Oh My Lordie and WD-40!

This has occupied our bedroom for a week now.

Many people have asked me how in the world do I manage to do it all?

The answer is...

I Don't.

After trying to stretch a  second coat of paint out of one gallon
(I'm frugal like that)
I have come to the conclusion it's just not going to happen.
So today I bought gallon number two.

Gallon number two and roller ready...

I came home to an OVEN.

I mean so hot you could fry green tomatoes HOT!

Oh my Lordie!

So why am I sharing this?

Because it's life.

MY life.

So often  (myself included) we visit other bloggers
and wonder why our life doesn't measure up.

Oh but it does!

Even when the air breaks ...ha!

We all have those day's.

 Where does the WD-40 come in?

It doesn't but I thought I would leave you with a neat tip I heard about.

Do you have hard water build up on your shower doors?

I did.
um ...gross.

Want to see?

 Have a look at the picture below...

Did you see the clean spot?

Take a closer look below.

Can you see it now?


It really works!


Much better.

 Now I have to go and sit back by the fan till the AC guy comes.

God bless him!



  1. Oh my goodness...you crack me up! Didn't know about the WD-40 tip...thanks for sharing....hope your ac gets fixed pronto!

  2. love this post! nice to know that everyones house is not perfect ALL the time!!! whoo-hoo! and awesome tip on the w-d 40...I really, no REALLY need this tip!!!! :)

  3. WOW! I am so glad to know about this....

    I used toilet bowl cleaner, and it worked like a charm except that I did it barefoot and had to call poison control because it has hydrochloric acid.....SO WD-40 SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER! :) So excited to try it haha!

  4. I love how you keep it real!
    Now I have to go to the garage and find that WD-40!!!!

    Hope you get to cooling off real fast.


  5. Miss Susie may I share with you a less stinky tip?? BABY OIL, my mom used to do this on our shower growing, I thought it was weird, until I had a shower... Simply rub baby oil on the glass and not only does it look beautiful, it smells good and repels water for awhile...

  6. Thanks for being real! I, too, have stopped by blogs and wonder do they ever spend time with their children, or is their house always clean, do they not have other things to do?!?! It's nice to know life happens!

  7. WD-40 is great! My husband has tracked automotive grease and oil as well as ROOF TAR through my carpet and it actually got it out. It also works if you have crayon in your dryer not that I ever did but I just know ;)

  8. hope you get your AC fixed ASAP! good tip, I will have to try that on my dirty shower door!

  9. Im gonna stick with the idea that you are perfect ....cuz I know I am too (haha-yeah right!)
    Thanks for the cool tip on the WD-40. Im sooo gonna use that!
    And I swear I didnt mean to throw in "cool"...hehehe

    Have a wonderful Wednesday Hot Stuff!!

  10. Thanks for keeping it real!!! It is lovely when someone brings this kind of honesty

  11. Couldn't have said it better:0) Thanks for the great tip too! I hope you get your AC fixed soon!

  12. Girl...you want it real?? Ok then lets keep it real. I am MAD, I am your sister (by blood), How long have you known about the WD-40 thing? You did not share I had to read it here!!! Now I am not mad but sad, yes broken hearted that you did not share with me first.
    For god sakes woman you HAVE seen my shower door!! Well you can make it up to me...You can come clean mine cause ya know i dont have no WD40...LOL LOVE YOU SO MUCH. (Just keepin it real)

  13. Thanks for the WD-40 tip! I clean houses and that is the one thing I've never figured out how to clean...can't wait to try it! Best tip I've gotten all year!! :)

  14. Aaaaaaaaack!!! Yesterday for the first time in about 100 years I scrubbed my glass shower walls. And they still look like crap. Now, I will do it again. You rock! Hope you got the AC fixed!

  15. Well, that's a neat tip. Hope that A/C is fixed soon.

  16. HI Susie! Poor thing. Hope your air gets back on soon! It's horribly hot here too! Now you are the smartest little one - WD 40 ~ who would think? I'm going to try it. I like the smell too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I feel you pain. Our a/c broke during Katrina and wasn't replaced til the following JULY!

    I just emailed a list of uses for WD40... it's way too long to list them all on here.

  18. So sorry about the A/C. I wilt like old lettuce when it gets above 85 up here. I can't imagine your temps without A/C! Hope it gets fixed VERY soon.

    Enjoying the WD-40 comments. I think I might have to do a bit of research, see what else it does. WD-40 is one of the two necessities in a man's life after all - WD-40 & duct tape. If it doesn't move & should, WD-40 and if it does move and shouldn't - duct tape. Read that somewhere recently...

  19. You crack me up!! Few of us have it"all together" so why do we always think everyone does? I'm working on being happy with me and how god created me to be!!
    Love the WD-40 tip I bet it would work on those ugly tub kit stains too : )

  20. Thanks for the tip - how do you get the rusty stuff off the plastic at the bottom of the shower (does that make sense?) Sorry about your AC - thanks for sharing!

