in the world?
well...I do.

Later Gators...I have me some paintin' to do :)


  1. LOVING the gray!!!!! would love to do my kitchen cabinets....but, ceramic tile on floor is off/white tan....drat....will have to roam the house....surely I can fit gray in somewhere.
    It looks amazing!!!!

  2. Love that gray..and boy do I know how one thing leads to another. I had fabric to make a quilt for several years. Finally finished the quilt with shams, throw pillows the whole nine yards, recently. Of course I had to paint the bedroom walls, and new drapes of course. Well, I finished this week and wouldn't you know, even though I planned so well, the walls and drapes do nothing for the quilt.......So what's a girl to do??? Make another quilt I'd say.

  3. The gray is the perfect shade, of course Martha would have perfect colors! Crazy how it makes the other colors change. Can't wait to see what you do!


  4. I love the gray! You are so right about one thing leading to another! I painted the bricks white on my hearth and then needed to paint the mantle. Right now, it is 5 different colors and I can't get it quite right. Why do we start these things???

  5. Love it.... it's goiing to look great :)

    Kathy :)

  6. Wow, that is some magical paint! I love the gray, though.

  7. I bet it will be BEAUTIFUL when you are through!♥

  8. ever since i saw someone else's gray cabs, {maybe featured here on ur blog}i wished i could have some gray cabs! but i was afraid my cream walls in the kitchen would turn to butter too! and i'm not ready for all that work right now,i've got a lot on my plate, starting my biz. but you GO girl! the cabs look amazing! can't wait to see the rest, i know i'll be inspired!

  9. Your cabinets look amazing!

  10. Very cool to see white take a step down for a refreshing change! Can't wait to see this one completed. :)


  11. LOVE LOVE the gray!! So pretty! And you are SO right, when painting one thing ALWAYS leads to another....I just brace myself for it going in!

    Can't wait to see what trickery you have up your sleeve...

    Lou Cinda ;)

  12. I love the gray!!! It is sooo pretty!!! Great job!!

  13. Oh Susie, sounds like the domino effect is happening. They gray looks beautiful on the cabinets. Wondering what your paint trickery is you will do to make the blue not look green.

  14. Gosh, Susie! It's amazing how the grey cupboards affected the other colors in the room! Looks like you'll be needing Martha help you change a few more little things in your pretty kitchen!

  15. you are a painting queen!!

  16. Love the gray cabinets. Wow, it is funny how one color changes the look of another color. That's a lot of painting. Good luck. Can't wait to see it all done. Hugs,Marty

  17. Hi Susieness! Oh, I adore your grayness of cabinets! It's so pretty! Yep, I thing does lead to another. You're going to be the busiest little thing! Take your vitamins! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Good luck & happy painting!

    Want to come paint my place next? I only have four rooms left.. ; ) Sigh.

  19. Kind of like "if you give a mouse a cookie" never ends, you are right!

  20. The gray looks GREAT! Sorry about the green and cream you didn't know you had. I have a can of gray waiting on me to open it (living room).

  21. The gray looks great Susie!
    That's the wonderful thing about paint... You can change the look of a whole room for a decent price!

    Keep on keeping on!


  22. Question: I have painted do you keep the paint from getting scratched off? or are you constantly touching them up, too?

  23. The gray looks scrumptious. I have August Fields kitchen dancing thoughts in my head of our next home.....I did not know I could love a kitchen of gray more than white.....I LOVE IT!


  24. I am thinking I need to just leave mine alone. I have too much other stuff I need to paint before I start painting things over.Ha Ha

  25. I so bad want to paint my kitchen cabinets... even though the house is only a year and a half old (is that bad??) I think I have a sickness. And this post made me jealous... I love how they turned out!!

  26. Oh Susie I feel your pain!!!!! I just painted my lower cabinets are grey/green and had to paint my cream top ones white as well as my yellow walls and cream trim!!! I wanted to anyway, but I really saw how much different colors change other colors in the room!!! I think I have to paint my cream hutch now too!!! One thing DOES lead to another when you paint!!!!

    I love you cabinets by the way, they turned out beautiful!!!

  27. I think my husband is the best husband. Less than a month after painting at least 10 samples of colors on my bedroom wall, we settled on BM Bennington Gray and painted the whole room. I really liked it but had wanted a greenish bluish color but couldn't find the right one. After reading your post on finding the perfect blue, I thought Gray Wisp might be what I was looking for. It is and we're repainting this weekend!

  28. LOVE that shade of gray, good choice! I have no doubt you'll work your magic and pull it all together.

  29. Picking out paint colors is so hard. Hope your project turns out just as you hope. Happy painting.


  30. You are SO brave to paint your cabinets!! They turned out great! I never would have thought that gray would look SO good. Happy painting!

  31. Ooooh..I Luv Luv Luv the gray! And I know what you mean, paint colors can be so tricky! I cant wait to see the end result! :)


  32. Love the gray! I wish I were brave enough to tackle my oh so ugly oaky cabinets. I hope you share a tutorial.

  33. that gray, or is it grey? anyway, humina humina - it is FAB! can't wait to see the final. I luv ur sense of color...

  34. LOVE the cabinets!!! I know what you mean about one thing leading to another. I'm painting my kitchen and game room right now- which has led to me realizing that the doors and trim now look drab and that I no longer like the color in the connecting room and so on and on it goes!! ;) Thank goodness i've got a great hubby too!

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