  21. Great tip! Hope your air is back on soon!

  22. Oh, bless your heart! I keep thanking the Lord for our air conditioner!

    WD-40 is awesome!

  23. you poor sweaty thing! i hope they got it fixed! if not, i am coming over for some fried green tomatoes! yum! xo

  24. Man, it is too hot to be without an air conditioner...I hope the AC guy drove like a madman to rescue you...I'm sure he made it his number 1 priority. LOL.

  25. I came home from church a couple of wednesdays ago, and my air was out too, so I do know how you feel. Fortunately being good friends with the a/c person gets you seen first thing in the morning. Thanks for that wd-40 tip. No shower doors, but think I will try it on the hard water stains on the bottom of my shower. Jackie

  26. OMG this is going to be a lifesaver on my double glass doors in my shower.....how awesome!

  27. You're my new goddess!!! I bow before thee with the WD-40 tip!

    Another use for WD-40...for those who have the plastic parts that have turned gray on Chevy Avalanches...spray it once a month, rub it in, and it'll look like new!

  28. Glad to know about that WD 40 tip. I have doors that could use some. Love & blessings from NC!

  29. Thanks for the hilarious reminder that we are all just normal/slightly abnormal bloggers. :-)


  30. Hey Suzie. Thanks for reminding me that other people have issues too. We went through the same thing last July at our house. We had to have a whole new system installed. Florida, July, misery, know what I mean? Hope you're nice a cool again real soon. And thanks for the tip, I can't wait to try it.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  31. I should PAY you for this post I'm so excited!! lol...I've been looking for the hard water stain cleaning trick FOREVER. Thank you!! :)

  32. Wow I didn't know that! WD-40 does wonders...mostly in a Mans world anyway!! heehee.

    Gemma x

  33. You had me at WD-40. lol. I couldn't imagine what you were going to say. And what a surprise it was! Thanks for that tip!
    The best part about hot & humid days is, well.....nothing. But I was going to say, the summer evening breeze's are all the more appreciated!

  34. aghhhh! WD40! I'm going to get some now! Now if I can only figure out how to keep the mold out from behind the caulking I will be set!

  35. Thanks for sharing the real life moments. It is crazy sometimes.

    It's been so long since I could sit a while and read. I love party for your daughter. So beautiful!!

    Hope your air is fixed soon and I just love that tip for WD-40.


  36. I will definitely be getting out the WD-40. Hope your air got fixed quickly! It is WAY TOO HOT for the air to die!

  37. Oh Lordie is right....is it just as hot in LA as it is in GA? It is in the 100's here with index 110-115. I feel for you if no AC. Hope you get it going soon.

    WD40--will have to try that out and see how it works.

  38. SO sorry about your AC! Hope it's back on by now. This is not a good time to lose it. I'm def. going to try the WD-40. We have hard water too & I cannot get all the stuff off the shower doors. Most comes off, but not all of it.

  39. I had no idea that WD-40 worked magic like that! I'm going to try that!

    PS: It's giveaway week over on my blog! http://www.cjanecreate.com/

  40. I just love your blog....you have a great sense of humor and it translates fabulously onto the page. Just keep on blessing that AC man until you get his bill! Have a blessed day....you always bless mine.

  41. Ahhhhh...now I 'get you!' Hot? Air? Durrrrrr...! Stupid English girl me eh?! x

  42. Bless your heart! My A/C broke in June. . . two days before I was hosting a bridal shower! Wow, that was close!

    Hope yours is up and running soon. :)

  43. who knew! I might just have to look into that paint color Woodlawn Blue - because I'm looking for a new bedroom color.....wanted gray, but then blue...don't know which to pick!

  44. I've used "Shower Power" for years, but that's a good tip!

  45. Our AC broke last week too! $1000 bucks to fix it, but with the heat index well over 100 degrees, who cares!?!! Gotta have the AC!!

    Thank you so much for the WD-40 tip! New shower doors are on our list for this year because of the hard water stains! Maybe WD-40 will save us from this expense!!!



  46. Thanx for the tip! I will have to try that one!! Even though we squgie it still builds up.

  47. WHAT??! WD-40 to clean the yucky shower door??? And I have been busting my butt trying to scrub that darn door for ever!! ;) (Can you tell Im excited about this tip?? I was ready to re-etch or buy new!) THanks for the heads up, I'm going to try this when the hubs goes to work tonight- I know he'd complain about the smell or taht I was using all his WD-40! Ha!

  48. Wow WD-40 huh. Love that stuff, it smells so good. Also borax (as in 40 Mule Team!) works to clean the, ahem, buildup on the fiberglass shower walls if y'all have those.

  49. I am so excited to break out the WD-40 in our master bathroom! Thanks for the great tip.


  50. Thank you for that type! I didn't know that WD 40 does that.

  51. thanks for sharing those pictures with us.
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